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Ignite your grant community


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IGNITE your…. USSP Grant Users Group
Presenter - Nick Allot, Principal at Nquiring Minds will be presenting the idea of
"Creating an Grant Users Group on the University of Southampton Science Park"
With an increasing number of companies on the science park bidding for and winning grants from UK and EU sources there is a large amount of experience and knowledge being gained. The aim of the Grant Users Group is to pool that knowledge and creat strategic partnerships that can be even more successful in the future.
Nquiring minds, a research lab specialising in high technology research, have recently received two grants from the technology strategy board amounting to a total of £230,000 and are part of a EU funded FP7 ICT programme with a budget of 14 million Euro.

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Ignite your grant community

  1. 1. nquiringminds Science Park Community Proposed Support Group
  2. 2. nquiringminds Statistics  1000+People  75+ Companies  All/Most high tech companies  Many eligible for incentives
  3. 3. nquiringminds Incentives on Offer  European FP7 - Horizon 2020  Technology Strategy Board: Themed Calls  Technology Strategy Board: Smart Awards  Relationship with Catapults  SBRI contracts  UKTI  Growth Accelerator  DTSL  ContractsFinder  Internship programmes  PatentBox  R&D tax credits
  4. 4. nquiringminds THESE ARE GREAT BUT….
  5. 5. nquiringminds BUREAUCRATIC NIGHTMARE
  6. 6. nquiringminds nquiringminds  FP7: webinos open source project  SMART: UbiApps  SBRI: Future Cities  SBRI: Aegis PPG  R&D Tax Credits
  7. 7. nquiringminds Other companies  SETsquared  Parabola  Cascoda  Xylostream
  9. 9. nquiringminds Examples  R&D tax credits, what can you claim for, what data do you need?  Can you claim credit on: FP7, TSB, SBRI?  Can you use contractors on funded projects?  How to calculate overhead rates?  How do you deal with VAT input tax on grant subsidy projects?
  10. 10. nquiringminds Plus  Recommended professionals  Bid writing  Reporting  UK collaboration partners  EU collaboration partners  Legal templates  Sales channels  Technology sourcing  Staffing…
  11. 11. nquiringminds Open Floor  Are people interested…….?  What format to take……….?