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The LMA Innovation Mission: Matt Sandberg


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Matt Sandberg's presentation at The 2018 ROUNDTABLE in Vail, CO regarding the LMA IM visit to Seattle in May.

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The LMA Innovation Mission: Matt Sandberg

  1. 1. We want to be earth’s most customer centric company.
  2. 2. Written narratives are the currency that get ideas built
  3. 3. The cloud is the great equalizer
  4. 4. What are people asking for?
  5. 5. TEGNA
  6. 6. The issue is about BREAKING THE CYCLE. Brainstorms start with “we are going to stop doing ___”
  7. 7. ● We have spent decades becoming predictable ○ They are going to come on, talk about bad stuff, bad people, go to the weather, say good night and smile. ● People want a positive spin on things. You can look at every story and find a positive moment. ● Took the program out of studio and into public places, makes it more authentic.
  8. 8. High 5 ● Marketing department developed YouTube type series call HIGH5. ● 2 hosts (regular marketing team employees) shoot the series themselves using selfi sticks, etc with the YouTube style ● This isn’t the news showing the audience something, they are actually experiencing this. ● It is a revenue model. Advertisers are asking them to come do their event. Mix of paid versus non-paid if it is important for the audience.
  9. 9. “We want people paying for content, not that thing that lands on their doorstep.”