Logo-the logo of the magazine is positioned at the       Masthead- the title of the magazine. The titleSkyline-the skyline...
Masthead-the masthead is                          Logo- the logo is used in order for regular as well as newotherwise know...
There is emphasis on the two words                                                                                        ...
This front cover is a very controversial front cover for a magazine. Themasthead starts with the name of the magazine NME,...
This particular double page extract istaken from music magazine Kerrang!The double page features the bandall together in t...
This double page spread is taken fromKerrang! Magazine in 2011. The spread isa story on Pretty reckless front womanTaylor ...
This example of a double page spread from the popularculture magazine - Rolling Stone. The article is on pop starKaty Perr...
This particular magazine double page spread istaken from music magazine NME. The doublepage spread is an article on the ba...
This particular contents is taken from magazine RollingStone. The contents seems to be portrayed in a veryformal manner an...
This particular contents is taken from rock and metal music magazineKerrang! The colour scheme of the contents seems to fo...
This particular contents page is taken from music magazine MOJO. The title ofthe magazine has been used as a masthead for ...
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Magazine Analysis


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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Logo-the logo of the magazine is positioned at the Masthead- the title of the magazine. The titleSkyline-the skyline at the very top in order for it to be easily recognised and seen is portrayed in a sans serif font which is atop of the magazine is very by regular as well as new readers of the magazine. relatively formal style. The title Kerrang! Is aimportant as it is more often The cracked title with the broken glass effect fairly unusual name to use for a magazine. Thethan not, what draws the incorporates the theme of anarchy. magazine name Kerrang! is used in order toaudience in. express the noise a guitar makes when it isNormally, competitions and dropped on the floor through an amp, whichgiveaways will interest the relates to the rock genre of the magazine. Theaudience. In this case, the white font matches the black background andpublisher has included many therefore is suitable for the magazine.famous bands within thisgenre in order to attract thetarget audience. The skyline Main cover line- the main cover line ismust appeal to the genre of written in capitals which stands out tothe magazine and if it does the reader and therefore is eye-not the magazine may lose catching. The use of the word ofpotential sales. finest indicates the superiority of the band on the front cover. Displayed inSubsidiary images- these the middle to stand out and appeal toimages are used in order to the viewer.show the reader some of theother features included The use of the word free is a greatwithin the magazine. The incentive to buy this particularimages give the reader an magazine as it adds a value for moneyincentive as to what the will factor. Advertising bands by includingfind inside the particular free posters for the reader themselvesissue. is a great way for the bands to distribute themselves. Puff-the puff is used in a magazine in The barcode is positioned in the corner by the order to boost or promote the publisher purposely to avoid its interference content. It is important as it helps with the subsidiary stories. It shows the entice the reader in with over audience the price of the magazine. The price exaggerated words such as PLUS! is generally tucked away unless the magazine is of sensational value for money.
  2. 2. Masthead-the masthead is Logo- the logo is used in order for regular as well as newotherwise known as the title and is customers to recognise the company publishing the magazine.used in order to show the audience A logo is important as it helps audience recognition. The redthe company it is they are familiar , white and blue colour scheme and layout could be used towith. The publisher of the magazine explain the origin of the magazine, i.e. America, or used to Emphasis on the wordshas used the opacity tool for the indicate the nationality of the main character. laugh, loud, funny attractsmasthead so that the letters of the the reader in by makingtitle blend over one another. the magazine seem superior and overwhelming.There is emphasis used by thepublisher. The words funniest, Could be seen as the main coverjokes and dirty connote the theme line. Despite its size comparisonand idea of comedy which may to the rest of the coverlines, itattract the target audience of relates to the main cover story.males. However, as a viewer, we can see that the comparison of the size of the coverlines and mainThe price of the magazine is story are the same, meaningplaced here for a reason. It is that if the audience were to bepositioned here so that the price unfamiliar with the protagonistdoes not stick out in the face of on the cover of the magazine, itthe audience as it is expensive. may mean the loss of potentialA magazine like GQ here for sales if they cannot identify aexample is a monthly magazine name with the image.where there is generally a largeamount of content in each issue.Because of this, publishers have Main image- the main image is placed into charge a higher price to still the centre of the magazine so that themake a worthwhile profit. main image stands out to the audience. Coverline-the coverlines are used in order to promote The clothing worn has been chosen some of the subsidiary stories featured within the purposely so that the foreground magazine and therefore inform the audience of what can matches that of the background. be read inside the magazine without the inconvenience of them having to flick through every page of the magazine.
