Persuasion Chapters XIII-XVI


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Persuasion Chapters XIII-XVI

  1. 1. Persuasion: Chapters 13-16 By Alexandra Ramos
  2. 2. Chapter 13• Louisa’s health improves slowly while at Lyme, and updates on her health are given to the Musgro ves by family friends.• When Anne decides to leave Uppercross and stay with Lady Russell, the Musgroves go to Lyme to visit Louisa and offer to help Mrs.Harville with the care of her children.
  3. 3. • Lady Russell picks up Anne and their conversation is a bit strained because Anne cannot relate to the materialistic things that Lady Russell talks to her about.• Lady Russell finds Anne improved in her looks and health, which Anne is pleased about.• Anne also mention Captain Wentworth’s attachment to Louisa.• When Anne and Lady Russell pay a visit to Mrs.Croft at Kellynch, she is at first resentful of someone else occupying her home but she quickly changes her mind due to how well she ends up liking the Crofts and is grateful for how well they have taken care of the house.
  4. 4. • The Crofts mention Captain Wentworth and his compliments toward Anne, which flatters Anne.• Anne is both relieved and disappointed upon hearing the Crofts will be leaving Kellynch to go to the country and then Bath for a few weeks, since this means that she has little chance of seeing Captain Wentworth during this time.
  5. 5. Chapter 14• Charles and Mary get back from Lyme and visit Anne and Lady Russell to report on Louisa’s health, which is much improved.• Mary comments how much she enjoyed her stay in Bath and Anne notices how she does not mention taking care of Louisa in any way.• Charles mentions how he believes Captain Benwick to be romantically interested in Anne and Mary disagrees with him.• Lady Russell then says that she must make an opinion of him; she is left wondering about the Captain since he fails to make an appearance at Kellynch and soon dismisses him as uninteresting.
  6. 6. Chapter 15• When Anne arrives at Bath, she is unusually welcomed by her father and sister and while they are excited to show her around the house, they practically ignore her stories.• Anne is appalled at how comfortable her family is with their accommodations.• Her father and sister talk to her about Mr.Elliot, and Anne becomes suspicious of his intentions.
  7. 7. • Anne meets Mr.Elliot, who finds her very attractive, and who he recognizes from their brief meeting in Lyme.• He shows interest in Anne, and she finds him to be an educated, well-mannered man.• Anne is surprised at how well she has spent her first evening in Bath.
  8. 8. • The Musgroves return to Uppercross in order to care for their children and those of the Harvilles. We are allowed to see the difference in the atmosphere at the house after Louisa’s health has improved.• Anne, who does not wish to go to Bath, receives a letter from her sister informing her that her cousin, Mr. Elliot, is in Bath and has recently been forgiven by the family. This sparks interest in her and Lady Russell and they set off to Bath.
  9. 9. Chapter 16• Mrs. Clay offers to leave Bath, but Sir Walter and Elizabeth do not allow it.• Anne begins to wonder if her father is romantically involved with Mrs. Clay, and Lady Russell is appalled at how Anne is overlooked over Mrs. Clay.• Lady Russell thinks Mr. Elliot to be the perfect example of a gentleman, while Anne is suspicious of his intentions with the family.
  10. 10. • Two estranged cousins, who form part of the high nobility, arrive at Bath.• Sir Walter and Elizabeth are excited at this prospect and at the opportunity to move in the important social circles at Bath, which embarrasses Anne.• She discusses this matter with Mr. Elliot and her father’s current connection with Mrs. Clay.
  11. 11. Characters• Anne Elliot• Louisa Musgrove• Captain Harville and Mrs.Harville• The Crofts• Mr. & Mrs. Musgrove• Mary Elliot Musgrove and Charles Musgrove• Sir Walter Elliot• Elizabeth Elliot• Mr. William Elliot• Mrs.Clay• Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret
  12. 12. Setting• Uppercross, Kellynch and Bath.• The atmosphere is composed mostly of relief over Louisa’s improved health and suspicion on Anne’s behalf towards Mr. Elliot. The motive is to keep us guessing whether Mr. Elliot is truly what he shows to be.
  13. 13. THE END