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Stress writing and reading dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Stress writing and reading dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. As and when one gets the intense urge to share one’s desires, passions, needs, feelings, thoughts, imaginations, intuitions, dreams and convictions; one is motivated; to talk, sing, dance, write, paint etc. The activity of sharing becomes a pleasurable lifeline! This activity of sharing gives immense pleasure, when it is easy. Thus sharing of passions of food, sexual gratification, traveling; sentiments of love, care etc; and aspirations such as money, power, publicity etc; are easily shared. The feelings of anger, revenge, insecurity, fear etc are also easily shared. One can get gratification from such sharing, though it fades through time and one is left to bask in the glory of bygone past, or get depressed! But sharing the aspirations of welfare of universe is very difficult to articulate and
  3. 3. share effectively. This is because such aspirations have a relatively weak physiological substrate or template in the brain, in the form of cerebral cortex; as against the other aspirations which are strongly supported by subcortical structures in the brain. The TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT (not merely the individual stress, tensions etc and their ad hoc, reductionist and escapist stress management or stress relaxation) is therefore; very difficult to articulate and share! The concept, scope and potentials of NAMASMARAN are also difficult to articulate and share smoothly and pleasurably! In as much as the sharing (studying, practicing, talking, reading, writing etc) the TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT form part of TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT, it does not produce
  4. 4. instant results and hence is not as gratifying as the sharing of other things is! One has to keep on sharing while constantly and continuously remembering that; even though the TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT is the holistic and most urgent solution to universal stress, it is very difficult to comprehend, appreciate and practice! This remembrance makes one; patient, buoyant and strong enough; to victoriously pursue the practice and sharing of TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT without getting depressed and frustrated.