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  1. 1. AIDA Model For Dabur India Ltd. Name: Anita Kumari Roll No.: 12MBA05568 SEM: 4th Jamshedpur Women’s College
  2. 2. AIDA Model for Dabur India Ltd. AIDA INTRODUCTION AIDA is an acronym used in marketing and advertising that describes a common list of events that may occur when a consumer engages with an advertisement. Attention (Awareness): Attract the attention of the customer. Interest: Raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (instead of focusing on features, as in traditional advertising). Desire: Convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs. Action: Lead customers towards taking action and or, purchasing. Using a system like this gives one a general understanding of how to target a market effectively. AIDA is a historical model, rather than representing current thinking in the methods of advertising effectiveness. A I D A
  3. 3. Dabur India Ltd INTRODUCTION Dabur India Limited is the fourth largest FMCG Company in India with Revenues of over Rs 6,146 Crore& Market Capitalisation of US $5 Billion. Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 127 years, Dabur operates in key consumer products categories like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care & Foods. Dabur India is also a world leader in Ayurveda with a portfolio of over 250 Herbal/Ayurvedic products. Dabur's FMCG portfolio today includes five flagship brands with distinct brand identities. Dabur as the master brand for natural healthcare products, Vatika for premium personal care, Hajmola for digestives, Real for fruit juices and beverages and Fem for fairness bleaches and skin care products. Dabur today operates in key consumer products categories like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods. The company has a wide distribution network, covering over 2.8 million retail outlets with a high penetration in both urban and rural markets. Dabur's products also have a huge presence in the overseas markets and are today available in over 60 countries across the globe. Its brands are highly popular in the Middle East, SAARC countries, Africa, US, Europe and Russia. The 125-year-old company, promoted by the Burman family, had started operations in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company. From its humble beginnings in Calcutta, Dabur India Ltd has come a long way today to become one of the biggest Indian-owned consumer goods companies with the largest herbal and natural product portfolio in the world. Overall, Dabur has successfully transformed itself from being a family-run business to become a professionally managed enterprise. What sets Dabur apart from the crowd is its ability to change ahead of others and to always set new standards in corporate governance & innovation. AIDA MODEL FOR DABUR INDIA LTD. ATTENTION Typical promotion, commercials, print ads, billboards, contests, etc. Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Many advertisements are designed to generate increased consumption of those products and services through the creation and reinforcement of "brand image" and "brand
  4. 4. loyalty". Every major medium is used to deliver these messages, including television, radio, cinema, magazines, newspapers, video games, the Internet and billboards. Advertising is often placed by an advertising agency on behalf of a company or other organization. Celebrity Endorsement Dabur has created the huge brand image and a vast product following by associating mega- names like Amitabh Bachchan, M. S. Dhoni, Rani Mukhurjee, etc. Dabur invested Rs. 150 crore just on the advertising of Real “Fruit Juice” and “Real Active”. So far the company has been successful in this mission as the people now know the brand and ask for its products by name. Billboards / Hoardings Billboards / Hoardings exposes people to the product especially the appearance, type, promotional offers provided in it. These things are mentioned in the Billboards. The mentioned pictures of billboard represents ‘Real fruit juice’s New 6 layer pack keeps nutrients intact’ along with an image of Bollywood Actress SonaliBendre and an electronic billboard represents Real Activ with an image of Bollywood Actress BipashaBasu with a tagline ‘Snack healthy, drink Real active, stay fit’.
  5. 5. Conduct of product promotion campaign Dabur conducts a product promotion campaign for products such as Chyawanprash, Uveda beauty range, Oxylife Facial, Active antacid, etc. These communicate the features and benefits of the products to the people. A free sample is distributed among people so that they could test that product. Conduct Public Awareness Campaign Dabur conduct public awareness campaign with respect to health of the people like dental care, hair care, skin care, etc. They can also go to schools and colleges to conduct their campaign. The above mentioned picture shows a woman explaining the importance of brushing teeth to avoid cavity, plague and other problems. Increase promotional offers with respect to customers Promotional offers such as bonus packs, discounts on products, coupons are provided to the consumer. This helps to boost sales.
  6. 6. INTEREST Demonstrate advantages and benefits Interestraises customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits. This activity designed to boost the sale of a product or service. It may include an advertising campaign, increased PR activity, a free- sample campaign, offering free gifts or trading stamps, arranging demonstrations or exhibitions, setting up competitions with attractive prizes, temporary price reductions, door-to-door calling, telemarketing, and personal letters on other methods. This stage involves short-term incentives to encourage buyers to purchase a product. Benefit schemes used for consumers  Price deal: A temporary reduction in the price is given to consumer during some festival session by Dabur foods.  Price-pack deal: The packaging offers a consumer a certain percentage more of the product for the same price (for example, 25 % extra).  Gift with purchase: Dabur foods gives gift items with purchase like a glass, spoon etc.  Festival Sales: Dabur foods come out with some special offers during festival seasons like buy one get one free.  Multi-packs: Dabur foods has some products in multiple packaging which are comparatively priced lower to the products sold in a single pack. Example: Chyawanshakti:Goodness of Chywanprash with Draksha, Honey in a great tasting product. DaburAnmol Cold Cream:A low priced product with performance levels of the market leader.
  7. 7. DESIRE Desire is to convince customers that they want and desire the product and that it will satisfy their needs. Dabur has created need satisfaction with their products.It has developed a temptation among consumer that they really need these products, to pursue healthy and carefree life. ACTION Get the customer to take action (buy) Leading customers towards taking action and/ or purchasing. The House of Dabur is home to several brands that are household names across India, brands that generations have grown up with. The consumer trust enjoyed by our brands can be gauged by facts like:  2.5 croreHajmola tablets are consumed daily in India  DaburAmla is the largest hair oil brand in India with 35 million consumers  One in every three fairness bleach consumers uses Fem  DaburChyawanprash is the largest-selling neutraceutical in the country  Dabur voted by consumers as Indian Power Brand 2011-2012
  8. 8.  DaburAmla Hair Oil &Réal fruit juices voted by consumers as India’s Most Loved FMCG Brands with the highest top-of-the-mind recall in their respective categories  DaburChyawanprash, Hajmola and Réal chosen by Indian consumers as ‘Power Brands’  DaburUveda ranked amongst the most successful new brands. DaburUveda was placed in the Top 25 Most Successful Brand Brand Dabur touches the lives of millions of consumers every day.  Consumer Care Overview Category wise Share of Consumer Care Sales Oral care 17% Skin care 6% Home care 6% Hair care 30% Ethicals 12% Digestive 8% Health supplements 21% oral care 17% skin care 6% home care 6% hair care, 30%ethicals 12% digestive 8% health supplime nts 21% 4% 28% 12% 28% 28% Product Response Dabur Amla Hair Oil Dabur Honey Dabur Red Toothpaste Dabur Chyawanprash Not Responded 72% 28% Users of Dabur Products Users of Dabur Products Non Users of Dabur Products
  9. 9. Conclusion: The mission of an advertisement is to attract a reader, so that he will look at the advertisement and start to read it; then to interest him, so that he will continue to read it; then to convince him, so that when he has read it he will believe it. If an advertisement contains these three qualities of success, it is a successful advertisement. AIDA provides the tools & techniques for marketing and consumer engagement. Working on AIDA model Dabur India Ltd. Has become market leader & 4th largest FMCG Company of India. Nowadays DABUR is one of the most trusted brands in India and overseas.