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The Independent Media Company: Today/Tomorrow – Ogden News Group


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How are independent and family-owned local media firms navigating the current media environment? Do the economics threaten their independence? What are the critical strategic considerations that will determine their future? Mary Elworth, a Board Member with the Observer Publishing Company, will moderate a panel of highly-respected owners and business managers who will share how they plan to succeed today and for the long-term. Panelists include:

Tom Shaw, VP/Group Publisher, Shaw Media Group
Jay Seaton, Publisher, Seaton Publishing Company
Cameron Nutting Williams, Regional Publisher, Ogden News Group

Published in: Leadership & Management
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The Independent Media Company: Today/Tomorrow – Ogden News Group

  1. 1. OGDEN NEWSPAPERS & NUTTING COMPANY Current state and go- forward 2018-19 Cameron Williams, Regional Publisher & family owner
  3. 3. OGDEN NEWSPAPERS - Core Legacy Family Business – Founded 1890 - 46 Daily Newspapers - 100+ Weekly Newspapers (paid & unpaid) - Increasingly grouped around printing hubs - CEO, Bob Nutting. G4 Family member - Managed in four regions - Works closely with EZtoUse Directories, Ogden Publications magazine group & SWC Realty
  4. 4. KEY INITIATIVES 2018-19 Entrepreneurial focus on growth opportunities: - Cross-Vertical integration within TNC - Events business - National magazine group (Sunflower Pubs) - Real Estate Brokerage (SWC Realty) - Value driven circulation promotion - Higher order pitch: Maslow’s Hierarchy - Loyal readers are revenue of future - Membership programs Disciplined focus on fundamental strengths: - Regional Consolidation - Strategic Acquisitions - Unified front to vendors, national advertisers, suppliers - Reduce distractions
  5. 5. CHALLENGES - Maintaining focus - Keeping and recruiting the right kind of talent - Persistent revenue declines - Legacy programs that undersell & undermine product value
  6. 6. ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY Biggest Challenge: Our technology is only as good as our ability to consistently deploy, monitor and use it to improved results Tools we’re deploying now: - Commercial printing & specialty printing tech Our biggest investments in technology have been related to being able to serve our printing customers better - Bolstering e-edition, digital subscription access & membership portals - Contest and audience engagement tools Areas of improvement we are most interested in: - Circulation, Member and Route management technology that is truly data-base driven. Looking outside of the newspaper industry for solution. Will probably isolate routes from the rest. - Internal communication tools as staff is increasingly responsible for multiple locations.