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an Olympic brochure created by Aniturri BHI students

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Olympic brochure ainitze anegomez

  2. 2. A NATION, A TEAMUNE NATION, UNE SELECTIONHERRI BAT, SELEKZIO BATBasque sportmen and sportwomen are not allowed to compete for the Basquenational team. Therefore, they compete for Spain or France. First international The Basque Country football team (Euskal Herriko futbol selekzioa) is considered the Basque Country 6 – 1 Catalonia national team of the Basque Country greater region as selected players from the Basque (January 3, 1915; Basque Country) Country Autonomous Community, the nearby Navarre and the Northern Basque Biggest win Country in France play for it. They are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA and therefore are Denmark B 1 – only allowed to play friendly matches. As a result, when Basque football players play 11 Basque Country international matches, they compulsory play ( August 29, 1937; Denmark) for Spain or France. Biggest defeat SURFING. After competing for Mexico 8 – 4 Basque Country ten years for the Basque ( October 16, 1938; Mexico) National team, the European Committee forbade it in 2001. Basque Country 1 – 5 Hungary However, Basque surfers were (August 31 1980; Basque Country) invited to compete at the Celtic Games in 2003. Basque surfers were so good that they were invited them back again. As a result of winning each year the Celtic competition, they have taken part in the Games every year. The Basque PELOTA. Surfers National Team is waiting for a court decision toBasque Pelota was a demonstration sport at the 1968 Summer know if one day they will beOlympics in Mexico City. It was the third time that the sport was allowed to compete for theirincluded in the Olympic program; it was an official Olympic sport national teamat the 1900 Games in Paris, and a demonstration sport in 1924. Itwas included as a demonstration sport once again at the 1992Games in Barcelona. Basque Pelota has only once been officially competed for at theOlympics in 1900. At the 1900 Summer Olympics, a Basque pelota tournament was contested.Only two teams competed, so only one match was played. The score is unknown. Thecompetition was held on 14 June. 2
  3. 3. LONDON OLYMPICS GAMES 2012Olympic and Paralympic athletes try to live according to their beliefs and ideas thathelp them to be the best they can be, and to respect other competitors. These arecalled the Olympic and Paralympic Values. The values can help all of us live as bestwe can, getting our personal ambitions and dreams without hurting other people: Paralympic Values Olympic Values • determination • friendship • courage • respect • equality • excellence • inspiration OLYMPICS GAMES MASCOTS The London Olympic Games’ song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIetV43enosThe worlds heading our way, Its hard to win in this raceTheyre gonna come from miles around Its the toughest race in townDoo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo, dooFor 2012 games, But everyones in first placeWhen they arrive in london town cos its the taking part that countsDoo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo, dooSo, if you need somebody So if you need a rainbowFor always hold your hand When the sky is greyMandeville and wenlock are your friends Mandeville will brighten the gamesOh, oh, oh Oh, oh, ohBecause theyre on a journey And wenlock will be thereWith you till the end Dancing through the airAnd when theyre both together Put them both togetherYou got friends thatll last forever You got friends thatll last foreverOooh, oooh Oooh, ooohWho knows how far away you can go Who knows how far away you can goWhen you travel on a rainbow When you travel on a rainbowOooh, oooh Oooh, ooohI hope this feeling never stops …Doo, doo, doo, doo 3
  4. 4. PROFILE OF A BASQUE SPORTSMAN /SPORTSWOMANAnder ElosegiHe was born in 1987. He does canoeing. He started when he was 10, in Iruns “SantiagotarrakClub”. The first time he took part in the Olympics Games was in Beijing 2008, achieving the4th place in C-1. Maialen ChourrautShe was born in 1983. He does canoeing. She started doingcanoeing in “Atletico San Sebastián” when she was 12. Shehas competed senior category since 2001. She participated in Olympics Games in Beijing2008.LONDON 2012 GAMES MAKERS 4
  5. 5. Volunteers will make the Games happen are called London 2012 Games Makers. London 2012 Games Makers will be the face of London 2012, and show what the UK is all about: excellence, passion and positivity. They will build new friendships, develop skills and play an integral role at the largest event ever staged in the UK.The top 10 facts about the London 2012 Games Maker Games Makers’ Role:programme: There are 32 teams who need Games Makers and we have divided them into 10 departments. 1. Applications to the Games Maker programme are now closed to the general public Each team needs a different number of Games Makers: some require fewer than 50 while 2. We have received over 240,000 Games Maker others need a few thousand. Most roles will be applications Games-time specific, but some will require volunteers to be available from spring 2012 for 3. Throughout 2011 we will be inviting successful pre-Games preparation. applicants to a selection event Trailblazers: 4. We want our volunteers to come from all walks of life and from across the UK The majority of London 2012 volunteers will be needed at Games time, but a number of 5. Games Makers will have the same values and passion as volunteers, Trailblazers, are needed before the us Games. All Trailblazers must: 6. Volunteers will be given an official Games Maker uniform - be aged 18 years old. - have good written and verbal English. 7. Games Makers will volunteer for a minimum of 10 days during the Games and attend at least three days of - have excellent communication skills. training - be able to volunteer for one shift a week for a minimum of three months. 8. Volunteers will find their own means of transport and accommodation - be eligible to volunteer within the UK in accordance with immigrations rules. 9. Games Makers are not entitled to free tickets or back - sign both a confidentiality agreement and a stage passes letter of agreement. Trailblazers are expected to display the following: - Flexibility. - Commitment. - Friendliness. - A positive attitude. - Communication skills. WHAT WILL WE WATCH IN OLYMPICS GAMES IN LONDON? 5
  6. 6. We will watch these sports: • Athletics • Gymnastic • Synchronized swimming • Basketball • Swimming • ...ATHLETICSAthletics features 2,000 athletes running, walking, jumping and throwing for gold.We think that the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is going to be one of the favourites at running.GYMNASTICThere are two types of Gymnastic: rhythmic and artistic. In Gymnastics-rhythmic our favouritewinners are Russian women.SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMINGWe like it because it is very nice to see. Among the Spanish women competitors Gemma Mengualis the most famous.BASKETBALLThe favourite winner is always USA.SWIMMINGMichael Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians of all time, so he will be one of the favouriteswimmers. OLYMPIC MESSAGE 6
  7. 7. TO FIGHT WELL"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is to take part and displaysportsmanship. The competitors should compete with respect, courage, equalityand friendship”. OUR BASKET TEAM THE MEDALS OUR FOOTBALL TEAM 7
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