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New Digital Products and the Transformation from Print


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Jerry Ferrara, president of Investor's Business Daily, shares his perspective at The 2018 ROUNDTABLE in Vail, CO.

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New Digital Products and the Transformation from Print

  1. 1. What is Investor’s Business Daily, Inc? ▸ Niche digital publisher of financial information, data, analysis and investing education across platforms. ▸ 4-million monthly unique visitors,100,000 paid subscribers across products ▸ Roots in traditional publishing, started as Investor’s Daily in 1984 and published Monday – Friday with national distribution. Changed name to Investor’s Business Daily – also known as IBD – in late 1990s. ▸ Strong brand amongst serious investors but had been known primarily as a newspaper despite majority of revenues coming from digital. ▸ In 2016, business model had been adjusted to focus on digital/mobile subs/ads. ▸ Reduced publishing schedule in print to 1x per week from 5x and renamed product as IBD Weekly with greater focus on forward looking investing ideas. ▸ Hiring investment across Product, Engineering, Digital Content/Editorial, Analytics. ▸ Now sell eight subscription products; two print related and six digital focused products ▸ Four subscription based mobile products with apps; IBD Mobile ($269 per year), Leaderboard by IBD ($699 per year), SwingTrader by IBD ($699 per year) and MarketSmith by IBD ($1,499 per year).
  2. 2. What is Investor’s Business Daily, Inc? ▸ Revenue diversification is key focus: ▸ IBD brand and proprietary indexes have been licensed to financial institutions which helps get brand in front of new audiences and drives several million dollars in high-margin revenue. ▸ IBD 50 ETF (ticker is FFTY) and IBD ETF Leaders ETF (ticker LDRS) have amassed over $500,000,000 in Assets Under Management (AUM). ▸ New digital home study courses are rolling out in Q4 ▸ Partnerships with millennial focused investing brands to penetrate the Millennial and Gen-X markets without having to create “hit or miss” products ▸ Events – both live and digital/webinars – are of increasing importance ▸ Greater emphasis than ever on: ▸ Optimizing a smart paywall/acquisition strategy, utilizing machine learning across the business, capturing investors during earlier life stages such as when they get married, purchase a home, start saving for retirement. ▸ Deepen relationships with financial social media influencers ▸ Upgrading our operating systems and talent to handle increasing amounts of data and analysis needed, especially re: retention.
  3. 3. • IBD Digital subs +11% YTD • Print related subs -6% YTD • Leaderboard subs +14% YTD • SwingTrader subs +36% YTD • Average revenue per subscriber nearing $500. o Almost 50% gain in 3 years. • Topline Revenue expected to grow 15% in 2018 • Operating Income expected to increase 84% in 2018