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This the slideshow I created for MAC GREEN. A club at McMaster university dedicated to creating a sustainable campus.

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0554931 MAC GREEN

  2. 2. In other words, MACgreen exists to serve the students of McMaster University and the wider community in all things environmental.  Our environment is not just the forest of Cootes, or the farmlands of Flamborough, but is also the built environment: the parks, streets and buildings of Hamilton; and, especially evident on a university campus, the "mental environmental". In all of these MACgreen aims to create sustainability through active participation, creativity and diversity of ideas in the face of an ever-changing world, and feelings of pride and responsibility towards our little corner of it. MACgreen is a student-run service of the McMaster Students Union
  3. 3. Members of MACgreen during a tree planting in Westdale. Each year the club plants over 100 trees in the McMaster area. *2
  4. 4. *3
  5. 5.   MACgreen Projects The Paper Trail  The objective of the Paper Trail is to effect structural changes in paper use and purchasing, in order to reduce McMaster University’s overall consumption of paper products.  The project includes: advocating post-consumer recycled paper purchasing; creating Used (But Not Bruised) Paper Notebooks out of scrap paper that’s collected from offices, libraries, and computer labs across campus; and encouraging double-siding with posters, class visits, and through faculty.  Lug-a-mug  The purpose of this project is to develop a high profile for travel mugs and to encourage travel mug use.  Paper coffee cups are not recyclable on campus; only the lids are recyclable off campus.  Moreover, coffee cups are the worst contaminants of McMaster’s recycling stream, often to such an extreme that entire bags of recycling must be treated as garbage.  In the long term, the goal is to create a campus-wide culture of reuse and waste reduction. On the last Friday of every month the Union Market will give free coffee to students who have a travel mug.
  6. 7. In a recent MACgreen survey over 58% of students stressed a greener campus is a priority
  7. 8. *4
  8. 9. What does it take to be on the team? Not much! All we look for are dedicated individuals who share a passion for the environment and want to help! First year? Second year? Third? Fourth? Fifth? Grad? Faculty Member? All are welcome!   We also realize that school comes first (haha or should), thus the time commitment for MACgreen is what you want it to be. Want to be heavily involved? Can only spare a little time a week? No prob. Any help is appreciated and YOU can choose how much time you put in.   What Does Being a Volunteer Include? We ask that all our volunteers do the following: attend weekly meetings to the best of their ability participate in events sign up for a committee have fun!   JOIN THE REVOLUTION! CAPTAIN PLANET WANTS YOU!   *5
  9. 10. References and Works Cited Web and Print Material http://www.msumcmaster.ca/servicesandbusiness/macgreen/generalInfo/main.htm http://www.fallrivertrees.org Razack, Sherene. Dark Threats & White Knights. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004. Image Citations *1. http://www.msumcmaster.ca/servicesandbusiness/macgreen/generalInfo/main.htm *2. http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.benettontalk.com/TreePlant.jpg *3. http://www.austrianinformation.org/volume-59-julyaugust-2006/2006/9/15/climate-change-a-threat-to-humanity.html