Drivers of online_behaviour


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Drivers of online_behaviour

  1. 1. Drivers of online behaviourDiscover how the world lives online
  2. 2. “The internet is everywhere, but it is not everywhere in thesame way”Ien Ang
  3. 3. Digital consumers needs sit along an axis between entertainment andpersonal management with the most frequent activities of social networking,email and news, sport, weather sitting along this axis.Despite social networking and email being communication platforms, theyalign to very different consumers needs which helps to explain how socialnetworking is able to drive a greater volume of use than email, but also whyconsumers continue to use both platforms.However, these platforms remain amongst the most intrusive for brands tocontact consumers in. By aligning to the shopping and browsing patterns ofconsumers, brands stand a better chance of avoiding rejection.
  4. 4. A guide to the Digital life activities Connecting and sharing with others Source general information & learn Planning & organising your life online, uploading pictures to a photo online. Includes: ‘googling’ online online, including journey planners, sharing site or internet dating encyclopaedias and self educating using maps services online etc Keeping up to date with current Using internet banking, paying or Specialty websites that help you affairs, sports, culture and the checking your bills ,topping up pursue your personal interests & weather mobile phone/travel cards, doing tax hobbies or a blog/forum you read return etc or write Personal email account. Checking Purchasing online, whether it be Games you play on or via the inbox, writing and composing email groceries, cinema tickets, clothing, Internet, either single-player games messages gifts, flights or even services or multi-player games (not via a console) Watching video, listening to music Browsing for things to buy online or radio streaming or watching or offline; e.g. consumer reviews, on-demand TV programs websites, search engines
  5. 5. Consumers needs span an axis between social entertainment and personal managementNeedScope profiling of activities.Bases: All respondents 48804 SOCIAL: Sociable, friendly ENTERTAINMENT STIMULATION EMAIL: Effective, effecient KNOWLEDGE: Knowledgeable, informed ORGANISE: Under control, on top of things ADMIN: Under control, on top of things CONNECTION EMPOWERMENT SHOPPING: Fun, pleasure BROWSING: Knowledgeable, informed NEWS: Intelligent, thinking INTEREST: A sense of freedom, escape MULTIMEDIA: Amused, entertained REASSURANCE MANAGEMENT GAMING: Fun, pleasure
  6. 6. The most frequent activities span this axis DAILY EVER% DOING ACTIVITY DAILYI1: Frequency of online activities.Bases: All respondents 48804 98 93 92 89 89 86 87 81 80 79 72 70 55 46 46 39 37 27 24 21 19 12
  7. 7. Despite much lower daily use than email, social networking attracts the highest volume of usage % DOING ACTIVITY DAILY NO. OF HOURS SPENT ON ACTIVITY PER WEEKI3: Importance of online activities.Bases: All respondents 48804 4.6 4.4 3.9 72 3.7 3.1 2.9 55 2.7 46 2.3 46 39 37 1.7 1.8 1.6 27 24 21 19 12
  8. 8. eCommerce is the least intrusive time to interact with consumers; target the path to purchase % ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR BRANDS % WHO FIND BRANDS INTRUSIVEI4: Intrusiveness of brand contact.Bases: All respondents 48804 49 46 39 37 35 33 29 29 29 26 22 12 15 16 17 18 19 22 23 22 26 28
  9. 9. Discover how the world lives online