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The Future of Finance: rebundled


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Woensdag 12/5 organiseerde Wijs het eerste Future of Finance event te Gent. Naast hapjes, drankjes en Tesla testritten, maakten we vooral tijd voor enkele vernieuwende visies op de toekomst van de financiële sector.

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The Future of Finance: rebundled

  1. 1. The future 
 of finance: rebundle
  2. 2. Hi! My name is Bart. I work for digital 
 agency Find me on : @netlash.
  3. 3. The future of finance: Unbundle or rebundle?
  4. 4. The SiliconValleyVC’s are digitizing your business.
  5. 5. Investing heavily in startups.
  6. 6. The hoodies are coming…
  7. 7. You’re digital. Face it. Banks are digital. There’s nothing more bits and bytes than moving money around…
  8. 8. So you have to follow the native properties of internet 1. platform based 2. user centered 3. contextual & data-driven 4. pull not push
  9. 9. 1. Platform thinking
  10. 10. “Small pieces loosely joined”
  11. 11. ‣ unbundling is happening ‣ in a network, the value is in the connections, not the nodes ‣ connect users & ecosystem ‣ open up your platform ‣ but own the front-end (UX) Own the platform, not the nodes
  12. 12. This is why the Apple ecosystem, Facebook (Instagram/Messenger/Whatsapp) and even P2P chat apps like Snapchat are working hard to become a platform and an aggregation layer.
  13. 13. Facebook owns 4 out of top 5 social networks. Facebook unbundles itself, driven by dedicated UX.
  14. 14. WeChat (Tencent) from chat app to payment platform.
  15. 15. In a digital user-centered world, winners own the connection with the end-user (UX).
  16. 16. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no fleet. AirBnb, the largest accommodation provider owns no real estate. Facebook, the most popular media owner, creates no content. Platform companies, owning the front-end.
  17. 17. Disrupt the disruptors.
  18. 18. There’s always room for a front-end layer on top. Banks already own the connection with the end-user. (For now.)
  19. 19. ‣ bitcoins? ‣ new mobile wallets? ‣ Bancontact? ‣ P2P like Transferwise? ‣ Paypal? ‣ Facebook credits? ‣ Sixdots? Payment systems will become ‘dumb pipes’ (see Telco). Who knows which payment system will win?
  20. 20. Telco escaping ‘dumb pipes’: Rebundle with focus on UX: Invest in services (content):
  21. 21. Own the platform, not the nodes bitcoins wallets p2p snapcash … SWIFT Avoid the dumb pipes by building UX & services. Unified banking front-end (UX) API
  22. 22. ‣ make banking API-based ‣ surpass the dumb pipes ‣ build a component-based model ‣ “Banking As A Service” ‣ add value in the services for end-users ‣ build a superior front-end (UX) Become the BAAS
  23. 23. Banks have the unique opportunity to own the front-end. Reduce the pain of navigating a fragmented experience. Build an excellent user experience. Rebundle an unbundling landscape by superior UX.
  24. 24. Think like a platform.
  25. 25. 2. User centered
  26. 26. “Jobs to be done” Why is the user ‘hiring’ your service?
  27. 27. Don’t focus on the product. Get closer to the transaction. ‣ I want to buy shoes (not handle the debit card). ‣ I want to own a home (not take out a loan). ‣ I want to manage my budget (not look at my account). Build the User Experience around the transaction. Understand the final need of the user
  28. 28. Simple Can I afford these shoes?
  29. 29. ‣ Decentralise your network. ‣ Obviously: all digital channels. ‣ (OMG! There’s still doubt around responsive/mobile?) ‣ Forget: “money in branches”. ‣ Branches are useful for distribution of UX, not cash. ‣ Banking is no longer somewhere you go, but something you do. ‣ Cloud based - no office needed! Be where the user is
  30. 30. Why not have digital nomad bankers moving from co-working space to co-working space?
  31. 31. Omnichannel must die!
  32. 32. It shows you’re still thinking in siloed channels. Stop using the word “omnichannel”. It's like having a ‘multi- counter strategy’…
  33. 33. Digital does not mean ‘computer- only’. The human smile is needed! Embed humans in the interface.
 Make the user experience as human as possible. (I’m betting on video, videochat and live streaming.)
  34. 34. Be user centric.
  35. 35. 3. Contextual
  36. 36. The age of context
  37. 37. Data transforms into information or advertising, depending on the context of the consumer. The age of context
  38. 38. If I want to buy a car, and I find a bunch of paper advertising for diapers in my mailbox - they go straight into the bin. If I want to buy a car, and I find a bunch of paper advertising for cars in my mailbox - I take them with me to the couch and read them all night. The age of context
  39. 39. Data transforms into information or advertising, depending on the context of the consumer. The age of context
  40. 40. The age of context spam advertising info less context more context
  41. 41. ‣ demographic (segmentation) ‣ search word ‣ location ‣ friends ‣ browser history ‣ activity (work, home, bar) ‣ … The age of context
  42. 42. IoT: the 4th platform.
  43. 43. Context is ambient Not just segmentation or personalisation. Context is in the sensors of objects surrounding us - our personal data cloud. Internet of things: how users are signaling their context.
  44. 44. Need: location closest shop. Need: home delivery next week.
  45. 45. Personal & Relevant Ok Great less personal more personal more relevant less relevant Creepy…Bleh
  46. 46. Act contextual.
  47. 47. 4. Pull not push
  48. 48. Pre-internet Internet D e c i s i o n P r o c e s s Supplier Product Solution ProblemSupplier Problem Solution Product Branding Branding Content Marketing HILI
  49. 49. ‣ don’t push, but capture the intent ‣ real-time ‣ kill ‘batch’ thinking! ‣ 1-on-1 & personal ‣ intent first, campaign second ‣ intent first, product second ‣ predictive? Capture the intent
  50. 50. (You might need a different team structure to be able to do that.)
  51. 51. ‣ Self-learning ‣ Lean ‣ Autonomous ‣ Multi-disciplinary Get out of the silos! SLAM-teams
  52. 52. Pull, don’t push.
  53. 53. You have to follow the native properties of internet 1. platform based 2. user centered 3. contextual & data-driven 4. pull not push
  54. 54. Own the front-end by superior UX.
  55. 55. Closing thought.
  56. 56. Closing thought. “Ik ben een God in ’t diepst van mijn gedachten.” (Kloos)
  57. 57. Waar is God? God is overal: in de hemel, op aarde en op alle plaatsen. Ziet en weet God alles? 
 God ziet alles, zelfs onze geheimste gedachten; Hij weet alles, ook de toekomende dingen. Omnichannel Cloud Contextual Privacy Predictive Data-driven Mechelse Catechismus:
  58. 58. Conversation
  59. 59. Questions? Questions?
  60. 60. Questions? Questions? @netlash
  61. 61. Wijs bvba Voorhavenlaan 31/3
 9000 GENT 09 335 22 80
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