Chapters XLV-L Sense and Sensibility


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Chapters XLV-L Sense and Sensibility

  1. 1. Sense and SensibilityChapters 46-50By: Marielena Alcaraz
  2. 2. Who?Elinor- Protagonist of the books.Represents the “sense” in the title.Marianne- The younger sister whorepresents the “sensibility” in the title.Mrs. Dashwood- Second wife of HenryDashwoodThomas- The Dashwood’s manservant.
  3. 3. Who (cont.)Colonel Brandon- A very honorablefriend to the DashwoodsEdward Ferrars- The elder brother ofFanny Dashwood. Love interest ofElinorMrs. Ferrars- Mother to Edward, Fannyand Robert
  4. 4. Where?The next five chapters are all inBarton Cottage except for the lastchapter which ends in Delaford.The atmosphere is at first in greatdistress as they hear devastatingnews but it lightens and ends withhappiness.
  5. 5. Who? ContJohnMrs. Jennings
  6. 6. Chapter 46The Dashwoods return to BartonCottage where Marianne continuesto recover from her illness. The nextday wakes with better spirits andmakes plans to go on a walk. Elinoris happy to see her sister taking herlife more seriously but thenremembers her promise toWilloughb, tell her everything.
  7. 7. 46 Cont.Elinor and Marianne go on walkwhere Marianne ponders overWilloughby. She wonders if herimprudence what was led to hersituation. She starts feeling guilty forher rudeness and selfishness. Elinorreveals everything Willoughby toldher. Marianne is struck by therevelation.
  8. 8. Chapter 47Elinor tells Mrs. DashwoodWilloughby’s story. She feels sorryfor him but still cannot forgive him.Marianne feels better knowing thetruth and thinks it’s better that shedidn’t marry him.
  9. 9. 47 Cont.The Dashwoods’servant, Thomas, returns with newsthat Mr. Ferrars. Marianne throws afit but Elinor shows greatdissapoinent and distress. Mrs.Dashwood realizes she shouldhavepayed closer attention to Elinor.
  10. 10. Chapter 48Elinor’s thoughts roam aroundEdward’s message to Lusy. Shewaits for news from anyone andasks her mother to write to ColonelBrandon for news. Her motheralready has had no response. Soonafter she thinks she saw ColonelBrandon arrive but it was actuallyEdward.
  11. 11. 48 ContUpon Edward entering thehouse, Marianne and Margaretretreat leaving Elinor and Mrs.Dashwood to attend the guest. Mrs.Dashwood asks about Mrs. Ferrars.Edward first thinks they are talkingabout his mother but Elinor implies“Mrs. Edward Ferrars.
  12. 12. 48 Cont.Edward is confused and then asksweather they meant Mrs. RobertFerrars. It was Robert her marriedLucy after all. Elinor leaves the roomwith tears of joy, Edward is in anakward situation so he leaves.Everyone is shocked an perplexedabout the situation.
  13. 13. Chapter 49After three hours Edward has thecourage to do what he came to dowhich was to propose to Elinor. Sheaccept, obviously, and everyone isextremely happy.
  14. 14. 49 Cont.Edward explains the circumstancesthat led to his engagement withLucy- they fell in love when theywere teenagers but grew apart asthey grew older. He had no clearpath for his future, or friends so heonly had Lucy.
  15. 15. 49 Cont.Everyone is then interested in thetopic of Robert’s and Lucy’smarriage.Edward receives a letter from Lucytelling him to sever all romantic ties.He is pleased about this.
  16. 16. 49 Cont.Elinor realizes along the way thatLucy meant to decieve people intothinking she had married Edwardinstead of Robert just to hurt her.Colonel Brandon arrives at Bartonand hears about the engagement
  17. 17. 49 Cont.Mrs. Jennings sends a letter relatingthe story on Lucy and Robert.John writes a letter stating howdisappointed Mrs. Ferrars andFanny are and how they will neverforgive Lucy.Mrs. Ferrars has no words aboutEdward
  18. 18. 49 Cont.But John tells him to write a letter of“submission”.At the end of the chapter ColonelBrandon and Edward leave togetherto visit Delaford.
  19. 19. Chapter 50Mrs. Ferrars reconciles herself withEdwards situation although she is not ahuge fan of Elinor.Robert is still the favored son receivinga sum of ten thousand pounds.Elinor and Edward live in Delaford andfrequently invite Marianne and ColonelBrandon.
  20. 20. 50 Cont.They invite them over in the hopesthey form an attachment, which issuccesful. Marianne and the Colonelbecome engaged and move in withEdward and Elinor.
  21. 21. 50 Cont.Lucy’s real actions come to life: Shemanipulated Robert into marryingher. She then become important toMrs. Ferrars.Everyone is happy exceptWilloughby when he hears ofMariannes marriage and by the factthat Mrs. Smith forgives him.
  22. 22. 50 Cont.This means that he could have beenhappy and rich if he’d acted faithfullyto his emotions and marriedMarianne. If Mrs. Smith forgave him,she would have forgiven him even ifhe married Marianne.Everyone between Barton andDelaford are right in the world.
  23. 23. The End