  3. 3. There is emphasis on the two words oh behave, which has been written in block capitals in order to draw theMasthead- the magazine title of GQ audience in. The text underneath isgenerally has a different colour scheme related to the same story however haswhich alternates between two been placed underneath because of itsdifferent colours in the majority of position of importance within theissues. For this particular issue, the story. This cover line relates to thecolours grey and white have been used target audience of males as it impliesin order to match the colour scheme tips on how to act like a 21st centuryapplied to the rest of the front cover of gentlemen, giving us proof that thethe magazine. The GQ masthead is predominant target audience iseasy to recognize amongst the withheld in the male gender.audience and therefore links to theidea of audience recognition. For themasthead, the opacity tool has been Main image- the main image is ofused in order for the two letters to actress and model Megan Fox who ishave an effect by which they lap over considered by some people as a ‘sexone another. icon’. Therefore, by including her in the magazine, and particularly on the front cover, not only does it more than likely increase the amount of Coverline- the coverline has readers, but it also applies to the male been placed in its most common gaze theory as men would quite likely position for this particular front be enticed into purchasing the cover. It is generally positioned magazine possibly just down to the in this way because people of fact that the front cover model is the western world read from left The price is shown at the bottom on this particular front posing in a seductive manner and also to right. The coverlines are not cover as it is a monthly issue as appose to a weekly issue. is showing slight cleavage. Because of regarded as the predominant Therefore, the publisher can include mass content from the amount of the front cover taken focus of the issue, however, are within time window of a month. Because of this, it means up by Megan Fox, it would stand out regarded as an important and that the price is fairly high as the company publishing the clearly to the consumer of the are therefore visibly featured on magazine would still need to make a large profit margin. magazine as the main image stands the front cover. out vastly against the background.
  4. 4. This front cover is a very controversial front cover for a magazine. Themasthead starts with the name of the magazine NME, using their familiarred, white and black colour scheme. This is used on a regular basis in order tohelp audience recognition. Underneath the masthead, we can also see thewords ‘new musical express’ which helps the person magazine understandwhat the name of the magazine stands for. There is a pug featured in the top-right corner of the magazine, which is used in order to attract the audience toan exclusive story or for free give-aways, and or competitions. The colourscheme is white, black, orange, red and yellow. This color scheme has beenused possibly due to the way in which these colours correlate, i.e. Black andwhite, yellow and orange.The title is written in a sans serif as well as serif style font.The coverlines are all written in a red-white format. This maybe done so thatthe stories stand out, but do not majorly clash.The main image of the piece can be considered controversial as the image isnot a stereotypical representative of what would generally feature on thefront cover of a magazine. The gestures and posture of the main cover artistindicate a sexual indication, which is proven by the nudity of the front covermodel. Without heavily criticizing the front cover artist, as someone analyzingthe magazine, we could most definitely insinuate that the cover artist BethDitto, especially with a lack of clothes, is not a particularly attractive, norexpected image to be used on the front cover of the magazine.The image in itself powerfully contradicts the male gaze theory which wasincorporated by Laura Mulvey. The general reader of a magazine, (especially The barcode in the right bottom corner is shown in a fairly clearone which generally is brought by those of a male gender), would, if a female manner. Despite publishers taking a thorough disliking tocharacter was to be featured almost expect a main image of a female barcodes on the front of magazines because they feel is doescharacter to be somewhat appealing and possibly in a seductive pose. The not look appealing to the audience, the particular publisherlipstick on the leg of the main image connotes relation to the main quote here has placed the barcode clearly on the front cover in orderassociated with the piece. The quote in itself followed by the lipstick and the to attract the reader into buying the magazine because of thelack of attire suggests that the main cover line shows how the artist is against cheap price. If the magazine is being sold at a fairly lowthe whole concept of all magazines and posters needing to feature someone price, publishers feel great need to advertise and endorse theof great looks and mass appeal. Because of the possible controversy this may fact that their magazine is cheaper than that of theirraise, the magazine may enhance its sales as the audience may want to read competition.what this artist, who is clearly out there to create controversy, has to say.
