emergency medicine cardiology management trauma ultrasound orthopaedics cardiac arrest radiology ecg neurology toxicology anaesthesia respiratory urology paediatrics neurosurgery pneumothorax psychiatry emergency cardiothoracic surgery ekg procedural sedation disaster endocrinology medicine haemorrhage shock respiratory medicine intubation haemorrhagic shock cervical spine investigation electrocardiogram hyponatraemia haemostatic resuscitation syncope dka imaging palliative care interventional radiology ct acute coronary syndrome acs infectious disease traumatic arrest interpretation critical care cpr resuscitation analgesia oncology ent complications stroke assessment bleeding side effects adverse effects trauma team decompression illness hyperbaric medicine epilepsy anaesthetics pulmonary embolism tachycardia embolectomy thrombolysis pulmonary embolus pe cardiothoracics chest trauma delayed sequence intubation dsi general surgery massive transfusion protocol bradycardia haemothorax efast electrical injuries pregnancy reduction dislocation alcohol hypotension vascular access prescribing renal western australia scgh ed cme noac diabetic ketoacidosis capacity endocrine rashes dermatology disaster management plastic surgery goals of patient care echo endotracheal tube immunotherapy melanoma obstetrics coagulopathy systematic ecg analysis ophthalmology neuroradiology ct head nerve block cvc central line asthma ecpr critical care medicine echocardiography mechanical cpr end of life dying patient first seizure facial trauma joint dislocations hyperbaric oxygen dci bipap copd non-invasive ventilation cal niv respiratory failure ecmo sonography dressings wound care hypothermia hyperthermia research maxillofacial surgery facial fractures electrolytes sudden death mental health act permissive hypotension pharmacy cardiac pacing tachyarrhythmia sarc sexual assault intensive care immunology pneumomediastinum pneumopericardium airway rapid sequence intubation rsi traumatic coagulopathy rotem massive transfusion angina opiate head injury ultrasound service permanent pacemaker cardiac pacemaker pacemaker ppm implantable cardiac defibrillator icd gynaecology renal failure hyperkalaemia haemodialysis anticoagulation fracture enlocation renal colic ischaemic heart disease blood transfusion anaemia emergency thoracotomy cervical spine injury neck injury tachyarrhythmias rush protocol ctpa d-dimer treatment non-stemi analysis new oral anticoagulants acidosis scgh ed bedside neuropathies pain chronic pain acute pain head medical dialysis cva tia injury restraint chemical chest pain damage control resuscitation emer radiation how to give a presentation anticoagulant reversal duty of care legal vértigo psychiatric patient medical clearance gastrointestinal immobilisation cervical c-spine hip dislocation ctca opthalmology monoarthropathy angioedema chest retrieval medicine burns coagulopathy of trauma transfusion joint aspiration arthrocentesis echocardiogram gopc physiology wilderness medicine patient confidentiality antibiotics i&d incision and drainage abscess heat illness electrical injury activity based funding abs clinical documentation exanthema antibiotic microbiology stress burnout physician burnout immune mediators immune check point inhibitors icc intercostal catheter insertion acute scrotal pain cpap competence lucas massive haemorrhage syncope and the ecg minor trauma team closure suture wound geriatrics rosc post-resusciation care acts oha australia exam medical error ett cardiac failure haemodynamic assessment cricothyroidotomy cricothyroid membrane dizziness hints education lung administration chronic renal failure haemodialysis complications emergency obstetrics vaginal bleeding vaginal haemorrhage pv bleeding per-vaginal bleeding congenital heart defects ebola viral haemorrhagic fever case presentation infectious diseases infection control ketoacidosis metabolic acidosis diabetes ankle block fascia iliaca block femoral nerve block otitis aom common ear disorders acute decompensated heart failure heart failure plaster wrist fractures hip reduction disaster medicine myopathies vasculitis vasculitides rheumatology amphetamine addiction alcohol addiction opiate addiction naltrexone spirometry coad dan's soapbox 2 toxidrome penetrating neck trauma surgery come scghed how to present presentation skills neuroradiology for the ed common electrolyte abnormalities hypercalcaemia abnormalities hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic non-ketotic state hhs diabetic emergency management placebo effect distal radial fracture regional anaesthesia bier's block colle's fracture fracture reduction prehospital central venous line central vascular catheter central venous catheter central venous access resuscitative thoracotomy penetrating chest trauma venous thromboembolism vte sexual abuse forensic medicine shortness of breath high flow nasal cannula oxygenation major trauma trauma team roles extracorporeal