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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 4, Chapter 4.5


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The eruption begins...

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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 4, Chapter 4.5

  1. 1. It has begun, the rumblings of the explosive final stretch of the Quest. WithIlea still missing, and new fears of losing to Xylen, things between Aiden and Solan were even more uneasy than before. Aiden going off on Minos about letting Ilea leave after him was still a sore spot between the two reluctant allies; leaving Hex as the man in the middle of two uneasy gods.Atalanta has seriously begun thinking about letting Aegina be heiress for this generation; but a bigger part of her does not want to give up on finding Ileayet, she still hopes that her oldest daughter will come home safe and sound.The other kids of generation seven have slowly begun to settle into their new adult lives, however, they do so with troubled hearts and minds.They feel it’s too soon to be settling in when Ilea is still missing, it feels like a betrayal of their cousin…
  2. 2. In the Astral Realm, Seiya was sitting with her father in one of his new rooms he had added to his small abode, she was looking for answers.“What should I do daddy? I know Thanatos is bad for Ilea, but I don’t know how to approach the topic with her family about him.”
  3. 3. Diamos: All I can suggest baby is start with Minos. He seems to be most troubled by the fact he left before her. Mainly because he still believes he should have done more to protect her, and having Aiden tell him that only made his guilt worse. Seiya: I see, but that’s not all that’s bothering me. Diamos: Oh? What else is on your mind?
  4. 4. Seiya: It’s Minos too, I mean I love him and we are going to get married but my problem is, how? I mean I live here with you, he lives in the Mortal Realm and I can’t ask him to come with me while Ilea is missing. I don’t know what to do.Diamos: I see. That I can answer, if you want to be with him then he has to know what he would be giving up; his mortality. To be able to travel between realmsyou have to be a god and one who has ties to both sides. As for me, even thoughI do have the requirements to travel between realms, my case is different. I can’t exist in the Mortal Realm while Xylen still walks the land.
  5. 5. Seiya: I never understood why that was. How come you can’t go freely between realms like I can? What is it about Xylen that has you trapped here? Diamos: It’s not just him, it’s also Pellas. She was my Adriel and she is still verypowerful; and with her being on Xylen’s side, if I were to go there it would mean my death because she will kill me in her current state. I have to stay here, at least until the tenth heir has been born.
  6. 6. Seiya: And once the tenth heir is born, what happens to you?Diamos: My power as Peace God will be passed to the heir. I will still be a god myself, but Iwill no longer have the power I once had. I will have my physical body back though, that I am looking forward to.Seiya: It’s hard to imagine you not being the God of Peace anymore, you were always my role model as a kid, I was always amazed at how you could keep mom from going too crazy when you were with her. Diamos: Talia was tough to control, but I did manage to balance her sometimes.
  7. 7. Diamos: Besides, I am very pleased my great grandson’s lineage has done sowell. Oliver had the power to be a good father, I always knew that. I just wish you could have met him.Seiya: I would have liked to. He sounded like he was a great guy from what you told me about him. Diamos: He was, I miss him.
  8. 8. Seiya: Daddy, tell me about Elvendia. I want to learn all about it, what you did there, who you knew that sort of stuff. Diamos: Elvendia….that’s a long story in itself. Where to start? Seiya: Did you have any other love interests there? Diamos: You really want to know about that? Seiya: I have long since accepted that you and mom would never get back together again, and it’s not like she didn’t have her own outside interests as well…
  9. 9. Diamos: Alright. Let me tell you about a woman, a very powerful woman who had become one of the rarest breeds of mages on her home world; a Tri- Elemental Mage. Her name was Leiya…and I loved her very much. ******
  10. 10. Meanwhile… Bell dipped Keiko low; he had missed her so much. It had only been a few weeks since they graduated, and since Ilea went missing…but his father insisted that he go out and live his life, and that he would take care of the details about helping Atalanta and Solan find Ilea. Bell reluctantly agreed towhat his father had asked, even though he still was felt along the same lines as Minos, guilty that he left Ilea alone.
  11. 11. Bell: Nice. Way to root for the ole college team. Rah-rah-rah!!Keiko: Shut up. Do you have something I can wear until I can go shopping? Bell: Yeah, upstairs. I’ll show you.
