Abc123 Generation A- College


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Abc123 Generation A- College

  1. 1. ABC123Generation A- College
  2. 2. Abe, Abe. There is a fire in our kitchen. Help, Help.Fire number six at the ABC123 Household….
  3. 3. More old news….
  4. 4. “Oh hi Stuart. No my Mom isn’t home. No..No…no. No she won’t be back for a while. Like a long time. Like never. Bye Stuart”He has called three times a day since their first date….
  5. 5. And the exciting life at the ABC123 household continues……
  6. 6. Sorry Stuart, Ginny isn’t here. Actually she is gone. In Japan. Yup, some kind of Wizard Convention or Muggle Prevention…”
  7. 7. Ahh. My twins are growing up so fast!
  8. 8. And meet Albus ABC123. Our teenage girl full of wisdom and knowledge rolled Fortune and her lifetime want is to be Chief ofStaff. Maybe Albus Dumbledore always had a secret want for fortune and gold but was driven away from it by the lost of hissister? Her turnon’s are underwear and custom hair and her turn off is facial hair….I can’t even explain that. I think she grew up alot prettier then Alexis did…but she is still a pretty boring child.
  9. 9. And Angelina, wow. I know who just became my new favorite. Angelina rolled family with the lifetime want of Captain hero. Herturn on’s are cologne and formal. And her turn off’s are gray hair. I know who I want as heiress. She is gorgeous. All that stuffabout Alexis being cute just went out the window.
  10. 10. Must lose weight.Oh Abe, didn’t notice all the weight you’ve gained. Bit too many donuts at the police station? Must stop eating donuts and lounging on couch. Must work out. Must lose weight.
  11. 11. And you know what time it is now that our three lovely girls are teenagers. College time! I absolutely dread college but I’m excited to find cute husbands for them and get the next generation on the road!
  12. 12. Ohh looking good Alexis. Joining the Wizarding World?Actually, I prefer not too. Wizards are creatures that people have believed to rule our world when really I highly doubt there are even wizards out there. Muggle. What was that? Nothing.
  13. 13. You need a new outfit but you are still beautiful and can pull that off Angelina.Thanks, but excuse me, I must major for my classes and get a head start on college. I wonder if they have a Quiditch team…
  14. 14. And Mother like daughter, Albus has gone and found the cutest man on campus.And then I was like “I must say, Horace, you make a very convincing armchair.” and then poof he just came out of the chair.” Random Townie named Derrick- Oh that happened to me once too….(drools) (never talked to a girl before)
  15. 15. And it looks like beautiful Angelina is having more luck in her relationships, genetics-wise.
  16. 16. Um, Alexis. Mind moving?
  17. 17. Well meet Harry Tyler. He has kind of good genetics so I’m proud that Angelina picked him. Even though he does look quite evil in this picture. My father always used to say….the best looking women always have the best secrets. Noted Harry,noted.
  18. 18. And as the fun of college continues (hahahaa) the girls continue to study.
  19. 19. See Ms. Matchmaker, both of my YOUNGER sisters have boyfriends and Angelina even woohooed with her’s last night…I saw it. So I was wondering if I paid you, if you could bring me a cute one? Cute boyfriend, I mean.
  20. 20. Oh hey DrakeHe looks like he was hit repeatedly by a door.He is the most beautiful man alive. We can even have ginger babies.
  21. 21. And back into Albus’s relationship, she enjoys hitting Derrick over and over again with pillows.Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it!Right…Curiosity is not a sin.... But we should exercise caution with our curiosity... yes, indeed!
  22. 22. Oh Drake, your nose is so perfect and your ginger hair is so luscious and you are so fine, I wish you were mine mine mine. Alexis? Drake is the man of my dreams.
  23. 23. Back to the real happy couple….
  24. 24. Harry Tyler, you are one of the most adorable men I have ever met.My father always used to say…if you don’t do what you love, why even bother living?
  25. 25. I’m just going to paint out my feelings since everyone else is having happy relationships and Derrick hasn’t talked to me since I hit him upside the head with a pillow and his nose started to breathe. Go right ahead.
  26. 26. What’s causing you to make such an adorable face, Angelina? Well you know as Harry’s father used to say...if you don’t do what you love, why even bother living? I heard a few times.Harry is such a smart man. Almost as smart as Alexis and Albus, but they are really smart. Harry is also kind, and considerate and it sounds like he has a smart dad.
  28. 28. Oh Derrick, I’m so sorry about what happened with our pillow fight, I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry. I feel like you have been avoiding me. And you know what they say… The consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed. I have been avoiding you, but not for the reason you think…
  29. 29. Albus, I love your brain and your witty knowledge. I love your humor. Will you marry me? Think of your children…Albus.Yes, yes I will marry you! I’ll sacrifice my wonderful genes just to be your wife and live happily with you.
  30. 30. So, I just asked her to marry me. I don’t even know when we fell in love. She was always quoting quotes from the Harry Potter movies and I just loved her for it. And when she hit me with that pillow… Well that’s nice Derrick…
  32. 32. Angelina, I have just really come to appreciate you for everything you are. You are perfect in everyway. And as my father always used to say…you can’t let a good thing go. Will you marry me? (burst into tears.) Your father is such a kind man.
  33. 33. I would love to marry you! Now I’m going to call my family for you to meet them because I would love for you to meet my mom and dad! Best day ever.
  34. 34. I’m going to be forever alone. Join the club. I’m so ugly. Join the club.
  35. 35. And Ginny shows up to visit her daughters at college, as the local townie boy checks her out while walking by.
  36. 36. Oh Angelina darling. I have missed you so much. All your father does is relax on the couch and talk about baseball. I missed you so much. Oh mom. I missed you too!
  37. 37. Nice to meet you Harry, you are plenty good looking. You’ll be a great addition to our genetics. Ginny, that’s what I keep saying!Pip down Lexi. This is my conversation with my future son-in-law. Harry, I hope you and Angelina come move in and become the heir and heiress. Well as my father used to say….always treasure the advantages given to you in life. Yeah, whatever whatever. Nice to see you haven’t changed much Ginny.
  38. 38. Then of course Albus had to teach Ginny her new favorite game. I even met my fiancee like this mom!Is that how he got so ugly? By you hitting him so many times?
  39. 39. And as a celebration of Senior year, I moved them into a bigger dorm..bigger then their five person one last time. It even has a hot tub!
  40. 40. Angelina and Harry wasted no times getting acquainted with the hot tub.
  41. 41. I like to title this picture…the three gingers and a hot tub.
  42. 42. Hi, I heard you like literature….me too. Silence.I like books too. And writing long essays. Silence. Well I’m going to the hottub. Silence.
  43. 43. Getting desperate for love, Alexis went back to the matchmaker. She ended up with a date with Goopy buteven he was bit of a flirt. Alexis ended up with two bolts but in the end, it wasn’t going to work out. Especially when he got stuck in the bathroom for 3 hours flirting with a neighboring girl.
  44. 44. I’m so sorry Baby for keeping my love from you. Will you marry me?” I’d love too almost as much as I love your nose!
  45. 45. Almost done with colllegeee, almost done with college. And Alexis’s isn’t a loner anymoreeeeeee.
  46. 46. You are now looking at three college graduates, my first ones in like six years ( I have a problem) WOOOHOOOO
  47. 47. Hasta la vista, Albus!
  48. 48. Have fun with Drake! Hope you have cute nosed kids together!
  49. 49. And you are now looking at our new heiress, ANGELINA ABC123! WOOHOO. I know I put the pool on boolprop and I know Alexis won, but her boyfriend and her were just too ugly. From now on I promise I’ll play by the rules. And you all wanted her anyways didn’t you? (:
  50. 50. With a quick goodbye kiss to Harry, because guess we’ll be seeing him at the legacy household! WOOHOOO. Tilnext time, we’ll meet the Generation B kids, with the household of Castle, Glee, Mentalist, and Harry Potter. I got some good names! And Abe and Ginny are back! Woohooo.