  5. 5. This particular double page extract istaken from music magazine Kerrang!The double page features the bandall together in the main image. Thetitle used has a mixture of font styleby the usage of the words being inboth serif and sans serif style. Themain colours used as part of thecolour scheme are black, red andpink, with the use of the colour pinkbeing a non-stereotypical featureassociated within the advertisementof an all male rock band. In addition,there are subsidiary images whichaccompany the main image showingeach band member individually. The title of the double-page spreadhas been chosen purposefully as itrelates to the largest selling songfrom the band ‘Dirty Little Secret’. Inaddition, not all readers wouldunderstand the creative choicesmade for the magazine as only fansof the band and those aware of thesongs release would truly get theidea in which the publisher is tryingto incorporate. This particular layout is done in aintroduction, followed by questions The images used for the piece are generally black and white all by the main image. This effect hasand answers format. The writer of been used so that the main image really stands out. The clothing worn by the bands membersthis piece has created a layout by represents their genre as they are wearing low cut t-shirts, converse trainers and tight jeans whichwhich the general text and answers are a stereotypical feature in rock bands.are in white, the questions are inpink, and the writer has also chosen The top of the page sees a small banner stretching across both pages which is part of the colourto differentiate each band member scheme. This small banner familiarizes the audience with the band they are about to read about,speaking and by doing so, has done it as well as introduce the reader to who is writing the piece and also, who has taken the photos forin red. the piece.
  6. 6. This double page spread is taken fromKerrang! Magazine in 2011. The spread isa story on Pretty reckless front womanTaylor Momsen. The predominant colourscheme used for the piece is black, whiteand red. The use of the colour red is usedcreatively in the design process and withinthe portrayal of the word ‘Wild’. The fontused for the title of the piece is serif forthe word ‘wild’ and sans serif for the word‘CHILD’. The word wild is used in adifferent colour to the rest of the titleused to emphasise her wild lifestyle. Thetypography of the word wild is also used ina lipstick drawn style.There is an opening paragraph to draw thereader in top the story written in a sansserif font which is much larger than therest of the text. The paragraph is mainly inwhite colour however, the words ‘TaylorMomsen’ and ‘The Pretty Reckless’ arewritten in pink font emphasising the factshe is a diva as well as emphasising hername and band she fronts. The colour scheme used relates to the genre as it incorporates theThe main images of her takes up the left- colours of red and black which stereotypically, are associated with thehand side of the page and a small minority rock and ‘gothic’ look.of the right-hand side. The backgroundbeing black emphasises her peroxide The double page spread is laid out in a interview style with theblonde hair and because of this, questions in pink and answers in white to show the audience who isincorporates the Laura Mulvey theory of speaking in the article. The text starts with a drop capital which is athe male gaze. generic convention within double page spreads.
