Brochure sport in my village aneg


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Sports in Egino. Aniturri BHI, Agurain 2012

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Brochure sport in my village aneg

  1. 1. SPORT BASKETBALL Araia is in Asparrena and it’s 5 minutes -2012 from Egino. There are UCATI ON 2011 two sports pavilions CIVIC ED but one of them has recently opened and we train in it. The new sport centre has got a gym, a rest room with drinks and food machines, many dressing rooms and toilets and we can EGINO practise these sports: 4. DBH basketball, football, handball, pilota… We train basketball two days a week, on 2011- Tuesdays and Thurs- UC ATION CIVIC ED 2012This is the sport centre where Itrain and play basketball. ANE GOMEZ LETONA ANITURRI INSTITUTUA CIVIC EDUCATION 2011- 4. DBH 2011-2012 2012
  2. 2. SPORT FACILITIES IN MY VILLAGE MY FAVOURITE SPORT EGINO THE BASQ UE My favourite sport is basketball. I practi- ce basketball since I was child In Egino, young people meet and I play it in Araia, a villageThe Basque Country is a country in Euro- near Egino, in a team called friends and neighbours to plaype which is between Spain and France, sports or simply to have fun. C.D. Alinpedi. We are 12 pla-on the west of the Pyrenees. The flag ofthis country “Ikurriña”, is a white cross In summer, we play football and yers in the team.over a green saltire on a red field. basketball in the sports zone,In Euskal Herria there are 7 provinces: we play cards, we go to the Basketball is a team sport in which twoAraba, Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Lapurdi, Nafa- swimming pool... In winter, we teams of five players try to score pointsrroa Beherea, Nafarroa Garaia and Zube- go to the mountain to play with by throwing a ball throughroa. The capital city of this country is Vito- the snow. the top of a basketball hoopria-Gasteiz and it’s in Araba. I live in this while following a set of rules.province, in a village called Egino, in As- Basketball is one of the mostparrena. popular and widely viewed sports.Egino is a very small village which has 70inhabitants, but in summer, people whohave summer-house come to the village I love basketball and I’m very fan ofso there are about 100 inhabitants. There Baskonia, a professional team from Vi- The mountain. The a very good sheep-cheese, rocky hills I n toria that plays in the Spanish league.which are good for climbing and a bigconvent that people come to visit and so-metimes there are summer camps in it.The village is also known because since2007, in carnivals a parade is organizedparade with costumes from the Basque ANITURRICountry. My house. The convent in Egino. INSTITUTUA CIVIC EDUCATION 2011- 2012