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Olympic Mascots

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Olympic mascots_complete

  1. 1. ationalogramme Intern tion Pr Londo n 2012 EducaOut of a Rainbow:The story of the London 2012 mascotsA great rainbow arcs over the town down onto On the floor lay the last two drops ofa giant steelworks. British steel, used for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.
  2. 2. The drops of steel are transformed into As a rainbow brightens, the figures come to life.two figures. They are the London 2012 mascots.Learning fast, the mascots imitate photographs The mascots appear shiny, reflecting the people,of athletes. places and things they meet.The figures are named as Wenlock, the Olympic On their journey, the mascots will capturemascot, from the town of Much Wenlock, and everything they learn, and of course, they areMandeville, the Paralympic mascot, from the excited to find out about all the Olympic andtown of Stoke Mandeville. Paralympic sports. In 2012, Wenlock and Mandeville will be there, you’ll be there, and the whole world will be there!
  3. 3. Customise the mascots!In 2012, the whole world will help London andthe UK celebrate the Olympic and ParalympicGames. To welcome everyone, London 2012has created two mascots: Wenlock andMandeville. Wenlock is the mascot of theLondon 2012 Olympic Games and Mandevilleis the mascot of the London 2012 ParalympicGames.These mascots have been carefully designedto reflect the culture, excitement and creativityof the London 2012 Games. Their looks andpersonalities are unique. Wenlock and Mandeville are very excited to be getting ready for the 2012 Games. e a A ctivity id Make the mascots more personal to you. Go to the London 2012 website and customise their Add to the history look. You can even display your new customised Have you seen the films of the London mascot in a gallery along with other new 2012 mascots? What will Wenlock or mascots from all over the world. Mandeville do next? Get creative and invent a story of your own! Work alone a tivity ide or in groups. Your idea could be a short story, a poem, a drama play, or a radio show – in fact, it can be anything you Ac want it. Just use your imagination! Teacher’s idea Remember: the more fun you have Customise one of the mascots to include writing your story, the more fun people aspects of your local community so that will have reading it. your school and your community are linked together by the mascot. You might want to consider local traditions and cultures, including food, music, dance, clothing, sport or anything else you can think of. Is your local community renowned for anything or has it been famous in the past? from Lorraine Stone Kirk Hallam Community Technology and Sports College
  4. 4. Welcome Wenlock Hello, I’m Wenlock, the official mascot for the London 2012 Olympic Games! – name comes from the town of Much My Wenlock, in Shropshire, where the ‘Olympian Games’ that inspired Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, still take place every year. – love all the Olympic sports – and I can’t wait I to find out more about them. – eye is actually a camera lens so I can record My everything I see. I’m really focused on my final destination – the 30th Olympic Games in 2012! – love meeting people and making friends. The bracelets on my wrists are I friendship bands, in the colours of the five Olympic Rings. – made from highly-polished British steel used for the Olympic Stadium, so you I’m might see yourself reflected if I meet you along the way. – light on my head is inspired by the lights on London’s iconic black taxis. The The three points represent the places on the podium where successful athletes get to stand and receive their medals. – always try to do my personal best and I will do everything I can to help you do I your best as well! Do you love to learn? Do you enjoy meeting people and making new friends? Join me on my adventure at www.london2012.com/mascots a Ac tivity ide Inspiring images Wenlock is on a journey around the UK meeting new friends and learning new things. What new things have you learnt recently? Have you made any new friends? Can you create an image that shows the things that mean the most to you? Share your images with your new friends and family.
  5. 5. Image sheet: WenlockWenlock has been learning about so many sports and events in preparation for London 2012.Here are some pictures of what Wenlock has learnt so far: a Ac tivity ide Promoting the Olympic Values Friendship is one of the most important things in Wenlock’s life. What are the Olympic Values? How are the Values promoted on Wenlock’s journey? How can you promote the Olympic Values in your school or community?
