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Cyberbullying: The Dark Side of Social Media


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Cyberbullying: The Dark Side of Social Media

  1. 1. TheDark Side ofSocial Medianataliej (Flickr)
  2. 2. Schildren, teenagers,and young adults moreocial media has leftJason A. Howie (Flickr)vulnerable tocyberbullying thanever before.
  3. 3. “Technologyhas givenbullies awholenew set oftools”- Laura Husseythe_endpaper (Flickr)
  4. 4. With younger andyounger users signingon, the problem onlygrowsbiggerbigger andthe UMF (Flickr)
  5. 5. both in school and at home- 24 hours a day -It happens around the clockDalo_Pix2 (Flickr)
  6. 6. With enormous social networksFacebook: 1.1 BillionTwitter: 550 MillionYouTube: 1 BillionUsersjairoagua (Flickr)to attack
  7. 7. It leaves so many people affectedPierre Metivier (Flickr)
  8. 8. In fact, 1 in 3 teenagershave been victimizedby cyberbulliesTobyotter (Flickr)
  9. 9. JLM Photography (Flickr)
  10. 10. Constantlyhidingand livinginfearhopesunbroken (Flickr)
  11. 11. It forces 160,000 students toskip school each yearMelinda Taber (Flickr)
  12. 12. Problem is, no one really wants tolisten or pay attentionKurichan+ (Flickr)
  13. 13. With only 7% of parents worriedabout cyberbullying,it is time for someone tospeak upmarcgg (Flickr)
  14. 14. But because children often keep it asecret, it can be very hard to detect.Skokie PublicLibrary(Flickr)
  15. 15. Parents needto start noticingthe signsJonathan O’Donnell (Flickr)
  16. 16. depression suicidal thoughtsSome of the symptoms include:anxiety academic strugglesbeyond belief01 (Flickr)
  17. 17. Teachers can help by educating theirstudents on how to behave while onlineHoward Country Library System (Flickr)
  18. 18. Most victims are about howto respond appropriately to an attackconfuseddjking (Flickr)
  19. 19. leads them to exact revenge,cyberbullyingTheir anger and frustrationfueling the vicious cycle ofken seghers (Flickr)
  20. 20. Victims must be taught to take adifferent approachbeautifulcataya (Flickr)
  21. 21. BLOCKbullies out of the social networkDave Lanovaz (Flickr)the bestway to preventcyberbullying is to
  22. 22. Erase them from your contact listand do not let them back inMrs TeePot (Flickr)
  23. 23. Most importantly, do not stay quiet.Raise your voiceand getother people involved.visual.dichotomy (Flickr)
  24. 24. cyberbullying.Help put an end toInfidelic (Flickr)
  25. 25. All images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0Agreement, and sourced from Flickr.comSherman Geronimo-Tan (Flickr)
  26. 26. Sources Stanworth (Flickr)