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Horizon News Print and Digital Overview

Digital and print overview of Horizon Publications

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Horizon News Print and Digital Overview

  1. 1. Presented by Beth Spallone 2015 Print & Digital Media Overview Community Newspaper Network
  2. 2. Agenda ▪ Meeting Objective ▪ Heritage Publications Overview ▪ Opportunity ▪ Recommendation ▪ Next Steps
  4. 4. Company Overview  We are a community newspaper company with the objective to acquire and operate community publications in the U.S. and Canada.  Presently operates in 16 states in the U.S. with more than 40 award winning paid daily and weekly newspapers in addition to numerous free weekly and monthly products.  Publications that are a part of the Heritage group are the primary information sources for news and advertising in the communities that they serve. Each location offers a variety of products in their respective markets to serve our customers.  Each of our newspapers has its own unique local presence and community involvement that our readers rely on.  Our community newspapers offer you the opportunity to increase your customer base and generate sales at a minimal cost.
  5. 5. Anytime, Anywhere  All day, every day HERITAGE PUBLICATIONS community newspapers provide engaging content delivered across several platforms including  Print  Web  Tablets  Smart Phones  Email
  6. 6. Our customer is your customer We offer publications in the following states: ▪ Arkansas ▪ Arizona ▪ California ▪ Idaho ▪ Indiana ▪ Mississippi ▪ Nebraska ▪ North Carolina ▪ North Dakota ▪ Ohio ▪ Oklahoma ▪ Pennsylvania ▪ Rhode Island ▪ Texas ▪ Vermont ▪ Washington
  7. 7. Value of Community Reach ▪ More time spent with our products – Leading local content with in-depth coverage on the stories most important to local residents ▪ Community engagement & involvement – Long-standing relationships throughout community ▪ Strong relationships with local retailers – Our local sales teams and Publishers have outstanding relationships with your local dealers
  8. 8. Value of Community Newspapers ▪ Connect with their readers – Report on local events, community issues ▪ Better at helping make purchasing decisions – Readers rate home improvements ▪ Quality of local news – Readers rate the paper very high ▪ Primary source of information – Readers rely on community newspapers Source: New York Press Service
  9. 9. Value of Community Newspapers ▪ Community newspapers continue to be highly valuable to communities: – About two-thirds (67%) of residents in small communities in the U.S. read local newspapers ranging from 1 to 7 days a week – 94% of readers agreed that the newspapers were informative – 80% said that they and their families looked forward to reading the newspapers – 78% relied on the newspapers for local news and information – 72% said the newspapers entertained them According to the 2013 Community Newspaper Readership Study, Conducted by Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) on behalf of National Newspaper Association (NNA) in September and November 2013. “These findings imply that the perceived values are true assets of community newspapers, and hence should always be reckoned in order for the newspapers to continue to play an important role in people’s lives in the future, whether in print or online or both.”
  10. 10. Paid Daily Publications Newspaper City, State Circulation Newspaper City, State Circulation Malvern Daily Record Malvern, AR 3,376 Poteau Daily News Poteau, OK 3,281 Saline Courier Benton, AR 3,936 The Antlers American Antlers, OK 2,721 Yuma Sun Yuma, AZ 11,515 Kane Republican Kane, PA 1,850 Appeal-Democrat Marysville, CA 12,515 Ridgway Record Ridgway, PA 2,026 The Porterville Recorder Porterville,CA 5,217 The Daily Press St. Mary's, PA 4,040 The Morning News Blackfoot, ID 3,037 The Punxsutawney Spirit Punxsutawney, PA 4,385 Decatur Daily Democrat Decatur, IN 4,675 Kent County Daily Times Warwick 2,027 The Pilot News Plymouth, IN 4,509 Pawtucket Times Pawtucket, RI 5,644 The Post and Mail Columbia City, IN 2,994 Woonsocket Call Woonsocket, RI 5,032 Daily Times Leader West Point, MS 3,650 Big Spring Herald Big Spring, TX 3,518 Starkville Daily News Starkville, MS 7,428 Borger News Herald Borger, TX 2,258 Observer News Enterprise Newton, NC 818 Sweetwater Reporter Sweetwater, TX 2,460 Valley City Times Record Valley City, ND 1,804 Newport Daily Express Newport, VT 3,187 St. Mary's Evening Leader St. Mary's, OH 2,390 Deer Park Tribune Deer Park, WA 637 Wapakoneta Daily News Wapakoneta, OH 3,330 The Statesman Examiner Colville, WA 3,655 Guymon Daily Herald Guymon, OK 1,827 Total Circulations
  11. 11. Paid Weekly Publications Newspaper City, State Circulation Newspaper City, State Circulation Colusa Sun Herald Marysville, CA 1,049 Monroeville News Monroeville, IN 774 Corning Herald Marysville, CA 641 Nappanee Advance News Nappanee, IN 888 Glenn County Transcript Marysville, CA 1,083 Custer County Chief Broken Bow, NE 2,710 Inyo Register Bishop, CA 3,862 Minster Community Post Minster, OH 925 Mammoth Times Mammoth, CA 3,500 Chariho Times Charlestown, Richmond, RI 673 Bourbon News Mirror Bourbon, IN 533 Coventry Courier Covntry, RI 582 Bremen Enquirer Bremen, IN 1,325 East Greenwich Pendulum East Greenwich, RI 1,112 Culver Citizen Culver, IN 1,250 Narraganett Times Narragansett, RI 2,954 Knox Leader Knox, IN 1,943 North Kingstown Standard Times North Kingstown, RI 2,294