  6. 6. Previous Olympic mascotsEach edition of the Summer Olympic Games brings new surprises. Every Host Nation will use atleast one mascot to demonstrate the Olympic Values and promote the Games.Name: WaldiWhich Games? Munich 1972More info: Waldi was the firstofficial Olympic mascot. Thevertical stripes on his bodyincorporate three of the fiveOlympic colours. Name: Hodori Which Games? Seoul 1988 More info: Hodori displays the friendly side of the tiger, which Name: CobiName: Amik is a common feature in many Which Games? BarcelonaWhich Games? Montreal 1976 Korean legends. Hodori wears 1992More info: In one of the the Olympic Rings around More info: Cobi was supportedCanada’s native Indian his neck and the streamer on by a group of mascots duringlanguages, ‘amik’ means his hat in the shape of an ‘S’ the Barcelona 1992 Games‘beaver’. Beavers are stands for Seoul. and the whole mascot crewrenowned for being hard featured on Spanish TV.workers. Acti vity idea Compare the mascots How have the mascots of the Games changed over time? What do they do Name: The Fuwa for the Games or the Host Which Games? Beijing 2008 City? Do they add to the More info: The first syllables of each mascot form the phrase excitement of the Games? ‘Beijing Huanying Ni’ – or ‘Welcome to Beijing’ in English. Each How? Talk with your mascot symbolises a blessing that they bring to the children of the classmates and share world: prosperity, happiness, passion, health and good luck. your ideas.
  7. 7. Welcome Mandeville Hi, I’m Mandeville, the official mascot for the London 2012 Paralympic Games! – My name comes from the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville. On the day of the Opening Ceremony of the London 1948 Olympic Games, Sir Ludwig Guttmann organised a sport competition there for injured World War II soldiers. That competition became the Paralympic Games. – I was created from one of the last two drops of British steel used for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, giving me a shine that reflects everything around me. – My eye is a camera lens so I can record everything I see, but it’s particularly focused on the Paralympic Games in 2012! – From the prongs on my head representing the Paralympic emblem to my small, thin tail, I’m built for speed. I always want to be faster, and the timer on my wrist helps me push to beat my personal best. That’s because I want to be the best I can be… don’t you? – I’m spending from now until summer 2012 finding out all about Paralympic sport and about all the different types of people in the UK. – Everyone’s so different and I think those differences are great! I’ll be pushing myself to achieve every step of the way. Hope you can keep up! Join me on my adventure at london2012.com/mascots Mandeville is on a mission to always achieve a personal best and wants to help us reach that same goal. Mandeville is determined to help people understand what it means to be disabled, and the sort of courage it takes for people with disabilities to play sport and be the best they can be. Acti vity idea Be your best What does personal best mean to you? What is your personal best? Why not write a pledge outlining how you are going to achieve it by 2012? How does that differ to your friends? You could create a wall collage of all of your pledges. Even if your goals are different, do you have things in common when trying to reach your personal best? Can you create a display with your friends to show each other’s different goals? You might like to ask your teachers or parents about their goals.
  8. 8. Image sheet: MandevilleMandeville has been busy learning as much as possible about London 2012 before the ParalympicGames finally begin. Here are some of the things that Mandeville has learnt so far: e a A ctivity id Promoting the Paralympic Values Mandeville wants everyone to feel valued and included. What are the Paralympic Values? How are the Values promoted on Mandeville’s journey? How can you promote the Paralympic Values in your school or community?
  9. 9. a Ac tivity ide Help Mandeville to promote sport! Do you know all of the sports that Mandeville is learning above? Which of these sports do you play in your school or community? Why not conduct a survey to find out which of the sports your class likes the most? If there are sports above that you have never heard of, why not run a class project on them?Previous Paralympic mascotsEvery four years, different mascots bring the world together to celebrate the Summer ParalympicGames. These mascots change depending on the culture and heritage of their Host Nation. Name: Petra Name: Fu Niu Lele Which Games? Barcelona Which Games? Beijing 2008 1992 More info: Fu Niu Lele is More info: Petra was part of happy cow. In fact, ‘Lele’ a family of mascots during means ‘happiness’. The the Barcelona 1992 Games 2008 Paralympic Games and the whole mascot crew in Beijing encompassed featured on Spanish TV. diligence, determination, courage, endurance and strength, qualities often Name: Lizzie associated with hard-working cows. Which Games? Sydney 2000 More info: Lizzie, the frill-necked lizard, was a chosen to promote theParalympic messages of performance, power and Ac tivity idepride. Lizzie’s frills are in the shape of Australia. School mascot Name: Proteas Why are mascots important? Do you Which Games? Athens 2004 have a mascot for your school? Does More info: Proteas is the your favourite team have their own seahorse. His name comes mascot? Can you create your own mascot from a mythological Greek that represents your school values? God. Proteas is also connected with the Greek word ‘protos’, which means ‘first in rank’ or ‘excellent’.