Social Media in Business 12/2009


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A competence building presentation of a workshop for Tampere University of Applied Sciences Business Economics teachers held in December 2009.

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Social Media in Business 12/2009

  1. 1. Social Media in business by Marko Teräs
  2. 2. Digital_Alpaca Feel-Good Meaningful Web and Mobile Concepts Sustainable Collaborative Social Media and Marketing e-Learning
  3. 3. Who is a journalist? In what media? What is sales? Who leads? Work culture? What is marketing? Who is the marketer? Will old corporate structures last? Who is responsible? ? What’s work? Does a good product sell itself? Who’s allowed to speak? What’s communicating? The process of product development? IPR? Where’s the client? Where do new Who’s the customer? Is advertising ideas come from? dead? Social Media raises guestions
  4. 4. A couple of services I use
  5. 5. You won’t learn social media just by listening. Test it out yourself.
  6. 6. Success ptio ns re a re o p- the ne ma t ju st o e’s no Th er Company
  7. 7. Collaboration Wikis, Social bookmarking, social news, opinion site Multimedia Photo/video sharing, Livecast, Audio/music sharing What’s Reviews and Communication blogs, microblogs, social Social Media? Opinions networking, events Product/bisness reviews, Community Q/A Other Entertainment Information aggregators Media/Entertainment platforms, Virtual worlds, Game sharing Wikipedia ‘Social media’
  8. 8. book ac e s tF n’ t ju ia is m ed oc ial S
  9. 9. Average user has 130 friends More than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries ll. it we sents 350 million active users pr e re More than 250 applications book have more than one million ac e monthly active users u tF …b There are more than 65 More than 60 million Facebook million active users currently users engage with Facebook accessing Facebook through Connect on external websites their mobile devices. every month
  10. 10. Media before
  11. 11. Communication tools that reach to the same level with our social skills Everyone is a consumer, Everyone can produce A Paradigm Shift
  12. 12. Social media is a multi channel media
  13. 13. Social Web enhances social life instead of replacing it
  14. 14. before wo rld T he
  15. 15. d af ter ew orl Th
  16. 16. Why should you be somewhere your customers aren’t?
  17. 17. Shattered target groups
  18. 18. All real life interests are represented in the web
  19. 19. Price for a newspaper front page advertisement: 49 588€ + VAT Is it smart to invest this much in one place?
  20. 20. Current web is always on-going “Letters to the Editor”
  21. 21. Trends and Viral
  22. 22. Create Participate Discussions [Listen + Speak] Social media Share How-to Listen Networks People
  23. 23. Listen
  24. 24. Share
  25. 25. Networks
  26. 26. Discuss
  27. 27. People At the end of the day it’s all about people
  28. 28. Meetings and Competitors Networking Products and Services Logistics Customers Marketing Company Communication Education Leadership Research and Development Employees Friends Subcontractors
  29. 29. Products and Services
  30. 30. Customers Where are they and who’s taking care of the ecosystem?
  31. 31. Communication They are talking about you even if you are not Transparency
  32. 32. Employees How to react?
  33. 33. Meetings and Networking
  34. 34. Education Full of possibilities for self-development
  35. 35. What’s marketing nowadays? + + = ?
  36. 36. A couple of pointers 1. Understand people 2. Listen and Participate 3. Create meanings way tay a an j ust s g th om ethin at le ast s tter to do It ’s be
  37. 37. Literature A couple of good ones to start with
  38. 38. Literature
  39. 39. Thank you for participating! Digital_Alpaca
  40. 40. Email: Personal Blog: Twitter: Alpaca’s website: Twitter: Facebook: “digital_alpaca”