life support extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ecls lucas 2 low bmi bulimia nervosa waedocs anorexia nervosa eating disorders outreach and consultancy service lumbar puncture atraumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage lp subarachnoid haemorrhage do not resuscitate dnr limits of care react 2 trial seizure antibiotic prescription healthy antimicrobial prescribing initiative antibiotic resistance antimicrobial stewardship program maxillo-facial surgery hypocalcaemia hyperosmolar phaeochromocytoma addison's hhk bends emeregncy medicine chronic wound disaster management principles major incident medical management mimms somatic symptom disorder conversion disorder pseudo-neurologic syndromes seizures dissociative seizures pseudo-seizures psychogenic non-epileptic seizures non-epileptic attacks nes non-epileptic seizures nead withdrawal benzodiazepine vbg abg traumatic pneumothorax management chest injury extra-corporeal life support sedation ecg quiz non invasive cardiac testing ecg interpretation haemoglobin methaemoglobin dental box dental trauma stress innoculation training spontaneous primary spontaneous pneumothorax study fast focused assessment with sonography in trauma pressure sore skin tear heat stroke ethics effective decision making cognitive errors birth emergent delivery plastics surgery hypokalaemia collapse toxidromes bladder injury diagnosis pelvic trauma urethral injury pleural drainage pleural aspiration law paralysis muscle relaxants rocuronium suxamethonium complete heart block bradyarrhythmia dysrhythmia exercised associated hyponatraemia eah mechanical ventilation acute ischaemic stroke anaphylaxis bladder washout macroscopic haematuria priaprism heparin pulmonary hypertension acute right ventricular dysfunction catherter directed thrombolysis massive submassive oesophageal rupture borhaave's syndrome physical restraint psychosis aggressive agitated patient chemical sedation diaphragmatic rupture rib fracture flail chest ureteric calculi myelopathy spinal cord spinal cord injuries australia & new zealand ed airway registry emergent intubation acute abdomen ct abdomen ct scan pre-oxygenation ketamine tracheal intubation apneoic oxygenation gunshot stab penetrating abdominal trauma emergency management teg thromboelastography blood product transfusion massive bleeding pacing algorithm unstable angina non stemi scgh ed chest pain pathway mri brain mri ct brain subdural extradural intracerebral opioid abuse opioid dependence opioid pain relief morbidity mortality head trauma subdural haemorrhage extradural haemorrhage pupillary dilatation prognosis fixed dilated pupils point of care ultrasound poc ultrasound audit scgh ed us us service emergency department extended focused assessment with sonography in tra us haemoperitoneum free fluid pericardial fluid intraperitoneal free fluid lightening electricity electrocution medtronics lower abdominal pain per vaginal pv ectopic miscarriage neck quinsy tonsillitis acute pharyngitis congestive cardiac failure acute pulmonary oedema emergent haemofiltration ticagrelor clopidogrel prasugrel aspirin acute myocardial infarction ami antiplatelets fractures non-accidental injury nai hip shoulder ctkub cta risk stratification ct angiography carotid doppler transient ischaemic attack thiamine withdrawals korsakoff delerium tremens wernicke related presentations abuse medical asessment haemolytic reactions adverse metabolic arterial venous alkalosis acidaemia blood gas coronary angiography stress test stress echo penetrating chest injury proceduralsedation measles embolus pulmonary embolism nstemi high sensitivity troponin tension pneumothorax tamponade apixaban dabigatran rivaroxaban ventilator settings ventilation pnst-intubation academia bicarbonate ivc intravenous cannula poc point of care neuropathy cancer paraneoplastic syndrome gastroenterology ascending cholangitis emergencies orhtopaedics septic arthritis amphetamines transport medicine acute abdominal pain rfds royal flying doctors service pituitary addison's syndrome insufficiency adrenal gland self poisoning deliberate overdose drug male genital boerhaave's syndrome perforation oesophageal cardiothoracic rupture spinal options intravenous choice fluid icu confusion forearm hand anatomy patient aggresive biological troponin high sensitivity thoracotomy hypotensive rescuscitation care post-intubation vasopressors vasoactive ionotropes risks vestibular bppv physiotherapy how not to give a presentation service watag indications oral guidelines management update current evidence therapeutic hypothermia 2013 competency consent vestibular assessment git spine collar ct coronary angiography acute visual loss code sepsis sepsis hypothyroidism men local anaesthetics ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks paediatric cxr wa rfds compartment syndrome illicit drugs thoracostomy priapism rush
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