  12. 12. Bell: Sorry it’s not the greatest…you don’t have to make that face.Keiko: If you don’t know by now what this face means, then I haven’t trained you properly yet. Bell: It has a meaning?
  13. 13. Bell: Oh THAT’S what it means…gotcha. Keiko: Silly boy. Of course. Bell: I’ll remember that from now on. Keiko: Good.
  14. 14. Over at Phoenix 5, Aegina had just settled in and returned from shopping. Shewanted to see Eddie as soon as possible. She didn’t really want to be a back- up heiress…Ilea would come home, she knew it in her heart. Aegina had missed Eddie though.
  15. 15. After Eddie was settled and changed, he made the call to Roxie. His big sister was better off with him anyway. Roxie was delighted that Eddie still wanted to talk to her, she had convinced herself that her brother would never talk to heragain. She broke up with Jonah, it didn’t take her long to understand that he wasbad news, somehow she had this gut feeling there was someone better out there for her, better than she could ever hope for…
  16. 16. Eddie: Welcome home sis, I’m so happy you’re alright.Roxie: So I am Eddie, something told me I should get away from him as fast as possible, that I had a better path to follow. I can’t explain it. Eddie: I don’t know about any of that, all I care about is that you’re safe and sound with me.
  17. 17. Eddie: I talked to my new in-laws and they will let you stay here until you find a place of your own.Roxie: Eddie, I never asked for you to do that. I am perfectly capable of finding my own place to live without your help. Eddie: I never said you weren’t. I just thought…it would help you know? Roxie: Isn’t it my job to look out for you?
  18. 18. Eddie: There has to be a logical explanation for this. Roxie: Eddie, who are your in-laws? What’s their last name? Eddie and Roxie felt a strange sensation overwhelm them… Eddie and Roxie: Reed. Roxie: Holy…Eddie: At least give it a try, please Roxie? Eddie: Totally agree with you there. Reed…how did you know that was what I was going to say?Roxie: Why do I get the strangest feelingwe’ve had this discussion before? Aren’t Roxie: A feeling. Or a memory. you getting that feeling too? Eddie: Memory?Eddie: Now that you mention it…I kindaam. It’s weird, I feel like I’ve asked you Roxie: I don’t know…I think so, I mean what this twice before… else could it be?Roxie: Me too…that is so weird. What do you think it could mean? ******
  19. 19. The next morning… Aegina: I’m going to have a sister-in-law, neat!! Eddie: I am very grateful to your parents for letting her stay with us, she really has no where else to go.Aegina: That’s family for you, we’ve been taught since we were young that there is nothing more important than that.
  20. 20. Aegina: Why wait, let’s get married right now!!Eddie: Don’t you want a wedding or a party? I thought all girls wanted that. Aegina: I am impatient to start my life with you, sue me. Eddie: Okay, okay I give whatever you want honey. Aegina: Smart boy.
  21. 21. I love Eddie, I couldn’t bear to lose him a third time. What can I say except… SQUEE!! CUTENESS!! ******
  22. 22. It took him a few tries to convince himself she was real, it couldn’t be her, Xylen said hekilled the legacy line…but it was, she was the same, she had Dee’s blood in her that much Reias could feel. Ilea had survived, he hadn’t failed Diamos after all. Someone saved her, if she was safethen perhaps…Solan too, his son. And Roxie…surely that was too good to be true right? That Roxie could also be alive as well.But why? How? How is he dreaming this? He figured he’d lost that ability when he thought he’d given into Xylen. But his heart obviously felt otherwise.
  23. 23. Reias: Are you real Ilea, is it you?Ilea: Reias, how can you not know it’s me? I’m fine, really you can stop beating yourself up over it. Reias: I can’t believe this, is everyone else alright? My great-grandson, my son…Roxie? Do you know about them? Ilea: Minos is, he’s getting married did you know that? As for Solan and Roxie…I don’t know about them.
  24. 24. Ilea: The better question is, I think anyway, are you alright? We were so worried about you after Dalen and Talia kidnapped you. Reias: I am now, but I was weak Ilea. I let them break me, I was so sure you andeveryone else were gone, that I had failed Diamos and let you all die. I am ashamed I let Xylen get me again. I don’t think I can ever ask for your forgiveness for my weak heart. Ilea: You don’t have to ask, you have it. I don’t care anymore, you’re fine and that’s all that matters to me.
  25. 25. Reias: I—I don’t know what to say, except thank you.Ilea: Reias, we love you, and most of us owe you our lives. You are the onemost deserving of another chance. But you have to wake up now, Morpheus can’t hold off Xylen any longer. You have to go back. Reias: What?
  26. 26. Ilea: Morpheus is giving you a chance to deal Xylen a huge blow here, your power is the only one that can save Dalen and Talia from him. You need to fight them and break thehold he has over Hope and Salvation. I am the one who broke his hold over you, thanks to Morpheus taking control of your dreams. Reias: Ilea, how? How can I break the hold Xylen has on Dalen and Talia? It’s so strong and has been holding that way for a long, long time now. Ilea: Remind them. Remind them of who they used to be, the ones who helped you beatDahak and who fought off the invasion from Taylor. They are still good, deep inside and it’s time to mobilize that good and save them.
  27. 27. Reias: How do you know about Dahak and Taylor? No one ever told you… Ilea: Don’t question the power of genetic memories, Diamos was there and therefore we know too. Only it’s taken this long to appear in us, in me. Reias: I still don’t know how to save them.Ilea: You do, you just need to look inside and find the power; you are Rebirth.
  28. 28. Ilea: Wake up now; Guardian, Mentor, Protector. Time is up. Reias: But Ilea… Ilea: NOW!! WAKE NOW!!Her force of will shook him awake; he knew what to do. He was going to save Dalen and Talia.
  29. 29. Outside Thanatos’ temple…Xylen: You are holding me back, I don’t like to be held back. This is not a war you want to be on the wrong side of boy. Morpheus: Oh big man, but you know your threats don’t scare me. Xylen: They should. Because I will not be deterred by the likes of you Dream God.
  30. 30. Dark Pellas: My Lord, do not trouble yourself with this one; allow me to take care of him for you. I am so eager to get my hands dirty… Xylen: No worries my love; he will not be a problem.Morpheus: You don’t know what you’re up against Red, your Triad will soon be useless. Xylen: Small words from a small man. What could possibly stand in my way now?
  31. 31. Morpheus: The legacy survives, the next generation has already been conceived, you failed to destroy the Peace God’s line. And you never even noticed. Xylen: You speak dangerous words, perhaps you have no more use for yourtongue, allow me to relieve you of it and any other parts you have to put between it and me.
  32. 32. Morpheus: See for yourself, scan the temple. Then you’ll know. Xylen: Very well, I shall grant you your last wish and— He felt it; almost immediately. The power of the Peace God was strong and growing stronger by the day. Protected but still very strong; he felt the babygrowing inside Ilea, and the powerful father that baby had. He felt something else too, his hold on Rebirth was broken.
  33. 33. Xylen: You…you DID THIS??!?!Morpheus: I merely opened Rebirth’s mind to Ilea, I let him know she’s alright, it’s over for you Chaos!! You lost!!Xylen: I have not lost YET!! Pellas, we’re leaving!! But heed my words Dream God; you will not get away with this…I will return. Morpheus: And I’ll be ready. ******
  34. 34. Part B:The volcano has erupted, Xylen has fallen hard from his pedestal of power andhis well constructed plan was falling apart around him. Morpheus has done his part for the Quest, he gave Reias his hope back and restored his resolve, the question is, will it be enough?
  35. 35. This was the place, they could feel the evil emanating from the very stones of the ancient temple. Xylen was here, and so were their targets. So far, they had not been detected, it seemed that Aiden was right about Exile protecting him frombeing found out. Solan only recently realized that he too had the same protection from detection by them.
  36. 36. Botan: So here we are, the battleground. I can feel my master inside there. Solan: I suppose we should announce ourselves, hmm? Aiden: Oh don’t worry, I think they know. It was Hex’s fault. Hex: HEY!! IT WAS NOT!!
  37. 37. Xylen had not expected them to arrive so quickly, he could feel the power ofthe four Adriels outside; it clawed at him like thousands of sharp nails. Pellas was strong, but not nearly as strong as all four of them together, he felt their power levels. They were a lot higher this time, Pellas did not have enough strength to fight them all at once.
  38. 38. Dalen came running from the other side of the temple, the urgency in Xylen’s voice when he told them to mobilize was more than enough to set him off at full speed. Drinn was out there, he could feel the aura of his burning hatred for him. His own Adriel was now out to kill him. Dalen could see everything falling apart,from within and from outside, Reias had somehow broken free of Xylen’s control,that irked him and he had to know how Reias managed to do that; and also how he was so stupid to believe that Reias had truly joined them.
  39. 39. Dark Pellas: Come now, is four against one really fair? Botan: Sister, you knew this day would come. Drinn: No more playing around, you need a time out.Lunala: We have come for you dear sister, it’s time you came back to your family. Sora: Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, just come quietly.
  40. 40. Dalen: How did you do it? How did you break free??!! We HAD you!! Reias: It must burn you up, not knowing. But don’t worry old friend, I will let you know exactly how I was able to break free.Dalen: Ha, I’d like to see you try to take me on. I KNOW how much you’ve wanted to do it. He teleported inside the temple, Reias followed him.
  41. 41. Aiden: Hmm, looks like the big fish is mine. How glorious, now I don’t have to worry about holding back.Xylen: What is this amateur night? Please, you have no chance to beat me. Aiden: You have no idea what I can do…I’ll gladly show you. Xylen: Well bring it on Junior!! This will be easy…
  42. 42. Batalia: Well isn’t this sweet? I get two of you to play with.Solan: Batalia, we finally meet face-to-face. I have heard stories about you from my father. Batalia: And you look just like him, just as handsome. Hex: Is she seriously flirting with you? This is a battle. Batalia: Oh come now sweet cheeks, don’t be mad I’ll flirt with you too. Solan: Be on your guard Hex, she’s dangerous.
  43. 43. Hex: I will be careful, I can sense her power level from here. Ready teach? Solan: On three, one, two…
  44. 44. Solan and Hex: THREE!!!Batalia: Oh…what pretty little bunnies…come here my widdle bunny-wunnies. I want to play with you!! Hex Did we hit her too hard? She still looks evil… Solan: Perhaps we might have… though she always looked like that Hex.
  45. 45. Sora: Take that!! Dark Pellas: AHHH!!!! Botan: You should really give up sister, I don’t like hurting you. Dark Pellas: You could have fooled me!!Lunala: We only want our sister back, please…don’t fight us anymore.
  46. 46. Aiden: STAND STILL!! You’re like a fucking jack rabbit!! Xylen: And you are still as slow as a slug!! Aiden was impressed, Xylen was much better at evading his fast kicks andpunches than he thought. But still, he had to wonder if he was really this good or he was just buying time…before he really let loose.
  47. 47. Reias knew Dalen was tiring, he was not evading as fast as he used to. Reias was reaching him. He could feel it.“It’s time to remember who you are Dalen, what we went through together…”
  48. 48. “You have to remember, you were never this bad, you were neverevil…you were a kind man, one who used to know what true love meant…”
  49. 49. “You once knew the difference between right and wrong, you fought your own nature, your inherited blood…”
  50. 50. “You held up against unimaginable odds, you had the power to change your fate, your destiny…”
  51. 51. “You never let Diamos get away with what he did while in control of your body, even on that day…”
  52. 52. “We were best friends Dalen, even when the odds were against us, when the unthinkable was suddenly achieved. I separated you from Diamos, Isaved both your lives, I undid what Ares had done to you. I was not going to let you both suffer anymore.”
  53. 53. Dalen: I—I remember that, Aleidra….oh gods Aleidra…I—I killed her… Reias: But you made amends, you were forgiven.
  54. 54. Dalen: Hephaestus, he had no reason toforgive me, no reason to even speak to me after I got his only child killed…I was not strong enough back then I—I Reias: But he did forgive you, he saw that. Didn’t he? It was never spoken of again, but he did forgive you. We all did, after all it was not your fault.
  55. 55. “Diamos, back then he was evil. And most of what you remember doing, was actually him in control of your body. It took us a long time to figure that out but we knew, even then, you had good in you. A strengththat no evil could ever break. You were the one we could count on to haveour backs in battle. And you never stopped fighting, you never let the evil side of Diamos win…”
  56. 56. Reias: Come back to us, old friend. It’s time for you to be Reborn. Dalen was so far gone in his own mind that he no longer had the will to fightback, to let the evil retake his soul. Reias smiled; Ilea was right, he did have the power to save Dalen all along. He just had to remember it himself. ******
  57. 57. Hex: You think we overdid it a bit? I mean we both hit Batalia with our strongest White spells at the same time. Solan: No, I think it was just enough. We got them back, Hope and Salvation are free from Xylen’s control. Aiden rubbed his neck awkwardly; “Yeah, well the punk ass bitch turned tail and ran with Pellas as soon as lost his Dark Triad. Coward, I was ready to finish him off too.”Reias: We won a big victory here, we saved the Triad from Xylen. But I seriously doubt he’s done, he’ll be back and you can bet it’ll be with a vengeance. ******
  58. 58. Later on, they had placed Dalen and Batalia in bed at a small cabin in the woods so they could recover. Aiden may have had his opponent run away atthe last minute, but he was also curious as to how Reias managed to bring his father back. Aiden: How did you do it? How’d you get my father back? Reias: I reminded him of the man he used to be. The man who was my best friend.
  59. 59. Aiden: I hardly believe you two were ever best friends, you guys hated each other.Reias: There’s a lot you don’t know about your father Aiden, much of who he was then is no where near the man you know now. Aiden: I find that impossible to believe; this is the man who stole me away frommy mother, and who didn’t even fight back when Zeus killed my little brother. He’s the one who Exiled me and left me for dead, his own son.
  60. 60. Aiden: So you’ll forgive me if I say; I’d have killed the son of a bitch, I wouldn’t have wasted my time or my energy trying to save his rotten ass.Reias: I don’t expect you to be all hugs and kisses, he has done terrible things to both of us.But despite that we need him. Without the power of Hope he possesses we will never be able to defeat Xylen. Aiden: So you are willing to forget that he murdered your daughter and your lover, destroyed your second marriage and helped in the plot to try to kill your son…just like that? Reias: No, I will not forget those things. I could never forget Daphne and Callie so easily.
  61. 61. The next morning, he dared to speak to his father. Dalen: Aiden… Aiden: I won’t forgive you; ever. Because of you, I lost my entire family. My daughters, mylover, my sister, and my niece. Mom won’t even speak to me anymore because she says I remind her of you too much. Do you have any idea what that does to me? Dalen: Aiden…
  62. 62. Aiden: Shut up, I don’t want to hear your whiny and lame excuses about how it wasn’t you who destroyed my life, that you were possessed. As far as I’m concerned I have no family. You tried to kill me, your own son…that is unforgivable. Dalen: Aiden if you would just listen… Aiden: No. No more You are not my father, you are no one to me.
  63. 63. Dalen: You ungrateful brat!! Do you even remember that you WILLINGLY camewith me that day you turned 16; that no one forced you to leave. You wanted to be with me!!Aiden: I was young and stupid, I once thought you were someone I could look upto, to idolize, but then you stood by and watched as Zeus killed Jason!! YOU DID NOTHING!! You let him DIE!!
  64. 64. Dalen: What do you expect me to do? What do you want? Do you want to killme? Beat me bloody and broken? Would that bring Jason back? Would it bringeveryone you lost back? If so then go right ahead, beat the shit out of me. Gods know I probably have it coming in spades by now anyway. Now it was Aiden’s turn to stumble; he wanted to, anyone like Solan who couldfeel emotions would know, but he stood there, seething. He didn’t move or even reply right away.
  65. 65. Aiden: That must so easy for you to say, just fight. Fight and it all goes away and we go out for beers afterwards. Dalen: So? It’s true isn’t it? Aiden: …
  66. 66. Dalen: I get, really. I know because I felt the same way about my father. Aresnever cared about me or Diamos; to him I was a tool and not his son. He used us to achieve his own goals. Thankfully, Batalia did what we were incapable of doing, she killed Ares for us. And despite struggling against it and tryingdesperately to find my own path in life, in the end I became my father. And I used you the same way he used us. I treated you as a tool, and not my child. Saying I’m sorry seems so useless now, it won’t help anything. You’re still free to hate me as you see fit, I deserve it, and more for what I did.
