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Love beyond success dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar


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Published in: Education
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Love beyond success dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. Even while practicing NAMASMARAN one comes across moments of despair. The cause of this despair, loneliness, frustration, emptiness etc. is the typical nature of transitional state of an individual, when he or she has evolved out of material pleasures; yet; has not still reached the most reassuring effulgent ocean; of what may be called; immortal love, universal love, or divine love (GURUKRUPA). A person, who has been charged and propelled from within for “superliving” or “blossoming of one and all”; often experiences a deep sense of restlessness, un-calmed by the material success on the one hand and inability to get the solace from the universal love (GURUKRUPA). The success or the pursuit of success; which involves and satisfies many; does not interest or satisfy him or her, on the one hand and the GURUKRUPA remains beyond his or her reach! This is exactly when; there is despair and immense loneliness. All others are engrossed and submerged in their pursuits, which may be politics, business, agriculture, academics, entertainment, sports, gambling, drinking, race
  3. 3. etc. but he or she is no more at ease with them and hence starts feeling lonely and dejected! A person in this state finds it very difficult to swallow the idea of unconditioned acceptance, love and respect! In fact it appears like a ridiculous and humiliating proposition. Intellectually the person may understand that every individual has God in his or her heart. But such ideation becomes an unbearable burden. The person finds all philosophy hollow and in fact counterproductive in terms of losing all success on the one hand and losing the lively and vibrant joy of being amongst the near and dear ones on the other! This state leads to bitterness; especially about near ones like husband, wife, family members, relatives, colleagues and so on. They begin to appear callous and uninterested in him or her. This adds to weakness, shakiness, indecision, suspicion, doubts, uncertainty and distrust in the precepts or preaching of one’s own GURU. There is
  4. 4. self diffidence about his or her intellectual, emotional and foundation. This is really a miserable state. The individual; if aware of this possibility and the fact that it is experienced by others also, then would realize that he or she should persist on NAMASMARAN and that soon he or she would get the revelation of the ever present and ever empowering assurance and solace of GURUGRUPA, to which he or she had been oblivious! This experience is so rich and profound that; everyone around at the core; (especially the near and dear ones); is found to be loving him or her! This is an amazing feeling and the preciousness of it can only be appreciated and cherished by those who experience it. Truly; this is love beyond success.