Capital Cardiff Keynote - 29 Feb 2012


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Allister Frost's keynote presentation slides from the Capital Cardiff event on 29 February 2012 in which he discusses the emergence of our social society, the psychology that underpins social media usage, the changing role of the marketer and shares some tips on how to be more successful on the social web. For more details visit

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Capital Cardiff Keynote - 29 Feb 2012

  1. 1. Capital Cardiff29 February 2012 Allister Frost
  2. 2. 29 FEB 2011 doing marketing in a digital world
  3. 3. doing marketing… Stimulus First Second Moment of Truth Moment of Truth (shelf ) (experience)Inspired by Google, Zero Moment of Truth
  4. 4. doing marketing in a digital world Stimulus Zero First Second Moment of Truth Moment of Truth Moment of Truth (digital) (shelf ) (experience)
  5. 5. digital societyUnderstand social psychology the marketer’s role what to do Do it well
  6. 6. Understand digital society
  7. 7. the future’s coming at youfaster than ever
  8. 8. 1x 35,000x
  9. 9. our journey to connectednessconnectedness the social media explosion 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
  10. 10. Social Media comprises onlineapplications, platforms and mediafocused on collaboration, sharingand interaction between users.
  11. 11. “it’s just people having conversations online”
  12. 12. presentations search video sharing wikis RSS microblogging photo sharing podcasting bookmarkingblogging professional social networking
  13. 13. how fast?
  14. 14. an average hour online in the UK Hours per month 800 million Social Media 14 mins Average visit lasts 20mins 12secs Other 20 mins Entertainment 9 mins Travel 1 min Email 2 mins Sport 2 minsAdult Shopping 5 mins 2 mins Biz News 2 mins 3 minsSource: Experian Hitwise, August 2011
  15. 15. social networks for every generation use social network sites go online watch online videos 73% 83% 62% 50% 44% 33% 17% 12-17 18-33 34-45 46-55 56-64 65-73 74+Source: Pew Research Center, Generations 2010
  16. 16. Which onlineapplications 37% 45%do a good job 26% 51%when you 30% 27%want to…? 36% 34% 27% 43% 34% 26% 32% 39% 26% 36% 38% 41%Source: UM Wave 6, Feb 2012
  17. 17. Understand social psychology
  18. 18. top 10 reasons we use social media meet new people 71% stay in touch w/ friends 62% feel like I belong 61% share new experiences 55% fun / entertainment 51% share knowledge 43% promote myself 52% make contacts for work 51% earn respect 44% change opinions 42%Source: Universal McCann Wave Study 4 / % of active internet universe
  19. 19. why do consumers use Facebook? reconnect with old friends 63% that live far away 59% maintain personal contacts 37% stay on top of my social life others 30% fill downtime / 23% read messages / 16% keep tabs on children / 15% maintain work contactsSource: ExactTarget, % of respondents agreeing with each statement
  20. 20. why follow brands? how many brands why do you follow? do you follow them? None 10% To get discounts 66% 1-5 31% 6-10 20% To participate 48% 11-20 18% in contests 21-30 10% They have 47% 31-50 3% interesting Tweets 51+ 8% Customer service 30%Source: Twitter
  21. 21. top 10 reasons we “unlike” brands the company posted too 63% frequently my wall became crowded 59% with marketing messages content became 37% repetitive or boring others 26% only wanted one-time offer / 24% not enough deals / 19% content not relevant to me from startSource: ExactTarget
  22. 22. why share? to bring valuable content to others to define ourselves to others to grow and nourish our relationships self-fulfilment to support causes (or brands)Source: New York Times, Customer Insight Group
  23. 23. who shares? Boomerangs Connectors Selectives Careerists Altruists HipstersSource: New York Times, Customer Insight Group
  24. 24. what do they expect in return? A desire to be heard and respected Able to obtain support via any channel Expects customer-centric interfaces A capacity to collaborate with companiesSource: First Direct and It’s Open, Feb 2012
  25. 25. Understand the marketer’s role
  26. 26. Apps/Push Notifications THE MARKETING (R)EVOLUTION Mobile Email Group Texting Social DM SMS Voice Marketing IM IM IM Mobile Email Email Email Email SMS + MMS IM Events Events Events Events Events Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Email Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone Direct Mail Telephone <1990 1990s 1999 2000s 2012 TV TV TV TV TV Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Print Print Print Print Print Display Display Display Display Display Website Cable TV Website Website Search Online Display Website Search Search Paid Search Search Online Display Online Display Landing Pages Scarcity of Scarcity of Online Display Paid Search Paid Search Microsites Landing Pages Landing Pages Online Video Affiliate Marketing spectrum attention Microsites Microsites Webinars Online Video Online Video Blogs/ RSS Webinars Affiliate Marketing Podcasts Affiliate Marketing Webinars Contextual Blogs Wikis Social Networks RSS Mobile Web Podcasts Behavioral Contextual Social Media & Ads Wikis Virtual Worlds Widgets Social Networks Twitter Mobile Web Mobile Apps GeolocationSource: ExactTarget
  27. 27. of people trust recommendations from people they knowSource: Nielsen Online “Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey”, July 2009
  28. 28. what do we trust? Trust Trust Don’t trust Don’t trust completely somewhat much at all Recommendations from people I knowCONVERSING Brand web sites Consumer opinions posted online Editorial content like newspaper articles Brand sponsorships Ads on TV Ads in newspapersSHOUTING Ads in magazines Ads on radio Billboards & other outdoor advertising E-mails I signed up for Ads before movies Ads served in search engine results Online video ads Online banner ads Text ads on mobile phonesSource: Nielsen Online “Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey”, July 2009
  29. 29. there’s nosuch thing asan awareness campaign
  30. 30. get with the programme
  31. 31. get with the programme
  32. 32. get with the programme
  33. 33. get with the programme
  34. 34. get with the programme
  35. 35.
  36. 36. advertising /ˈædvәˌtaɪzɪŋ/n. the cost of being outsideof the conversation.
  37. 37. Understand what to do
  38. 38. stop shouting start conversing
  39. 39. whereto begin? 12 tips for marketers
  40. 40. identify your social social leaders players
  41. 41. handpicktools & experts
  42. 42. go where the customer is
  43. 43. 1) listen2) engage
  44. 44. answer thesocial telephone
  45. 45. createsocial objects
  46. 46. build a SRO* strategy*social recommendation optimisation
  47. 47. moderate wisely
  48. 48. make themundane fun
  49. 49. beremarkable
  50. 50. Juvenile Companydelinquent robot show you’re human
  51. 51. try fast,learn faster (again and again…)
  52. 52. digital societyUnderstand social psychology the marketer’s role what to do Do it well
  53. 53. doing marketing in a digital world Stimulus Zero First Second Moment of Truth Moment of Truth Moment of Truth (digital) (shelf ) (experience)digital marketing excellence
  54. 54. thank you
  55. 55. @allisterf© 2012 Allister Frost. All rights reserved. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Allister Frostas of the date of this presentation. NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.