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The LMA Innovation Mission: Jeff Moriarty


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Jeff Moriarty's presentation at The 2018 ROUNDTABLE regarding the LMA IM visit to NYC in May.

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The LMA Innovation Mission: Jeff Moriarty

  1. 1. Facebook - very disconnected and confusing approach to local news “News makes up 4% of news feed, when it was 5% and local is a bigger part of that. Local builds informed communities - 56% of people want to see more local news on FB” ● Admit “local boost” was misnamed - and they used the algorithm to determine if content was “local” If a story is from a publisher in that area and people in that area click on it ● Local = If people have more propensity to click who live in that city. Which means no value given to established, journalist- sourced content ● No impact on audience in our test markets ● No data and glaring holes in functionality, most notably no control of news that appears
  2. 2. Spoken Layer - a reminder of how far away we are to scale and adoption Spoken Layer is doing a really admirable job in helping to get publishers in a concerted way onto the Smart home platforms. If “audio is the new mobile” we have a long way to go to audio-enable our content In Gatehouse we have 2 Spoken Layer powered markets, but also now have 32 audio studios that can be used to create more atomized audio content to provide audio briefings and longer form content. Podcasts are such a growing space, but it is a huge effort to do well.
  3. 3. Mercer - we need to change work mindset to attract digital talent “Create an experience that allows employees to live and work “in flow.” The essence of the talent value proposition is a seamless, unified experience across work and life enabled by constant connectivity and intuitive interfaces. In creating their talent value propositions, companies should be willing to actively learn and crowdsource…’ The Mercer Innovation Hub was created to accelerate how Mercer addresses the unmet needs and pain points of employers and employees worldwide.