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Deconstruction of two music magazines


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Deconstruction of two music magazines

  1. 1. Deconstruction of two Music magazines BY: OZGE ALTINOK
  2. 2. NME FRONT COVER The brightness and the use of colours Puff words: The puff words are used to portray this boldness of the magazines as a limited edition and to also boost the are very simple masthead makes it status of the magazine to attract consumers to it. whereas the stand out and eye brightness of the catching. hair lifted the magazine and hasThe angle of gazed is made it eyeused with most of the catching.NME magazines toshow that the model The cover lines areis focusing on the shifted to the rightreader. which disables the face to be coveredThe name of the with words. The coverartist is placed on the lines also state thewhite background features of music withwhich brings out the the even more. The pull quote has beenThe close up shot of taken from the articlethe face emphasises within the magazine sothe models features that it jumps out at the reader and attracts themand face impressions to buy it.
  3. 3. The masthead is VIBE FRONT COVER one of the main The banner names conventions of vibe of the artists are magazines as they done to highlight always portray the the featuring artists. model at the front of the masthead. The colours from the model has been taken and used to Another convention of create the colour scheme the magazine is the for the magazine. The boldness of the colours work really well together as they all masthead as the compliment each other. masthead is one of the first thing a consumers The mise-en-scene that sees. has been used attracts the consumers attention. ForThe words relate to the main example, the model hasarticle within the magazine whichattracts the consumer. The fan been placed to portray abase that Beyonce has will be sexy image. The imagemore likely to buy this magazine also links to “Beyonceas they will be interested in the strips down for summer”article and would want to know as beyonce is wearingall the information about their summer clothing andadmired artist. looks as if she has striped.
  4. 4. The masthead of themagazine is in the leftcorner which is displayedin red big and bold font NME CONTENTS The date on the issuethis is done to keep the makes it easier for thestatus of the magazine readers to see whichhigh but also to keep the issue they are reading.brands identity.The “brand index” lists the The subheadings arefeaturing artists within the placed on the right handmagazine. The magazine side of the page; they arehas also been made user in white block capitalsfriendly by having page which makes it easier fornumbers along side the the readers to read asnames of the artists so they are placed on a blackthe readers are able to background.turn directly to the pagethey want.An extract of the mainstory within the magazine Subheading; the heading isis shown, this is done to in red capitals whichgive the readers a taster of makes it stand out to thethe story and to also readers.influence them to read onfurther through out themagazine. The PUFF WORDS interest the readers by theThe subscriptions are in use of language used withbright yellow. This is done to in the text e.g. “THE UK’Scatch the readers eye and to No 1”also make them read it.
  5. 5. VIBE CONTENTS The word ‘contents’ is bold and white where it has been placed over the grey bit of the background which emphasises the word.The word has been broken The model is a hip-hopdown into three bits were it is artist Ciara. As she isone of the main conventions of known to be a hip-hopthe Vibe magazine. It often artists this magazineuses these fonts and styles to article could beportray their continuality addressed to Ciara fanstheme through the magazine. or anyone that listens toThe background is grey which Hip-Hop music. Thefades down to a beige connotation of thiscolour, this theme attracts the image is sexy and young.readers attention towards the This image could bothmodel as the model is placed appeal to females andwhere the background is plain. males. Males might getMise-e-scene has been attracted by the ‘sex’thought in detail by the model appeal and femalesbeing dressed in beige which might be attracted tocompliments the heading and her as an inspirationalalso the background. The role model e.g “I want tocolour of the models hair also be like her” or “I wish Icompliments the backgroundby adding a bit of colour. had her figure”
  6. 6. The number pages of the VIBE CONTENTS The connotations of the VIBEarticles are stated next to the contents illustrates a clear andarticle heading which againdraws the attention of the crisp contents page. Theconsumers to the article that reader is automaticallybest matches them but also attracted to the actress andmakes it easier for the readers then the features. As theto turn to the page that best contents page does not havematches their likings. much writing it makes theThe divided line between the reader want to read it more.subtitles of the articles alsomakes it easier for readers to The headings of the contentsread and pay attention to. page are portrayed in bold. This could be done to separateThe face impressions of themodel reveals a mysterious the two topics of the magazinesense to the readers. The and to draw attention to whatconsumers would want to dug people want to see.deeper to the article to find outthe reasons behind her face The page number, magazineimpressions. name and the issue of the magazine is stated on theA main conventions of the vibemagazines is that the contents magazine to let the readerspage is usually located after the know where they are in theadvertisements. magazine.