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Fabulares Animalia: Chapter 1


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A Round Robin legacy with plot.

Published in: Technology
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Fabulares Animalia: Chapter 1

  1. 1. A Round Robin Legacy FABULARES ANIMALIA
  2. 2. Welcome to the party!! Well, let’s begin; this is a Round Robin legacy where each generation is played and written by someone new. I won the coin flip with Pony and got the founder and first generation so it’s on me to set up the plot for the rest of the legacy. I don’t mind since I like to write up things like plots, stories, and generally anything to keep my interest in a legacy, so I don’t get bored before I reach the half-way point. But this time that’s not the case, I don’t have to play more than one generation since as soon as Generation 2’s heir is chosen I pass the torch to the next writer in line. Anyway some little ole rules: • Each generation can have new mythological creatures/races as a naming theme • Three kids minimum per generation • Heir polls to be run after third baby is a child or teen • First six generations will choose from the six Maxis premade hoods • Can marry in premades, NPC’s, townies, custom townies (links to CC if necessary) • Last four generations or more can be custom hoods. • Your own LJ, Dream Width, or Word Press pages can be used to post your chapters, just make sure that they are public accessible so everyone can read them. I just need the links to add them to the main thread on Boolprop.
  3. 3. Before we meet the founder, let me tell you what she’s doing here. Our founder is on a scientific mission, her objective is to study the different cultures, social interactions, and to learn about her subjects. You see, she’s a Polli-Tech who would normally be on the ships looking for those unfortunate individuals who want to make contact with the star travelling people. Most of you know the usual routine; abduct, probe, toss back right? But this time, she thought it would be better to actually get to know the people who she is responsible for taking. Why not right? Science is all about research and the quest for knowledge.
  4. 4. PT Zhara Earth Name: Starr Reisenden (German for “star traveller” according to Google translator) Sign: Pisces Family/Knowledge LTW: Marry Off Six Kids
  5. 5. Mission Log 1: My journey begins at what the subjects called a “community lot” where I am supposed to find a male whom I have these things called “bolts” with. I am not familiar with the courtship rituals of the species, is this pinball machine thing supposed to be used for social interactions? I was instructed to choose two bolt attractors and a bolt repellent for my mission here. I chose Charismatic and Creative as attractors and stench as a repellent. So far I have not see that many acceptable males…
  6. 6. I do not understand the attraction to these machines that the males here seem to be obsessed with. I find it rather annoying with all those blinking lights, noises, and that little steel ball that never seems to go where its supposed to. However, my mission is to research all forms of culture for this species and I shall do as instructed. I am certain that I will find an appropriate male to commence the experiment with…
  7. 7. I was drawn to this male, he is not like the other one and seems to have some sort of magic emitting from him. I suspect he is one of the “elves” that are said to live in this Veronaville. I find myself oddly interested in him, perhaps it is those bolts that I was told about, I seem to have three of them for this male. But I see that he is off limits, he wears a metal ring on his finger which is meant to symbolize that he has already been mated with another. I think that I must continue the search…
  8. 8. Oberon: Well you see the thing is that Titania and I have this open relationship going on, we can still see other people. Our kids are adopted by the way…but I wouldn’t mind having a biological kid of my own. Starr: I was instructed not to engage with a taken male. Oberon: No, it’s totally cool if you want to, that’s the point. Starr: I do not want to. Oberon: Well, if you change your mind. Call me.
  9. 9. Starr: I do not think so. Oberon: We could make some gorgeous kids… Starr: Why did they make me leave my phaser on the ship? Oberon: Whoa. Cool it…I’m going… Starr Best that you do.
  10. 10. Ani-Mei: Glad that I caught you; just ignore Oberon, he’s more of a Romancer than a Knowledge seeker. I’m Ani-Mei, or goddess, creator, what have you. I run this town. Starr: Do you now? Ani-Mei: Yep, Veronaville is a pretty nice place once you fix it up and everything; make over the hideous default clothed premades, rebuild crampy houses…you know the usual stuff. Starr: I do not follow; are you an elf too? Ani-Mei: Sure am, I love it.
  11. 11. Ani-Mei: So I just wanted to say hey and let you know that I have two gorgeous sons and a beautiful daughter in this hood with my other legacy founder and I’ll be stalking you throughout your time here. Just so you know. Starr: Ah, you must be the supervisor I am supposed to report to then. Ani-Mei: Sure, we’ll go with that…yeah. Starr: Are your sons of age? Ani-Mei: Well one is he’s in college the other is a teen…but they’re kinda playable so no touchy kay? Starr: Ah, I understand. I shall not seek them out then.
  12. 12. After my encounter with my supervisor, I went back to my abode where one of the “welcome wagon” members was this intriguing male named Chester Gieke. The supervisor informed me that he is currently “playable” but she could fix it so he would become a townie and therefore allowed. I do not find him as attractive as Oberon but I believe there is more to him than what is on the surface, so I thought I would give him a try. Although he seems a bit resistant to me…
  13. 13. He says that he is often overlooked by beautiful women because he has been called ugly, or not that cute. Most women do not think he is worth their time, but I however am a scientist and learning about what is perceived as ugly or not cute is a matter of opinion. I will give this male a chance and see if my hypothesis is correct, and that there is indeed more than meets the eye; as the phrase goes…
  14. 14. I suspect that this assignment will be informative, and rather enjoyable too…
  15. 15. Starr: Is it customary to perform a back rub when one is tense? Chester: Customary? No, but it does feel nice when someone does it right. Starr: Intriguing, I must study that effect. Chester: Study away then.
  16. 16. Starr: The supervisor said she fixed it so you are a townie now, is that correct? Chester: Who? Starr: The goddess, creator, Ani-Mei…do you know who I mean? Chester: OH!! Her, yeah she did. Starr: Excellent, so would you consider co-habitating with me here so that I may continue my research? Chester: If you’re asking me to move in then sure. I’d love to be your test subject.
  17. 17. My test subject brought with him a moderate amount of currency and a level 6 job as a Slacker. However, his wish is to become a Mad Scientist instead. I am glad he shares my passion for science. I believe this assignment will go very well. Chester Gieke Knowledge/Family Aquarius 5/2/2/8/8 LTW: Be Mad Scientist
  18. 18. But first I must “seal the deal” with my subject by proposing a proper union. It is required as part of my assignment to ensure that we are mated properly before procreation can take place. He seems quite shocked to say the least that he is about to receive this from a woman…
  19. 19. I am happy he has accepted my proposal, I want everything to go just right from now on. The supervisor will be pleased that I am moving along adequately and the assignment can soon begin. End Log.
  20. 20. It’s a short first chapter, mostly just to set up the plot, the founder, the rules and the feel for the story. I did have more pictures taken but I am not ready to make another chapter out of them yet. The kidlets have already been born and you’ll see just whose genes will dominate them later. I hope you liked the story this far.