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Chenchen Ding - 2015 - NICT at WAT 2015


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WAT - W15-5004

Published in: Education
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Chenchen Ding - 2015 - NICT at WAT 2015

  1. 1. NICT at WAT 2015 Chenchen Ding, Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita Multilingual Translation Laboratory, NICT
  2. 2. What do we want to do To test several extremely simple techniques • which, are reported to be efficient in previous researches • and, WAT offers valuable human evaluation … if they work, they should be used more widely
  3. 3. As a result They do work • reverse pre-reordering for Japanese-to-English translation • character-based Korean-to-Japanese translation
  4. 4. Come to our poster