  12. 12. Key Benefits ▪ Paid Distribution – When you pay for it, you’re more likely to read it ▪ Doorstep Delivery – Other publications rely on drop boxes -- we deliver directly to your customers’ doors. More than 85% of our newspapers in each market are home delivered. ▪ Timely & Trusted Content – Your message wrapped around timely & trusted content. The vast majority of our newspapers have served our communities for more than 100 years. ▪ Dominant Market Coverage – Our newspapers are the number one source for all news coverage, events and advertising that people rely on in our communities. ▪ Integrated Touch Points – Engage your target audience through multiple platforms: print, online, mobile, events, custom promotions, specialty products, contests, and more
  13. 13. Media Options Print ROP Gatefold Flexform Earlugs Pencil Banners “Post-its” Advertorials magazines Targeted supplements Featured sponsors Online Web ads/Rich media Home page takeovers Video ads Content/section sponsor In-story advertising In-image advertising Weather sponsor Page curls, stickies & more subtext Mobile Smart phone ad units Tablet ad units Mobile content sponsorship ubtext
  14. 14. ROP Featured Sponsor Advertorials Magazines Targeted Supplements Co op In-story Ad Print Options
  15. 15. •Ad units: leaderboard, medium rectangle, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, and in-page banners. /IAB ad units ROS or targeted • Run standard IAB ad units ROS or channel-targeted (e.g. Sports) Page Curl •Run medium rectangle ads within stories, using targeting methods to best match content. Show the right message at the right time, to the right reader, and within the story they’re reading.In-story Ad •Take over site’s home page, receiving 100% front page impressions and available ad space. /Use single message or multiple messages that work together/ Ad units: wrapper. top leaderboard, middle leaderboard, bottom leaderboard, 2 medium rectangles, wide skyscraper, skyscraper, pencil, in-page banner. Plus wallpaper/Mobile: top banner, top medium rectangle, mobile footer Home Page Takeover •Take over entire display area when a reader clicks on any story. •In-between home page and story page the ad displays, taking over entire display area. /For all smart phones and tablets. Mobile Interstitial •Have your commercial play prior to video content across our library of local videosPre-Roll Video Ad •Take over the background wallpaper of the entire siteWallpaper/Wrapper Digital Options
  16. 16. Value of Community Websites  Our websites are THE source for credible news content in each community  Content is trusted & timely  Provide in-depth coverage on topics the locally community most values  Content is delivered all day, everyday  Integrated touch points to reach audience throughout the day  Community engagement: we have long standing relationships throughout each community  Strong relationships with local dealers
  17. 17. National & Local Sponsors
  18. 18. Key Opportunities ▪ The industry has seen of significant shift use of how print, digital and social media are utilized over the last few years. One of the main factors includes improvements of digital metrics both for measuring audience and ad effectiveness. ▪ Heritage Publications offers a perfect mix of traditional print media, most of our community newspapers are the primary source of news in the local communities and our online digital media is exploding with video, Facebook, banners ads, and much more. – Utilizes digital platforms – Embrace social media/Facebook to reach your consumer – Test pay walls via homepage takeovers – Video paid content
  19. 19. Next Steps ▪ Discuss program scope ▪ Determine budget level ▪ Identify campaign timing ▪ Present recommendation ▪ Gain approval
  20. 20. Thank You! Beth Spallone Heritage Publications National Sales Director 1011 W Wellington Suite 230 Chicago, IL 60657 773-868-3816
  21. 21. Community Newspaper Websites Newspaper Website Newspaper Website Newspaper Website Arizona Yuma Sun Arkansas North Dakota Rhode Island Saline Courier Valley City Times Record Pawtucket Times Malvern Daily Record Nebraska Narragansett/Kent Custer County Chief Woonsocket Call California Ohio Texas Appeal-Democrat Inyo Register St. Mary's Evening Leader Big Spring Herald Mammoth Times Wapakoneta Daily News Borger News Herald The Porterville Recorder Minster Community Post Sweetwater Reporter Idaho Oklahoma The Morning News The Antlers American Indiana Guymon Daily Herald Vermont The Post and Mail Poteau Daily News Newport Daily Express Decatur Daily Democrat Pennsylvania Washington The Pilot News Kane Republican The Statesman Examiner Missouri The Punxsutawney Spirit Deer Park Tribune Starkville Daily News Ridgway Record Daily Times Leader The Daily Press North Carolina
  22. 22. Recommendations for better ROI of advertising ▪ Advertising in print media is most lucrative, followed by online banners ▪ Radio and TV continue to linger behind ▪ Success lies in the shares within the chosen media mix ▪ It is wise not to rely on only one media channel Read more: