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New OSSIM v5.0 - Get Security Visibility Faster & Easier Than Ever


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With a focus on simplifying asset management, OSSIM v5.0 (available 4/20) makes it faster and easier than ever to get the insights you need. Join us for this user training to learn how to get the most out of these new enhancements:
Assign custom labels for assets, groups and networks
Search, filter and group assets by OS, IP address, device type, custom labels and more
Run vulnerability and asset scans on custom asset groups with one click
Filter by asset groups in alarms, security events and raw logs
Update configuration, sensor assignment, asset value and more on multiple assets and groups of assets at once
...and more!

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New OSSIM v5.0 - Get Security Visibility Faster & Easier Than Ever

  1. 1. What’s new in AlienVault OSSIM v5.0?
  2. 2. Resources for OSSIM Users AlienVault Forums: LinkedIn Group: OSSIM On-Demand Training Webcasts: Documentation Center: Many USM resources applicable to OSSIM users AlienVault Blog – Analysis from the AlienVault Labs research team, practical tips to secure your environment & industry trends
  3. 3. New features overview Examples of how to use OSSIM New Documentation Center Launchpad training USM for AWS OTX 2.0 Beta AGENDA
  4. 4. New OSSIM v5.0 Features
  5. 5. Summary of Features in v5.0  Asset Oriented Security  Backup and Restore  Rapid Response Message Center
  6. 6. Asset-Oriented Security Simplified user interface, views, and workflows Customize workflows to match how you want to protect your network Easier to get results on the first day of install
  7. 7. Create / Manage Groups More Easily Create groups by selecting any number of assets from the asset list Manage group membership and group details from the asset and group levels
  8. 8. Enhanced Asset Details Centralized view of vulnerabilities, alarms, and other security events in the same view Manage security controls at the asset level Add custom labels for device attributes
  9. 9. Leveraging Asset Groups Gain insight about threats targeting the network and compliance status Aggregate view of all vulnerability, alarm and event data for assets in group Enable security controls for all assets in the group
  10. 10. Rapid Response Message Center Centralized delivery of all in-system messages, errors, warnings View all security advisories, documentation updates and release notes Increases awareness of system status and changes to threat landscape
  11. 11. Backup and Restore Users can backup and restore system configurations including: • System profile • Networking • Inventory data • Policies • Plugins • Correlation directives • Other basic configuration settings Backups run automatically each day.
  12. 12. Other Announcements
  13. 13. Launchpad Training – 1 day course New 1-day course provides an orientation to AlienVault and will cover the following topics: • Basic architecture of AlienVault USM and how it helps to protect your organization • How to detect and respond to threats • How to ensure that the system is operating properly and how to work with assets • Working with policies to filter unnecessary events and false positives. • How to turn the data that's coming from the system into valuable information and action
  14. 14. New Documentation Center New Documentation Center includes: Google-powered search Simple layout via a table of contents Public availability of knowledge base articles AlienVault look and feel Easy export of documentation to PDF for offline access Access to knowledge base articles by AlienVault Support A direct link to documentation supporting USM for AWS
  15. 15. USM for AWS USM for AWS gives you visibility into: The state of your AWS infrastructure Assets in your environment Assets that are misconfigured or vulnerable to exploits Who is using your resources and how they are using them Malicious activity targeting your environment
  16. 16. OTX 2.0 Beta – Sign up! Joining the beta will enable you to: Collaborate with researchers and security practitioners Get access to threat intelligence and data Automatically export IOC’s into your security tools Strengthen your defenses and help others do the same threat-exchange/otx-beta
  17. 17. OSSIM vs. USM
  18. 18. How is USM different? Correlation Directives: Over 2,000 built-in correlation directives developed by the AlienVault Labs Threat Research Team, and updated weekly Reporting: 150+ Customizable Reports, including compliance-specific reports Log Management: Robust Log Management, Log Search & Long-Term Log Retention Database Performance: Enhanced storage capacity & performance optimization Professional Support via phone & email as well as customer support portal And more…view comparison chart here: “I started out with OSSIM and I didn’t fully realize how much value I would get out of USM until I started using it. The reporting is awesome, it’s been a big benefit for me. And, having a fully supported solution means I can get answers to my questions much more quickly than before.” – Matthew Frederickson, Director of Information Technology, Council Rock School District
  19. 19. USM + Free Installation Services
  20. 20. 888.613.6023 ALIENVAULT.COM CONTACT US HELLO@ALIENVAULT.COM Questions? Resources for OSSIM Users OSSIM vs. USM Comparison Chart AlienVault Forum LinkedIn Group Subscribe to the AlienVault Blog Launchpad Training Classes