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Automate Your Super Affiliate Empire with WordPress

  1. CONFIDENTIAL Automate Your Super Affiliate Empire with WordPress By: Brian Messenlehner, AppPresser, @bmess David Vogelpohl, WP Engine, @davidvmc
  2. CONFIDENTIAL2 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Learn creative ways to escape the content treadmill and automate your revenue
  3. CONFIDENTIAL3 Build evergreen content people use and bookmark #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Post (Post Type: 'post') Page (Post Type: 'page') Attachment (Post Type: 'attachment') Custom Post Type (Post Type: whatever you want) WordPress Post Types
  4. CONFIDENTIAL4 Use theme frameworks to increase your release velocity #ASW17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  5. CONFIDENTIAL5 Or use plugins to add hands-free shopping experiences #ASW17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  6. CONFIDENTIAL6 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Use WordPress to power informative emails & newsletters
  7. CONFIDENTIAL7 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Produce video content instead of blogging
  8. CONFIDENTIAL8 Create an iOS/Android app with your WordPress site #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Easily Make an iOS/Android App From Any WordPress Website Customize in WordPress Compile With Phonegap Submit To The App Stores Social Sharing, Facebook Login Push Notifications Geolocation Camera Offline/Airplane Mode Custom Themes WooCommerce BuddyPress
  9. CONFIDENTIAL9 Build an engaged community with BuddyPress #ASW17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Member Profiles Activity Streams Organic Groups Private Messaging Friendships and Follows Extend with Plugins
  10. CONFIDENTIAL10 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Extend the value of content you’ve already published
  11. CONFIDENTIAL11 Mind-hack visitors by targeting internal triggers BadgeOS is a powerful free plugin to WordPress that lets you easily create achievements and issue sharable badges as your users succeed #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  12. CONFIDENTIAL12 Create a FREE custom URL shortener in under 7 minutes #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  13. CONFIDENTIAL13 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Use WordPress to automate other experiences
  14. CONFIDENTIAL14 Not a developer? Try DIY automation. #ASW17 - @bmess - @davidvmc#ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  15. CONFIDENTIAL15 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Manage all your WordPress sites with ease
  16. CONFIDENTIAL16 Use multi-site for an all-in-one /wp-admin experience #ASW17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Sub Directory Sub Domain Custom Domain #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  17. CONFIDENTIAL17 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Quickly clone a site when attacking a new niche
  18. CONFIDENTIAL18 Hire a great developer who has your back! #ASW17 - @bmess - @davidvmc
  19. CONFIDENTIAL19 #ASE17 - @bmess - @davidvmc Use what you learned to escape the content treadmill and automate your affiliate empire!
  20. CONFIDENTIAL20 David Vogelpohl WP Engine @davidvmc Questions? Brian Messenlehner AppPresser @bmess #ASE17

Editor's Notes

  1. BM - Explain CPT/ACF and how they can be used to build content sites like directories, shopping experiences, ~applications, and more,
  2. Create a Business Directory / Social Community App
  3. Create a Business Directory / Social Community App
  4. BM - Explain RESTAPI / WP-CLI and how they can be used to automate processes and applications within/outside of WordPress (high level, non tech audience)
  5. Show how I have IFTTT setup to publish an Instagram post to my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Show some popular Applets/Zaps
  6. Shared Database Shared Source Files Sub Directory - Sub Domain - Each site has an incrementing ID -database tables prefix -upload directory for storing files Useful Plugins -Domain Mapping -Blog Copier