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IGNITE your…. Rapid Manufacture - in the real world.

Presenter – Stuart Offer, Sales Manager for 3T RPD Ltd in Newbury will present

"examples and cases studies from real world applications of rapid manufacturing with world beating clients"

3T RPD are an Additive Manufacturing company specialising in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). Both technologies are full melting additive layer manufacturing methods used in a vast array of industries.

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Ignite your rapid manufacture 3 tpd

  1. 1. www.3trpd.co.uk Additive Manufacturing – in the real world Stuart Offer, Sales Manager – Plastic 3T RPD Ltd
  2. 2. About 3T RPD Principles • Quality • Service • Delivery
  3. 3. • Started trading • Installed 2 x P700’s in • New Building • DMLS Facility opened • UK’s first M 280 machine installed • Currently the UK’s largest commercial Plastic AM facility, 3rd largest in Europe • 2nd largest Metal AM (DMLS) facility in UK About 3T RPD 1999 2003 2006 2007 Nov 2011
  4. 4. Markets
  5. 5. • The process of creating 3D objects, layer by layer • As opposed to subtractive manufacturing methods Definition of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Overview of Additive Manufacturing
  6. 6. Additive Manufacturing process Overview of Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing Process Subtractive Manufacturing Process
  7. 7. Thermal process Semi crystalline when finished building During cooling parts will shrink Scaling factor is applied to CAD to allow for shrinkage Generating suitable data
  8. 8. Layer based Effect on surface Effect on mechanical strength Generating suitable data
  9. 9. 200mm x 150mm x 150mm £250 each 130mm x 120mm x 15mm £80 each or £25 each for 15 off Plastic AM Costing
  10. 10. 600mm x 200mm x 500mm £2,500 each 165mm x 165mm x 180mm £250 each Plastic AM Costing
  11. 11. Rapid Manufacturing - Benefits N1 = Break-even point Costs • Cost Comparison (Sintering vs Tooling): Plastic AM has no initial tooling costs AM Costs Tool Based Manufacturing Costs AM Cost effective Tooling Cost
  12. 12. Rapid Manufacturing - Benefits N2 Costs • Cost Comparison (Sintering vs Tooling): If part complexity increases, the gap favours Sintering Tooling costs increase to incorporate extra functions Complex Tool Manufacturing Costs N1 AM Cost effective
  13. 13. AS 9100 Rev. C ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 Plastic AM Process Control Quality Standards
  14. 14. Speed Reducing design errors Reduced Time to Market Customer ‘buy in’ earlier in design phase Benefits from Plastic AM
  15. 15. Almost unlimited range of part design Benefits from Plastic AM
  16. 16. Source - Econolyst Integrate several parts into one Benefits from Plastic AM
  17. 17. Benefits from Plastic AM No Tooling
  18. 18. Benefits from Plastic AM Allows for product personalisation
  19. 19. Benefits from Plastic AM Customisation
  20. 20. Intake Manifold: Tested in Climatic Chamber Fitted to engine and run Benefits from Plastic AM Functional testing
  21. 21. Designing for Plastic AM Applications not suited to Plastic AM:- Clear parts Very fine detail High temperature Multicolour models Specific materials
  22. 22. Complexity is not an issue Designing for Plastic AM
  23. 23. Minimum wall thickness Wall thicknesses > 1mm Accuracy Typical accuracy to be within: Dimensions <100mm +/- 0.3mm Dimensions >100mm +/- 0.3% Designing for Plastic AM
  24. 24. Holes undersize Change CAD Ream Hole Small as M3 Tap material Threaded inserts Holes Threads Designing for Plastic AM
  25. 25. Designing for Plastic AM
  26. 26. Project started: 5th May SULSA Flight: 8th June Article published in New Scientist Designing for Plastic AM Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SULSA UAV)
  27. 27. Designing for Plastic AM Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SULSA UAV) Ailerons built in Plastic AM weight less than 2.0kg Internal structures for strength
  28. 28. Navtech Radar W500 automatic surveillance system Navtech Case Study Designing for Plastic AM Design change to reduce cost Currently selling 50 off per annum but ramping up to 200 off BRIEF
  29. 29. Outside changed to more economic production methods but internals remained complex and expensive Internal components to be replaced were Rotating Sensor system, support and guidance for the lens and the mounting and location of the emitter reel Designing for Plastic AM
  30. 30. Extensive test programme Placed the parts in extreme versions of a normal operating environment Simulated over 15 million cycles of the critical components during a two month period Pivot arm became highly polished within a few hours, improving efficiency Designing for Plastic AM
  31. 31. Durability of the Plastic AM parts lead to Navtech adding new features into their design Flexibility of the material led to creation of built-in springs as a return mechanism for the lens Designing for Plastic AM
  32. 32. Reduced part count by integrating parts into one Plastic AM part Reduced assembly time New features incorporated into design Flexibility of design now increased Overall benefits Designing for Plastic AM
  33. 33. Questions and Answers Thank you www.3trpd.co.uk