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Getting started in Social Media


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Introduction to social medai case studies and tools or small businesses.

Published in: Business
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Getting started in Social Media

  1. 1. Social Tools  Julie Walker 07887 644 799
  2. 2. Agenda • An Introduction to Social Tools • Social Tools In Action  • Getting started – simple tools and rules…. • Key questions to ask BEFORE you start the project.
  3. 3. Potted History 2000.... 1960’s Social Tools BRANDED  1990’s EMAIL Services Wikis Awareness Intranets Wikipedia Blogs Web sites Wikia 1970’s Podcasts Online Communities Friends Reunited iTunes Online Games Online Dating Linkedin/Xing IPOD’s/MP3 Bulletin Board  BLOGS YouTube Digital Video Systems Google Flickr Digital Photo  Forums Digital Audio Players Facebook Albums Digital Cameras Second Life  Mini‐BLOGS 1980’s RSS Habbo Hotel Online  Customer Com World of Warcraft Twitter Business Tools Open Source  NING Ning Online Chat Initiative Twitter Friendfeed Public access  Slideshare Jellycast to tools Scribd Britkite TBC.....
  4. 4. Social Tools Social Tools • Enable Individuals, Organisations and Brands – Connect Web site – Communicate Blog – Collaborate – Converse Micro‐blog – Listen & Learn Wiki – Share Forums – Update Brand Community • Create, Share & disseminate Content  which is – Entertaining Online Game – Educational Community Email/Chat – Engaging Text/SMS – Social – Informative Video • Encourage and Enable Participation Podcast
  5. 5. Who uses social tools? Stakeholders Employees Customers Company Employees Marketing Sales Customer Man/Prod Service Collaboration Collaboration Communication Communication Conversation Conversation Public Customer Relations Logistics Partners Suppliers Accounts Investors Influencers Advocates
  6. 6. We ALL use Social Tools
  7. 7. Social Tools in Action Purpose Strategy  Tools Results
  8. 8. Fund Raising – Red Nose Climb Kilimanjaro Climb Website Twitter Kilimanjaro Climb Facebook Page Follow the climbers Hourly/Daily Post Updates Radio 1 Website Youtube BBC Website Flickr
  9. 9. Fund Raising – Red Nose Climb Purpose Raise Money for Red Nose Charity Strategy Instantly communicate progress of climb Tools Primary Tools Twitter, Youtube Secondary Tools Websites, Facebook & Flickr Result £3million raised through the climb
  10. 10. SME ‐ Wiggly Wigglers Wiggly Wigglers was a finalist in Dells Best use of social media tools by a small company award in 2008. Podcasts Blog Cinema Tweets Facebook Twitter You tube 2,148 fans 1,445 followers
  11. 11. Purpose To sell worms and worm based gardening equipment through educating gardeners about the benefits of using worms to cultivate and manage their garden. Reduce marketing and advertising costs Strategy Utilise multiple online channels to support an education based marketing campaign. Tools Primary Tools Website, Podcasts, Youtube Twitter, Facebook & Flickr Result Reduced marketing costs by 80% Dell SME award for best use of Social Media Good PR and relationship with Dell
  12. 12. Author ‐ Alex Milway Web site Book Launch Twitter From Crystal Palace  to  Shetland BLOG Alaska, USA & New Zealand Podcasts
  13. 13. Alex Milway Purpose To sell Mousehunter book To create a following of teenage readers To promote Alex as a new author To attract publishing deals Strategy Utilise multiple channels to generate interest in books Partner with local independent bookseller to launch book Tools Primary Tool Book Website, Blog, Twitter Secondary Tools Author channels Result Increased awareness of his books in target audience Publishing deal for Mousehunter trilogy New publishing deal for new series
  14. 14. KOGI BBQ ‐ LA Tweet – location of BBQ vans in LA Twitter Web site Facebook Flickr
  15. 15. KOGI BBQ ‐ LA Purpose Sell Korean BBQ Tacos in LA Strategy Instantly communicate location of vans Tools Primary Tool Twitter Secondary Tools Website, Facebook & Flickr Result Sell lots of Korean BBQ Tacos Groups of up to 300-800 customers turn up to buy BBQ Tacos at different
  16. 16. Starbucks – B2C
  17. 17. Starbucks Purpose To engage Starbucks customers Find new revenue through streams customer engagement - Via instant coffee - Starbucks micro payment iphone app To maintain innovator “label” in coffee market Strategy Utilise multiple channels to engage customers To listen and respond to customer feedback Tools Tool s Website, mystarbucksidea forum shared planet microsite Blog, Twitter, youtube, facebook Result Launch of Via instant coffee Launch of micro payment iphone app Recognition of innovative use of tools and new tech
  18. 18. Industry Thought Leader – B2B igoogle Blog Contributors & Editors Slideshare Tweetdeck Contributors & Editors & Forum Internal Team Moderators Wikipedia Social Network LinkedIn Partner blog Employee Twitter Accounts
  19. 19. Global Services Business Purpose To maintain thought leadership position with clients To engage “expert” partners To attract new clients Strategy To maintain & develop thought leadership position Partner with complimentary “expert” vendors Tools Tool s Website, Blog, Ning, Twitter, LinkedIn Result Going live in October 2009.
  20. 20. Tai Wai Exotic Animal Hospital Clients Talking Join The Conversation
  21. 21. Tai Wai Exotic Animal Hospital Purpose To increase client base To engage clinic clients To engage pet enthusiasts To highlight other animal welfare projects Strategy Listen to conversations on pet forums in Hong Kong Tools Tools Website, Forums, Facebook (?) Result They have 153 fans, but they are not engaging them…
