Analysis of Existing Magazines


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Analysis of Existing Magazines

  1. 1. Analysis of Existing Magazines By Alvin Goolab
  2. 2. Masthead Sky Line Barcode Main Cover Line Buzz WordCover Lines Main Image
  3. 3. Masthead – The masthead has The importance of the text has been written in Red & Black for this been colour co-ordinated in 3 levels article as it suits the Artists dress of transparency to the background. code shown on the front, it also Least important text is set in grey to illustrates the articles style and the blend in with the background as it is artists personality. not a priority to being noticeable whereas, the second most important text is in black to stand out enough as important. Finally, the most important text is set inMain Cover Line is, Eminem, bold red to stand out to thewhich shows the lead article audience to foreshadow the leadingwithin the magazine is about articles. The importance of the textEminem hence him being the also determines the size, smallestmain image. This persuades text is mostly written in greypeople to buy the magazine as whereas the largest text is writtenthey would be interested to read in red.about the article. Contrast is shown between the The main image dominates and is background colour and the colour shot at eye-level which catches of the outfit worn by the artist in peoples attention and depicts a the main image. serious article.
  4. 4. Masthead – The masthead hasbeen written in yellow with a black It is evident that the mostoutline, this makes it stand out for intriguing text has been written inbrand recognition. white despite the colour scheme of white and blue This could be because white stands out more than blue.The Main Image is Lil Wayne and The well known artists areThe Secondary Image is DJ written in white to show theseKhaled. Although the two images artists have a role in thisare separate, it has been arranged make it as if DJ Khaled isassisting Lil Wayne. The Main Cover Line is Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled who are “simply the best”. Lil Wayne has been written in a bigger font whereas DJ Khaled has been written smaller and in a different colour to show theThe Barcode is displayed in the importance between the two artistsbottom left corner of the page and the difference in popularity.
  5. 5. The main image/focus on the The word Contents is the biggestcontents page is a picture of the word on the page as it informs whatlead player of the band, Arctic page the viewers are on. TheMonkeys. This picture co-operates contents is one of the mostwith the article displayed beneath. important pages in a magazine because it guides the viewers, it should be displayed clearly so it can easily be found as NME have done. The name of the magazine has been written in the heading so viewers are aware of who the contents page belongs to. The actual contents is set out in categories such as, News, Radar, This little article gives us an Features, etc. example of what to expect from this magazine. The page numbers have been highlighted in red to stand out whereas the page headings have been set in black with a description of the page in a small print beneath.Advertisements have been displayed on the bottom of the These advertisements are included on thecontents page as there is a higher chance of it being noticed contents page to persuade people to subscribeas the contents is one of the most viewed pages in a therefore allowing the magazine company andmagazine. customers to benefit in financial terms.
  6. 6. The title, Contents is always writtenThe V in the background in this format to give the page style.represents the brand of themagazine, VIBE. As you can see, ithas been overlapped by the titleand the main image to formstructure for better appearance. This shows that this page is 1 of 3The women seen in the main contents pageimage is dressed in crèmeclothing which blends in with thebackground for a more relaxedeffect. As you can see, there are 5 articles displayed on this contents page each with a minimum of 4 pages.The main image is consistently a wellknown celebrity often in anexaggerated pose to entice theaudience and persuade customers topurchase the magazine.
  7. 7. As this double page spread is an As the main focus of this page is Florence, the article about Florence, she is used as second main focus is USA. The two are associated the main image on the whole left hand with each other hence the reason she is seen sitting side of the page to make it easy for on the American flag with the word, USA, written in people to know this page revolves bold behind which takes up two thirds of the double around her. page spread. This Tagline is a quote from one of Florence’s songs. It has been used in this page to portray that USA have “got the love”.Her colour of clothingcontrasts with thecolours used in thearticle which makes her Her name has been highlighted This has been written larger thanfashion sense stand here to show her importance and any other text to indicate that it isout. In my opinion, it almost a shock for what is said in the beginning of the article. Ishows a sense of the articles summary. believe it also improves thehatred towards appearance.America.
  8. 8. The main image is a young woman dressed in a She is seen to be looking at the title of the white top with a black jacket on and blue page which draws the attention to the pun sunglasses which establishes the articles colour used in the heading which foreshadows scheme. The question mark in the title has been set the article. to blue to match the sunglasses to provide consistency within the colour scheme.The main colourscheme of thispage consist ofWhite, Black andBlue. Her colour of clothing contrasts with the white background.The first letter ofthe text is yetagain written in alarger textcompared to therest of the textused in the article.This indicates thearticles starting The main image has been placed at the right hand side ofpoint and the page and takes up a whole side of the double pageemphasizes a spread, this makes is easier for the audience to see thatmain convention the article is based on her. She is assisted with pure textof all magazines. on the opposite side of the page.