  7. 7. This example of a double page spread from the popularculture magazine - Rolling Stone. The article is on pop starKaty Perry, each page of the spread focuses on somethingdifferent, the first page is the article and the second is aphotograph of Katy Perry. The main colour scheme of thespread is black, white and blue. This gives the spread aclassy and professional design, as Rolling Stone isconsidered a high quality magazine. The clothing worn byKaty Perry is particularly sexual and is exposing a fairamount of flesh. This is to attract a male audience, withKaty Perry having recently been seen as attractive and asex icon. In addition to this, it allows a female audienceto aspire to look like the artist and be like her, gaining boththe artist and magazine an audience. The clothing despiteits minimal amount is of a denim style which was fairlypopular in the time of this piece being written. She is alsowearing a cross which represents her religion andbeliefs, which she frequently discusses in interviews and inthis one. The cross and her beliefs contrast against hersexual image, although she teases and flashes a bit offlesh, she is still respectable and infact does have limits.The text and typeface is kept simple and professional, thisis to shown the magazine is quality and professional, itmay also to be contrast against Katy Perrys flamboyantand controversial image and personality. The layout is veryeffective. The double page spread is split in two, an imageof the artist on the right and the text on left. This makes iteasier for a person to read and understand it. However There is a lack of vivid colour within this particular piece. The colour schemebecause all of the text has been squeezed onto one is black, white with minimal blue meaning the lack of audience focus on thepage, it has to be written in a very small font. A lot of the text is withdrawn from the writing so that they focus directly on Katy Perry.writing is bunched up together, this may put the reader The font style is mostly the same, maybe if there were a variety of fonts usedoff. There is a kicker used to make up for this. There is a it may make the text look more appealing.good technique used where the main headline is placedbetween the articles, it draws the reader’s attention to theheadline. It also stands out due to the font size.
  8. 8. This particular magazine double page spread istaken from music magazine NME. The doublepage spread is an article on the band TheTeenagers. From the immediate emphasis on theband featured being named The Teenagers, itimmediately gives us a an audience an incentiveas to which particular target audience we aregoing to be focusing on. The layout of the doublepage is fairly straight forward with the mainimage taking up the vast majority of the left-handside, followed by the right-hand side being takenup by text. The colour scheme is predominantlyblack and blue possibly being a reflection of amale teenage target audience as black and blueare stereotypically considered colours whichrelate to the male gender.The title of the piece in itself is written in blockcapitals- a type of serif font. This particular stylelacks originality and is a fairly simple style for atitle. However, it is straight to the point and givesa clear indication to the audience who they aregoing to be reading about.The main image of the piece in itself seems toexpress 3 relatively ‘scruffy’ teens whom areplaced in what seems to be a bedroom location- The piece is sub-divided by a quote in the middle of the text which has been placedthus once again being a relation to the target there in order to attract the reader in with what they may find intriguing, interesting oraudience. They seem to be in a relaxed posture comical. The quote is also highlighted in a light blue colour to help it stand out. Theexemplifying the possible laid back nature of piece starts with a drop capital- a feature which is present in almost all double pagetheir ‘teenage’ audience. spreads.The text in itself seems to be written as more of a There are subsidiary boxes which accompany this particular story. On the right handconversational style as appose to the ever typical side of the page, there is a related column which is talking about others bands whoquestions and answers layout featured in the vast have garnished recent media attention. In addition, the ‘NEED TO KNOW’ box at theamount of double page spreads. The piece is bottom left of the page seems to be included as almost a factual element, almostclearly divided into columns of text along with an increasing the knowledge of the reader who may be unfamiliar with the artist byadditional column which is not so evident to the introducing them to basic facts.reader.
  9. 9. This particular contents is taken from magazine RollingStone. The contents seems to be portrayed in a veryformal manner and complies to the general expectationof what would be featured within a magazine of thistype. (i.e. a magazine of a social categorization).The layout features a main image which is more thanlikely correlating to the main cover line. In this case, theimage is in a black and white possible sepia tone, whichhas been done, at least in my opinion, to link and matchup with the basic black and white colour schemeenforced into this particular contents page. We as areader can clearly identify the page number of eachstory being highlighted in rather a bold black typeface, orin the case of the subsidiary stories, in small orange font.The main stories are featured in a black font colour inorder to stand out without mass appeal. In comparisonto this, the smaller stories have been highlighted in abright orange colour to make them stand out still underthe eye of the audience.There is clear division between the stories on the page-they are arranged via evident paragraphing. The storiesare also highlighted in a much bolder colour with adescription of what the story includes to follow.In addition to this, we become aware of a small amountof details which have been crafted onto the page togarnish media attention. For example, if you look at theleft-bottom of the page, we can see that there isplacement of the magazine website in a blue font whichdoes not match up to the colour scheme of the contents.Therefore, one can only presume that it has been placedin a blue colour to endorse and market the companieswebsite.Further to this, at the very right-bottom of the page, wecan see that the issue date and issue number have beenplaced onto the contents page.
