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The dark side of social media


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The dark side of social media

  1. 1. The dark side ofsocial mediaMathias Klang@klang67
  2. 2. OMGwtf???
  3. 3. unpack
  4. 4. technology we use to organize our lives controls us
  5. 5. In America I had arranged with a gramophonefirm to make some of my music. Thissuggested the idea that I should composesomething whose length should bedetermined by the capacity of the record.Igor Stravinsky (1925)
  6. 6. Oudehaske: what every designer shouldknow
  8. 8. Douglas AdamsAnything that is in the world when you’reborn is normal and ordinary and is just anatural part of the way the world works.Anything that’s invented between whenyou’re fifteen and thirty-five is new andexciting and revolutionary and you canprobably get a career in it.Anything invented after you’re thirty-fiveis against the natural order of things.
  9. 9. Plato –The Phaedrus (ca 370 bc)…you give your disciples not truth, but only the semblance of truth; theywill be hearers of many things and will have learned nothing; they willappear to be omniscient and will generally know nothing; they will betiresome company, having the show of wisdom without the reality.
  10. 10. How did weend up here?
  11. 11. Living thecyborg dream
  12. 12. Man & Machine
  13. 13. The augmentedhuman
  14. 14. Egyptian wood & leather prosthetic toe (ca1069 to 664 B.C)
  15. 15. Portrait of Hugh de Provence (1352)
  16. 16. Swedish telephonec:a 1896
  17. 17. Writing as external memories
  18. 18. "Our gadgets have eliminated the needto remember such things anymore."Joshua Foer
  19. 19. Ludicrously brief history ofcomputers
  20. 20. hollerith
  21. 21. Generation 3 (1964-72)
  22. 22. The digital is the original& everything is copy
  23. 23. Killer apps 1995: Browser wars
  24. 24. Everything is miscellaneous
  25. 25. 91 % Access to the Internet at home83 % Access to broadband at home7 % Never used a computerSource: Sweden Statistics 2011 (*Individuals aged 16-74)
  26. 26. Blogger1999Google1999End of communications monopoly
  27. 27. Normalizing the abnormal
  28. 28. This is not a phone
  29. 29. Always online
  30. 30. “My fear is that thesetechnologies areinfantilising the brain intothe state of small childrenwho are attracted bybuzzing noises and brightlights, who have a smallattention span and wholive for the moment.”Prof. Susan Greenfield
  31. 31. Performance lifestyle
  32. 32. My awesome coffee
  33. 33. Social Networks & Dunbar’s 150
  34. 34. Stimuli or relations
  35. 35. Mourning online: or what’s so greatabout meeting people?
  36. 36. Old stupidity ornew intelligence?
  37. 37. It is absurd to talk of one animal beinghigher than another…we consider those,where the intellectual faculties mostdeveloped as the highest. – A beedoubtless would [use] … instincts as acriteria.Charles Darwin
  38. 38. Change!
  39. 39. Monotask queuing
  40. 40. Not knowing
  41. 41. Waiting by THE phone
  42. 42. Only 30 kg
  43. 43. Limitless303 grams
  44. 44. The end of boredom
  45. 45. Social responsibility
  46. 46. if youre notpaying forsomething,youre not thecustomer;youre theproduct beingsold
  47. 47. The individual
  48. 48. Controlled by convenience
  49. 49. Shouldtechnologymake usthink?
  50. 50. THANKS!
  51. 51. Mathias or & licensing info in the notessection of slides.Images at (orspecifically stated).This ppt licensed: CreativeCommons BY-NC-SADownload