  67. 67. Aiden wanted to hate his father, he had more than enough reason to. But he made it so hard to do that when he was being honest and open with him like hewas now. Despite what had happened, Dalen was truly the only family he had leftnow. And that did provide a small comfort to him, he was feeling very alone in the world. He managed to cover it with a strong jerk-like exterior most of the time, ithelped protect his heart from further damage if he hid behind a screen of apathy.
  68. 68. Batalia: So that’s it now huh? We’re stuck here, like prisoners while Xylen runs off to lick his wounds. I would much rather kill him while he’s down than wait for him to formulate a new plan to kill us all.Solan: Batalia, you’re not a prisoner here. We should take this time ourselves to prepare, the final battle has yet to begin and we need to be ready for it.Batalia: Typical peace-lover’s attitude; well let me tell you that’s bollox!! I say strike now while the iron is hot and kill the son of a bitch before he recovers.
  69. 69. Solan was used to dealing with hard core fighters, and Batalia’s intense colours told him she was serious about wanting to strike back at Xylen now while he’s weak. But he had to find a way to contain her until the tenth heir was ready to become the Wielder of the Triad.“I see your colours are pretty intense, but do you even know where he is? How would you attack him? Do you have a defence for a possible counter from Pellas?”
  70. 70. Batalia: I—of course I do!! What do you think I am stupid or something… Solan: Now you’re just lying to yourself. You have no idea do you? Batalia: Shut up!! I do so have a plan!! Solan: Your colours say otherwise, black is not a good look for you. Batalia: How do you know? What are you? Solan: An empath; I see emotions as colours.
  71. 71. Batalia: You’re a living lie detector now?Solan: I suppose I am. But please, Batalia, try to see things from a new perspective, I understand you’re angry about being used by him for so long; and we are all of the same mind when it comes to wantingXylen to pay for that. But we need a plan this time, Xylen will be a lot more careful now that we’ve dealt him a real blindside, we can’t afford to lose your power as Salvation again.Batalia: Damn you and your hotness, I can’t disagree with you…damnit. Fine, I’ll wait, but I get first crack at the bastard once we’re ready got that? Solan: Very well. Thank you for seeing my side of things. ******
  72. 72. Part C: And now they wait. They would have to stay in the cabin for a while still, as Dalen and Talia recovered some more. With the temporary lull in things, Reiasand Solan had decided it was time to let Atalanta in on the situation and to show her Reias was back to his old self. He knew where Ilea was now; it didn’t take him long to realize that she was really there to save him and he was notdreaming. Ilea was alive and well, albeit in a situation where it would cause some concern for her parents. But Thanatos had not hurt her, if he had Reias would have known, perhaps they had just misunderstood Thanatos or they misjudged him…
  73. 73. Atalanta: Solan!! Thank the gods you’re alright!! I was so worried.Solan: I know, I’m sorry but we had to fight to recover Dalen and Talia, and my father. Atalanta: Is it really over? Do you have them back?Solan: Yes we do, but it’s far from over Lanta, Xylen will be back and we will be ready for the final showdown.
  74. 74. Roxie: Hey Atalanta where do you keep—She stopped; something inside ground to a halt. Who was the guy with the blue hair? Iolaus: Oh Roxie, did you need something? Reias froze; did he just say Roxie? It couldn’t be…
  75. 75. Reias: Roxie??!! My gods…it is you!! I never thought, I hoped that… Roxie: Do I know you? You look familiar somehow… Atalanta: She’s really here Reias. I swear to you. Roxie: I don’t— She trailed off, looking at him something stirred deep within…
  76. 76. “I love you Roxie, I can’t imagine my life without you.” “I love you too, Reias.”
  77. 77. “My only wish is that this Kiss of Life will protect you forever more… neveragain will I lose another woman I love.”
  78. 78. “Solan, my precious son…our precious son.”The memories hit her hard and fast, she knew who he was, her husband the loveof her life Reias. And their son, Solan. Now she knew why she had the feelings of déjà vu, she was meant to be reunited with him again. She felt the tears of happiness well up in her eyes, how could she have forgotten him and her son?
  79. 79. Roxie: Oh Reias!! How could I have lost you?? How could I have forgotten everything??Reias: It’s alright baby, I’m back now, you’re back now. I am not going anywhere again I promise. Roxie: I love you so much!! Reias: I love you too, more than you could ever know.
