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  1. 1. Skyline: The content information going across theMasthead: It is bold top of the magazine in one long line, in this case aand appealing. The freebie and a club guide.same color is usedthroughout thecover. It is reallyeffective because it Main Image:shows the Draws the targetdistinction. audience to the magazine as well Pull quote: A as Calvin Harris quote that Calvin fans. Harris said in the interview about the magazine, this will fascinate the Barcode: This shows target audience that all the who like Calvin information of the Harris. magazine is in it. Lead Article: Is Calvin Harris a well Main selling cover lines: Other articles that are in known person who the issue, competition holiday and summer would draw the raving guide are all included in here. target audience in.
  2. 2. Central image is large and the main focus of the magazine. Masthead is red and The way that main subject is white. Colour has looking down and smirking connotation with shows power and authority. Charismas as well as The fact that he is dressed in snow on the top. black and white shows his Exaggeration on the good and bad sides. other part of the mast head, “massive The use of the bauballs and Christmas double issue”. angles writing shows that the magazine is intended The Font size over here for a casual audience. The is large which gives it a cover uses red, white and distinctive feature. The black which are all colours words portray Simon which stand out and Cowell as the grinch attract the consumer. The which is a Christmas red also represent the film. All the writing is Christmas season. appearing on the left side which makes the main focus the front the The barcode shows this picture. magazine is for sale. It is placed in the bottomThe front cover advertises corner of the cover so thearticles about specific bands attention is not distractedand artists for example “Blur” from the central image orand “Biffy Clyro”. This will masthead.directly attract a specific targetwho would want to read about The text is displayed using several types of different fonts. It uses blackthere favourite bands. capitals for the majority f the test an only one section has used lower case letters. The font sizes entice the reader into reading closer into the magazine because the sub headings cant be read that easily from distance.
  3. 3. The NME contents page is The magazine contents pagecleverly designed so that the shows different pictures andmain focus is on the main captions of the pages, this showssubject the magazine portraying the reader a more visual effect ofis in the centre of the page. what is inside the magazine andWithin the contents page down the main subject of the magazine that they are trying to portray is inthe side its easy to locate and not the centre of the contents pagea complicated design so its easy drawing attention with theto read and find the page you backgrounds of two differentwant to see first. There is also shades of green. Separating itdifferent subheading showing from the rest of the magazineother features the magazine contents.wants to put forward for example The masthead for the contentsthe ‘news’ and ‘reviews’ these are page shows NME again in redall added for the reader. which stands out from the magazine green colored themeBy using buzz words the lure and is matching the magazinewords such as ‘everything’ and front cover masthead. The red‘you’ ‘need’ shows that this color is a very bright red so is verycontent page involves the eye catching. NME this weekaudience it involves you. This is shows that this is the newincluding the audience of NME contents of news and informationevery time and constantly that week is brand new information this is a hugeincluding them in the magazine. attraction.The main article in the magazine NME has added new subscription to the contents page to immediately try anduses many buzz words to involve lure the audience into signing up for the magazine. It is in a completelythe reader “ Everything you different colour text to the rest of the magazine making it stand out as one ofneed to hear this year”. the first things the audience sees. The light text against the dark background creates impact to stand out.
  4. 4. As most magazines use on there The actual contents page has its owncontent page the “MOJO” logo is in subheading putting the magazineclear sight but instead of using the into different genre’s and categoriesword ‘contents’ they have used to meet its audience expectations.there magazine name. This is to ‘What does on one of the subheadingdemonstrate what is inside MOJO this shows the pages of whats newwhich is an unusual thing for a and the new information. This givesmagazine to have. The “MOJO” the audience a chance to find thingslabel is written in black to contrast easier and quick find which part ofto the light grey background. the magazine they want to go to, not only that it gives each categories andThe magazine layout is very simple theme which makes the audienceand clear to understand and locate look into other parts of the magazineinstead of buzzing with colors as well.images and ideas. The layout has The use of photo contrast with thethe contents on the right hand side black and white themed contentsfor different subheadings for page . The colorful pictures alldifferent interests. The pictures are variation in sizes is the first thingsall in a collection over lapping on that draws your eyes towards thethe left hand side. Finally the page. There are a variety of differentpeople working at the magazine images from photos to cartoons toopinion and feedback. This clear album covers, all with captions andcut design layout makes it easier page numbers. This is a visualfor the audience and clear of what technique the magazine uses tothey are looking for. draw the readers attention. There are other photos on the page of The people who look at the magazines input to the magazine, includes the some of the people who work within audience in the magazine more and the use of pictures gives the audience the magazine and their opinion and a visual inclusion into the magazine by seeing pictures it makes it a much feedback about the issue of MOJO more realistic approach to include the audience in the magazine. that week.
  5. 5. This magazines main image takes up all the place on double page spreadsheet. Although usually in other magazine follow the same trend of putting the image on the left hand side of the page and the remaining article on the right hand side. These tactics looks more like a poster rather than a double page spreadsheet of a magazine.The candor of thefont is used to goodeffect by making itaboveboard to readand easilyidentifiable on thepage amongst thebusy backgroundpicture. Because it isplanted in themiddle of thepage, readers thatare just snapping Instead of an article this page is more like a small morsel ofthrough the information. There are acutely few words designed on this doublemagazine can get page spreadsheet making it facile and easy to take in. This worksthere eye caught and because some readers may not want to read the whole article abouttake an interest. “Mumford and sons” but will show some enthusiasm to his page because of its integrity.
  6. 6. When I come to this double page spreadsheet, Lily Allan has been portrayed as the main thing and the most manifest and note worthy on this page. Her casual clothes and dark eye shadow emulate her personality and he title of the article. Her posture is very erratic and forward, also associating with the title of the article, the posture could also be implying that she doesn’t really give a damn about redemption people are proposing on her.The groove that the title of thearticle is written in very alluring.Each letter in the design of letterin a newspaper. But there is adifference each letter is in adifferent size, making it stand outand idiosyncratic. It also showsthe anarchistic attitude that themagazine often portrays in otherarticles. The title of the articlestakes up more of an area than theimage an the article itself does.This implies that the magazine istrying to grapple the eye of thereader that is maybe just The colours on this double page spreadsheet are usedsnapping through the magazine. in good effect. Her red shirt seize out amongst the plain white and black that is used on the rest of the double page spreadsheet. This helps to motivate and invite them to read the article.