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Innovation Mission Top Takeaways: Nancy Lane


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Nancy Lane shares key lessons from the LMA's 2018 IM agenda at The 2018 ROUNDTABLE in Vail, CO.

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Innovation Mission Top Takeaways: Nancy Lane

  1. 1. Innovation Mission Top Takeaways Presented by Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association, Matt Sandberg, Director of Marketing & Innovation, Swift Communications & Jeff Moriarty, Head of Digital, GateHouse Media AUGUST 23, 2018 LEAP ROUNDTABLE VAIL, COLORADO
  2. 2. About the 2018 Innovation Mission: 26 media executives & R&D partners participated on this year’s tour Visits with 12 companies in NYC & Seattle: Lenfest, Spoken Layer, Chartbeat, Betaworks, Facebook, Instagram, NYC Media Lab, Mercer Innovation Hub, Amazon, Sinclair, TEGNA & The Seattle Times. This was the 9th week-long Innovation Mission led by LMA. Regional Innovation Missions were also launched in 2017 (five have been conducted since then ).
  3. 3. 4 Top Takeaways: • The Dirty Secret – Human Capital Problems Are Killing Us • We Must Start Every Process with the Customer & Work Backwards • Failure Must Be Part of Our DNA & Culture • Innovation Requires Structure
  4. 4. The Dirty Secret: Human Capital Problems Are Killing Us “The dirty secret isn’t that the best people leave; it’s that’s the wrong people stay” – Brian Baker, Partner, U.S. Digital Workforce, Mercer
  5. 5. The Dirty Secret: Human Capital Problems Are Killing Us Today’s Top Leaders/CEOs Don’t Have the Skill Sets Needed to Transform Companies & Manage the Workforce of the Future: • Learning orientation • Openness to experience • Emotional stability • Agreeableness • Proactivity • Conscientiousness • Extraversion
  6. 6. The Dirty Secret: Human Capital Problems Are Killing Us The Workforce of the Future: • Built for speed (data-driven, lab mindset) • Working with purpose (social responsibility, health and wellbeing) • People-led, technology-enabled (integrate technology with workforce) • Intentionally diverse (people, opinions, actions) • Permanently agile (adaptive, fluid talent ecosystem)
  7. 7. Opportunity with Mercer Innovation Lab Pymetrics Matching Tool We are working with Mercer and Pymetrics on a matching tool to use when hiring digital sales reps. GateHouse & Graham Media Group are working with us to figure out the details. In a nutshell: We will test the top digital reps from 10 companies to get a profile. Those companies will then hire using the profile as well as the “gut of the hiring manager”; we’ll measure and see if the cloning tool works. If so, we’ll roll it out to the industry.
  8. 8. We Must Start Every Process with the Customer and Work Backwards “Proper etiquette is to put the chair in the room; they all speak with the same voice at Amazon.” - Brad Ward, CEO, TownNews “I’m going to conduct a mini strategy offsite that puts the customer first when I get back.” – Peter Newton, Chief Operating Officer, GateHouse Media
  9. 9. Failure Must Be Part of Our DNA & Culture
  10. 10. Innovation Requires Structure “Innovation needs to be extremely structured; there must be processes in place. Design- thinking is not a silver bullet.” – John Clark, Executive Director, PILOT/NAB “At TEGNA, they are walking the walk, they are innovating all over. You saw it. You felt it. Frank Mungeam’s ‘we start our sessions with what are we going to stop doing’ was so refreshing to me.” - John Conway, General Manager, WRAL/Capital Broadcasting.
  11. 11. THANK YOU! Nancy Lane
  12. 12. Additional Insights from Matt Sandberg on the Visit to Amazon…
  13. 13. And Jeff Moriarty from NYC Portion of the Trip…