  22. 22. Individuals – personet Tailored Content Interesting news IM & Chat Blog micro blogging Professional Friends & Social Knowledge Discussion Communities Forums Tools selected and managed by the INDIVIDUAL. Bespoke to INDIVIDUAL.
  23. 23. Personal Online Brand Purpose To develop an online brand Develop credibility through demonstration of capabilities, knowledge and samples of work Develop understanding of free consumer social tools Strategy Utilise multiple channels and complimentary tools to provide a view of skills and capabilities. Tools Tool s Website, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter Slideshare, Librarything, Ning Result Understanding of tools and their benefits Joined up imitative launched in summer 2009 results to be determined
  24. 24. Getting Started  Social Media & Content Strategy
  25. 25. Your Business • Business Objectives • Content • Social Tools • Social Media Schedule
  26. 26. Business Objective Your business is……….. Your business will use social tools to  develop a Digital Identity for your business support your customer community manage business partnerships create new revenue streams
  27. 27. Your businesses Content and Social Media Strategy CONTENT STRATEGY
  28. 28. Content Subjects RainTrust has 3 to 5 primary areas of information and content on which it will focus their social tools and content strategy: • Core service of your business • Unique offering of your business • Trade Associations your business is associated with • Unique areas of your business (diversity) • Location/Geography of your business • ????????? You can use research and social tools to support the information gathering and publishing process.
  29. 29. Content Process Research Publish Research information  Social Platform Igoogle and knowledge from a  Twitter Blog variety of resources.   Social Network Youtube Videojug Video Combine new info  Photos Specific Info with your own  Forums ‐ Website/Blogs content to  ‐ Social Network create posts,  Twitter ‐Twitter documents and  Tweetdeck ‐ Discussion Boards commentary for publication.
  30. 30. Simple Tools igoogle Twitter  Tweetdeck
  31. 31. igoogle Research
  32. 32. igoogle Igoogle is an option on the front page You must have a Google account to use this facility. You do not need a Google email account you can use your own. Igoogle provides you with the ability to have windows to news and information from other websites This enables you to keep up to date with different types of news and information. You can create a number of tabs to track different subjects.
  33. 33. Twitter Specific Subjects or events
  34. 34. Twitter Tools – track activity Tweetdeck – Research & Publish
  35. 35. Tweetdeck is a 3rd party tool which enables you to track different subjects on twitter – for example the subjects under your lists, plus some other areas of interest - social media - online pr - online marketing - knowledge management Tweetdeck can sit on your desktop and run in the background and when new tweets arrive you can use the alert tools and you will see this in the corner of your screen – these can be turned off too. You can manage your tweets from here ie you do not need to use twitter – only tweetdeck to write your tweets and read them.
  36. 36. is a tool which can be used to create short links to other websites. lets you see how many hits have happened on a website as a result of your twitter account being posted. On the left you can see that the tweets on the raintrustadvice twitter account have had a few hits. This provides some feedback on the number of people clicking through from my twitter account – it should only be used as a guide. This is also useful when using twitter to push readers to the Purple Spinnaker or Kukutana sites
  37. 37. Other Tools LinkedIn Facebook
  38. 38. LinkedIn Contacts Groups 3rd Party Tools
  39. 39. The Connected Profile
  40. 40. Facebook – Fan Pages
  41. 41. Facebook – Fan Pages
  42. 42. Ning –
  43. 43. Slideshare
  44. 44. Scribd
  45. 45. Video Vimeo Brightcove
  46. 46. Things to Think About
  47. 47. Social, Business or Both • Personal, Professional or both • Think about what you want each audience to know about you. • Subject list – make this small to start with • Look at what others are doing – same/different subjects • Have a look at the different tools  • Work out what the tools do • Decide which one or 2 to try  • Try it and be prepared to change
  48. 48. Brand your social presence • Personalise your signature – Email – Linkedin • Select the topics you want to contribute to – Areas of interest – work – Areas of interest ‐ personal • Share about what you know – Micro blogs/Twitter – Blogs – Wikis – Feed Tools
  49. 49. Social Media Guidelines ‐ example • Be aware that what you publish will live in the ether forever (or a very long time) • Honesty, we ask you to be honest and provide factual information • Please do not criticize clients, colleagues or business partners • Please ensure the information you provide is factual • Do not disclose company confidential information • Please link to online references and original source materials directly • We value your opinions and ask that you put these forward respectfully • Please add value when creating a post or commenting on others posts • Use your voice, please use your own voice when contributing, we understand that new bloggers take a few posts to settle into their own style • Please correct errors promptly • Please respect others points of view • Please reply to comments as promptly as possible • Please ensure all links to external sources are valid • Please identify yourself, relationship to Lloyds Banking Group and area of expertise 49
  50. 50. Be your self…….. Have fun!
  51. 51. Julie Walker