  80. 80. Reias: In fact, I plan to show you all over again how much you mean to me. Roxie Sharpe, will you marry me again?
  81. 81. Roxie: Of course, OF COURSE!!
  82. 82. All is now as it should be again. <3
  83. 83. Solan: I’m so glad you’re back mom and that you remember who I am, I missed you so much. Roxie: I missed you to, Solan honey. I feel like I missed so much of your life. Solan: You didn’t, you never missed a thing. You just forgot it for a while. Roxie: And I hope to never forget it again.
  84. 84. Solan: It’s not over yet, we still have to prepare to face Xylen again. Once that happens then we will truly be at peace again. Atalanta knows now where Ilea is, while she’s not in any immediate danger, we still would like her to come home. Roxie: Where had she gone? Solan: It’s a long story, but for now…let’s just talk like we used to? Please?Roxie: Sure, of course baby. I always loved those times when we spent hours together just talking.
  85. 85. Meanwhile, at the temple of Thanatos… “It is nearly time, the child will arrive very soon.” Ilea: I hope so, my back is killing me.Thanatos: I am so happy. Our child will live and grow up strong.
  86. 86. Thanatos: Soon my love. Ilea: Yeah, soon.
  87. 87. It turned out that Thanatos was right on when he said it would be soon. That very night, Ilea felt the first pains of labour. Thanatos, stood behind her smiling, a rare thing for him to do but this time he had reason to smile.
  88. 88. Thanatos: You are so close my love, just keep pushing!! Ilea: ARGHH!! Easy for you to say!!! Thanatos: What should I say? Ilea: Nothing!! SHUT UP!! Thanatos: As you wish my dear.
  89. 89. She soon held a pale, blue-eyed, darkhaired baby boy in her arms. Thanatos was delighted she had birthed a son.Ilea: What should we call him honey?Thanatos: Virgil. He shall be known as Virgil. Ilea: I love the name, it’s so nice.
  90. 90. Thanatos: He is beautiful my love, my son, my heir. Ilea: Are you saying he should be the heir to the legacy? Only one choice?Thanatos: I have a son, he is all I really need, but if you would like another I believe that can be arranged.Ilea: I’d like for him to have someone to play with, a brother or sister perhaps. I know I enjoyed having my sister around when I was a kid. Thanatos: I would rather enjoy trying again. ******
  91. 91. It was soon apparent that Virgil was not the only one of generation eight to beborn, Aegina had found out she too was pregnant not long after she and Eddie got married. Atalanta was thrilled to have another grandchild on the way. After learning Ilea was alive, it was a big relief off her mind. The only thing that stillbothered her was Thanatos. How he react to knowing that she knew where Ilea was?
  92. 92. Eddie: You look radiant honey, positively glowing.Aegina: Oh Eddie, I am as big as a whale, but if you say so… Eddie: I do say. And I love how you look.Atalanta: I remember those days, Iolaus was so charming… End of Entry Forty-Two. 
  93. 93. Now here’s a good question: why is Pellas’s plumb-bob black? Is that even a possible colour to get? There’s red, yellow, orange, green, and white but black? 0.o? I had some issues staging her for the fight with the Adriels, she froze and would not reset after I had posed her, she wasn’t even on the move-out list when Xylen was looking, neither was Botan. I could not get them to reset even after three Force Errors on All with the Bat Box.So I had to exit and move them from the neighbourhood, thereby losing the Destriory name (Xylen’s in-game last name) and not allowing me to build Reias a new temple with thename Olympian. The black plumb-bob is not a huge issue for me, rather a unique in-game quirk that I kinda like. Not sure if it will stay this colour or if it will return to normal later on once I reopen their lot, but it’s cool. ^_^.
  94. 94. In other addends: Roxie got me a Genie lamp. I used all three wishes on Atalanta, Iolaus and Roxie. Lanta wanted 50 First Dates (no freakin’ way >_<), Iolaus had the 50 Dream Dates (pssh…) and Roxie wanted SixGrandchildren, doable but impractical since she is no longer Solan’s mother. I set her to be his cousin with the Sim Blender only because Set as my Son was notan option, I had cousin, aunt, sibling, and uncle as family ties. Which is boo. Now at 95 slides this is truly the end.