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Ghosts and namasmaran dr shriniwas kashalikar


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ghosts and namasmaran dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. The words such as ghosts, spirits (and synonyms such as bhoot, pishaccha, hadal, devachar, sammandha, mrutatma, pretatma; in Indian languages) indicate inexplicable, intangible phenomena; often written off as “psychological”; while hardly knowing mind!! When a common man thinks of various problems unexplainable on physical, chemical or any other basis, he or she tends to attribute the problems to the entities mentioned above. The modern medical experts, who laugh/ridicule at these terms, must introspect and admit to themselves that they do not know anything about physiological location, extent, dimensions and chemical/physical characteristics of mind, to which they attribute all these phenomena.
  3. 3. Let us not take pride on our semantics! Let us not fight over the semantics. Let us not hide our ignorance and boost our self destructive arrogance with the crutches of so called modern or traditional terms; such as idiopathic, schizophrenia, hysteria and ghosts, spirits etc. respectively! Let us understand that whether we conceive the inexplicable phenomena in terms of modern terms or traditional terms, what matters is, whether we can conquer them, and if so how! Just as we can not define and demonstrate ghost, so also, we can not define and demonstrate subconscious, unconscious and other phenomena attributed to and described in relation to mind in psychology and psychiatry. They are only ideas, experienced or agreed upon by some. In my experience, self empowerment is the most important and common answer irrespective of semantics.
  4. 4. According to me, various problems including mental problems begin to get minimized and milder, in the process of practice of NAMASMARAN; in accordance with one’s tradition. The various means and techniques for empowerment and enlightenment such as medicaments, yogasana, pranayama, and various other remedies can work as adjuvant measures. But they require suitability of certain physical circumstances, and these suitable circumstances also keep getting evolved around the transtemporal cosmic consciousness (which we merge with through NAMASMARAN). It is said that, NAMASMARAN enables us to conquer (and even emancipate) ghosts; categorized as unexplainable or partially explainable psychosomatic and other individual and social problems. NAMASMARAN is the hallmark and also the core of individual and cosmic blossoming! As and when the majority would begin to practice NAMAMSRAN the disputes created by and based
  5. 5. on semantics would begin to get dissolved because of the commonality of the sublime experience! One can verify this, but not merely for oneself, but by sharing this conviction with maximum people.