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Ignite your future solent funding


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Presenter - Jimmy Chestnutt, General Director of the Southampton & Fareham Chamber of Commerce & Industry will present about
"Future Solent creating a Low Carbon Green Economy!"
The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (Solent LEP), together with the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce have agreed a strategy for development of a low carbon economy in the Solent area which will help stimulate sustainable economic growth, create jobs, and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Ignite your future solent funding

  1. 1. Jimmy Chestnutt Chief Executive/Chairman Future Solent
  2. 2. Future Solent A partnership between Push and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce To deliver The Solent LEP low carbon strategy
  3. 3. Priority 1 New Low Carbon & Green Technology •capitalise on the world class research in the sub-region in to green technologies •turn these in to business opportunities, growth and jobs as well and support strong manufacturing
  4. 4. Priority 2 Resource efficiency in homes and businesses ensure our homes and businesses minimise waste including waste of energy
  5. 5. Priority 3 Generation of secure, renewable & low carbon energy in the Solent •develop large scale renewable energy such as tidal and offshore wind •encourage small scale generation on homes and businesses and renewable and district energy schemes
  6. 6. Programme Includes • Developing an energy strategy • Delivering GREEN DEAL • Promoting existing projects • Developing new projects • Coordinating skills training across the programme
  7. 7. RGF • Solent Environmental Technologies Business Hub • Hampshire Community Investment Bank
  8. 8. Low Carbon strategy RGF
  9. 9. Environmental INet • 'one-stop-shop‘ for environmental technology businesses • Providing a gateway to expertise, funding and support services to help businesses succeed in one of the UK's fastest growing and most competitive sectors.
  10. 10. Low carbon strategy RGF One stop support shop
  11. 11. LoToNo • Develop low carbon SME clusters in Dorset and Solent“ • Address the policy challenges required in Dorset and Solent to create a favourable business environment to  foster entrepreneurship  encourage the development of emerging low carbon resource efficient industries  create new business models.
  12. 12. Low carbon strategy RGF One stop support shop Clusters System change
  13. 13. Low carbon strategy RGF One stop support shop HCC Clusters System change
  14. 14. Low carbon strategy RGF Hampshire Business Alliance Clusters System change One stop support shop HCC
  15. 15. Future Solent LoToNo Environmental Inet
  16. 16. Staff • RGF I Project manager fully funded for 2-5 years • LoToNo 0.3 person. £20k for two years with match funding • Environmental Inet Don’t know yet. Risk Claw back