  10. 10. This particular contents is taken from rock and metal music magazineKerrang! The colour scheme of the contents seems to follow anordinary example with the main colours being black, white and yellow.The layout of the contents in itself seems to be fairly jumbled, withmany images. However, despite the clutter of images, we as a readercan still easily differentiate between the image for the main cover lineand the images which make up part of the subsidiary stories.At the top-left of the page we can see the editor’s note. An editor’snote is generally found slightly tucked away on the contents page andthere is nothing particularly exciting about this section. However, theeditor’s note can create a small sense of a personal connectionbetween reader and writer, which can be considered a nice touch.At the top right of the page, we see there is a quote from a featuredartist. This can cause a personal connection between the artist and theband member as they may be able to relate to what he/she may besaying. In addition to this, many readers may be attracted to read themagazine as they may want to know the thoughts and views of their‘idols’.On this particular contents page, it is interesting to note that the nameof the magazine is not actually featured, which is slightly odd; but thereis the issue number and cover date featured underneath the contentstitle in itself.The actual contents in itself seems to be divided into sub-categorieswhich may have been used to make it easier for the reader to highlightthe individual story it is they may want to read. The colour scheme ofyellow, black and white seems to be applied throughout and the pagenumbers are indicated on the left, in a much larger font.In terms of layout, the layout of the contents is very grid like with nosquare boxes or overlapping showing a clear, neat and structuredcontents page. The images bordering the main image are all the same,possibly suggesting equality between these bands. One of the images isin a black and white style, possibly connoting a retro feel.In terms of the main image, it has its own border around it, making itstand out from the rest of the images. It’s larger size almost seems to bea reflection of the images superiority also.
  11. 11. This particular contents page is taken from music magazine MOJO. The title ofthe magazine has been used as a masthead for the contents in order to enhancethe name of the magazine as well as make it more memorable for the reader.Underneath the masthead, we see a divided section which has a faint bordersurrounding it. This has been done to highlight the issue number and date of thisparticular issue of the magazine.The red on the purple/grey background does not seem to stand out or beanywhere near as effective as the previous colour scheme used for the Kerrang!contents.Within the contents, band names and individual artist names have beenhighlighted in a much bolder font in order to attract the audience. In addition tothis, there is a description of each story. Because of this, it gives the reader aninsight as to what they should expect to find in each story.The personal quote from Alice Cooper above his image is particularly effective asindicates forthcoming happenings in the magazine. In addition, the concept ofstating ‘as long as we had beer we were OK’ almost seems to be a suggestive of amoral panic by incorporating stereotypical ideas about the traditional rockstar. The colour scheme used (i.e. red, black and purple) seems to be a fairlymodernized colour scheme by which it may stand out to the reader.Furthermore, the lack of text and imagery may also be a concept which is tryingto express modernism.The layout of the contents seems a lot more professional that Kerrang as it is lesscluttered. We see consistency through this contents use to the fact that the fontstays the same throughout.The fact that Alice Cooper seems to be staring at the reader also gives a personalconnection between him and the reader and almost creates a sense of intimacybetween them visually speaking. It is interesting to note that this particularcontents goes totally against the Laura Mulvey male gaze theory by theplacement of what a majority of people would consider to be an unattractivemale. His more or less naked positioning and posture seems to reverse the ‘eyecandy’ concept which women portray on magazine covers, making the malealmost objectified in this particular case.