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Drugyel lss

  1. 1. Going beyond the school campus Walking on the roads of Drukgyel, students observed garbage everywhere, people did not think twice about throwing plastic wrappers on the streets. Drukgyel does not have a garbage collection site. The streets are covered by garbage, corners are covered by garbage, grounds are covered by garbage, so we thought just educating our students was not enough, we have to get our community involved to make a difference. Our aim was to have a clean community as well as create awareness. As saying goes,” give a man fish, he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish, he will eat for lifetime.” Just cleaning the community by students is not going to make much difference in the community, because locals will take for granted, so we want to create awareness so that the community benefits long-term Volunteers group was formed with both the teachers and students. They chose few ideas to disseminate information to the students and the community. We decided on having green day where students will not be allowed to bring packaged food once a month, we have plastic collection competition and awarded prizes to the most successful teams, we sold the collected plastics to the recycling company, Most important of them all, we have teachers teamed up with students and go around the communities conducting cleaning campaign and creating awareness on waste management. Overall it will be another successful year, if we can get one additional person to be conscious about the environment and if we can get one more plastic out of the environment and recycle one additional plastic bottle.
  2. 2. DFC MEMBERS 2013 DFC MEMBERS 2013 Ugyen Zangmo(VIIIB) Tenzin Dema(VIIIB) YeewongOngmoTshering(VIIA) JangchhuWangmo(VIIC) YangtsoOngmoTshering(VIIA) ChhimiWangmo(VIIB)
  3. 3. Kuenzang Pelki(VIIC) Kuenang Dolkar(VIIB) JigmeChoden(VIIC)
  4. 4. Design for change timeline 2013 Aim: Proper management of waste Objective: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste in the school and community. Coordinators: DemaWangmo, SonamDema, YontenDema Members: 13 members Date/month Activities How? Who? 14th March(Tuesday) Formation of DFC Team Volunteers will come as a team. 18th March Briefing DFC Members. Talk on DFC PROCESS. FEEL, IMAGINE, DO and SHARE. Team will discuss, brainstorm, decide, organize and bring positive action that truly impacts the nature around us. The coordinators 1st April Disseminating the ideas of DFC Express ideas for a better world. Encourage and empower children. Reducing plastic waste in the school and the community. DFC coordinators & members Last week of every month Collection of plastic bottles Ask the class teachers and the captains to initiate collection of plastic bottles. Instruct on the procedures of collections. Collected bottles will be sold to the local recycler. Award prizes to the top collector. Class teachers &Captains Every green day. Observe “No Plastic Day” On green day children will not bring any packaged food. Children &teachers 18th Dec Design For Change award Certificates of appreciation will be awarded to the members Principal/ coordinators 30th April Attach teachers with the children from different community Teachers will be divided into groups to disseminate ideas on waste management All teachers Once a month Cleaning campaign Teachers along with children from different communities will have cleaning campaign in their respective communities.