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  1. 1. Charity Campaign
  2. 2.  The main message for this campaign is to make people more aware about the animals that are being abandoned. They want to get people to donate, adopt or sponsor an animal to make these pets their own. All these unwanted pets need homes and the RSPCA is here to help them get a loving home with the help from the public. They aim to give these animals the rights that they deserve and for them to be treated how they should be and to put a stop to any animal cruelty and any pets that have abandoned.
  3. 3.  The RSPCA has a very broad target audience. There main audience is anyone over 18 who is legible to adopt or take care of these animals; either by taking them home, sponsoring them by paying monthly, or even helping against many of the issues that these animals suffer from. However, they also target their campaign at younger children and they are the ones who will most likely want a pet and would get attracted to a pet that they may see on a commercial or advert.
  4. 4.  This campaign used many different strategies and techniques in order to put their message across to the public. They use many different forms of advertising to put out the message. They use strong forms of advertising in which they ensure that all there techniques are able to reach a broad wide range of the public. They have used various posters, a website, adverts and other forms of advertising to put across there message of their campaign.
  5. 5. This is there website that the RSPCA have created. They have kept a good colour scheme which is the colour blue and is associated with the RSPCA. Their logo is alsoinserted in the top left hand corner which is easily noticeable and clear for the public to associate this campaign with. They have a clear telephone number at the top and all there tabs are right at the top making them easily accessible. They have a clear sign up box for the public to get involved. The writing at the top is a little bit of information about the campaign which is helpful so the public know what they are getting involved with straight away.
  6. 6.  This is one of the RSPCA’s posters that have been put out to the public. They have used the same logo once again which help the public easily identify the campaign. Their title is also in the blue which is their main colour. They have images which help to show the public the variety of animals that they could adopt, sponsor and help. They also have contact details that have been made very clear for the public to see and access.
  7. 7.  The RSPCA has been around for a long time and have had a lot of success throughout the years through their campaign. The RSPCA have helped many different pets find a home and have put a stop to animal abuse on various occasions. They have many success stories on their website and here are a few of them: Two-year-old Tigger spent eight months in our care before finally finding his perfect match Daisy came into our care as a very poorly kitten. Thanks to her foster carer Daisy now has a loving permanent home