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The sixth sense technology complete ppt

complete ppt for final year seminar.

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The sixth sense technology complete ppt

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Sixth Sense is a wearable gestural interfacethat augments the physical world around us withdigital information and lets us use natural handgestures to interact with that information. Steve Mann is considered as the father of SixthSense Technology who made wearable computerin 1990. He implemented the Sixth SenseTechnology as the neck worn projector with acamera system (which Mann originally referred toas “Synthetic Synesthesia of the Sixth Sense”).
  5. 5. Camera Captures an object in view and tracks the user’s hand gestures It sends the data to smart phone It acts as a digital eye, connecting you to the world of digitalinformation
  6. 6. Color Markers It is at the tip of the user’s fingers . Marking the user’s fingers with red, yellow, green, and blue tape helpsthe webcam recognize gestures The movements and arrangements of these makers are interpreted intogestures that act as interaction instructions for the projected applicationinterfaces.
  7. 7. Mirror The usage of the mirror is significant as the projector danglespointing downwards from the neck.Smart Phone A Web-enabled smart phone in the user’s pocket processes the videodata Other software searches the Web and interprets the hand gesturesMIRROR
  8. 8. Projector The projector projects visual information enabling surfaces andphysical objects to be used as interfaces The project itself contains a battery inside, with 3 hours of batterylife. A tiny LED projector displays data sent from the smart phone onany surface in view–object, wall, or person.
  10. 10. APPLICATIONSViewing Map Taking Pictures Drawing ApplicationMaking Calls Interacting with physicalobjectsGetting Information•Product information•Book Information•Flight Updates
  11. 11. Make a call You can use the Sixth Senseto project a keypad onto yourhand, then use that virtualkeypad to make a call.Call up a map With the map application wecan call up the map of ourchoice and then use thumbsand index fingers to navigatethe map
  12. 12. Check the time Draw a circle on your wrist toget a virtual watch that givesyou the correct timeCreate multimediareading experiences Sixth Sense can beprogrammed to project relatedvideos onto newspaperarticles you are reading
  13. 13. Get flight updates The system will recognize yourboarding pass and let you knowwhether your flight is on timeand if the gate has changed.Feed information onpeople The system will project relevantinformation about a person suchas what they do, where theywork, and so on.
  14. 14. Take pictures If you fashion your index fingersand thumbs into a square("framing" gesture), the systemwill snap a photo. After taking the desired numberof photos, we can project themonto a surface, and use gestures tosort through the photos, andorganize and resize them.
  15. 15. Drawing application The drawing application letsthe user draw on any surfaceby tracking the fingertipmovements of the user’s indexfinger.Zooming features The user can zoom in or zoomout using intuitive handmovements
  16. 16. Get product information Sixth Sense uses imagerecognition or markertechnology to recognizeproducts we pick up, then feedsus information on thoseproducts.Get book information The system can project Amazonratings on that book, as well asreviews and other relevantinformation
  17. 17. HOW DOES IT WORK???
  18. 18. ADVANTAGES Portable Support Multi touch and Multi user interaction Cost Effective(300$) Data access directly from the machines in real time Mind map the idea anywhere Open Source Software
  19. 19. DISADVANTAGES Hardware limitations of the devices, that wecurrently carry around with us. For example many phones will not allow theexternal camera feed to be manipulated in realtime. Post processing can occur however.
  20. 20. CONCLUSION Sixth Sense recognizes the objects around us, displayinginformation automatically and letting us to access it in anyway we need. The Sixth Sense prototype implements several applicationsthat demonstrate the usefulness, viability and flexibility ofthe system. The potential of becoming the ultimate "transparent" userinterface for accessing information about everythingaround us. Allowing us to interact with this information via naturalhand gestures
  21. 21. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS To get rid of color markers. To incorporate camera and projector insidemobile computing device. To have 3D gesture tracking. To make Sixth Sense work as fifth Sense fordisabled person.
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