On and offline in a digital strategy


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Lieselotte Van Tieghem, Sales- & Marketing Manager bij Wijs, gaf deze presentatie voor het eerst op het Oracle event op 14/05/2014. Ze heeft het o.a. over data en daar slimmer mee omgaan, uw klanten beter te leren kennen in hun context, 1 op 1 communicatie, closing the loop & the sweet spot.

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On and offline in a digital strategy

  1. 1. Wijs - mei 2014 Context and personalization in a digital strategy
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Lieselotte.
  3. 3. I work at Wijs A digital Agency in Ghent
  4. 4. Marketeers are shouting out quite a bit of buzz words again lately…
  5. 5. Quantified self
  6. 6. What Marketing can learn from the Internet of Things. The Age of Context
  7. 7. Big data
  8. 8. Digital Transformation
  9. 9. It’s a whole new energy...
  10. 10. According to me it comes down to this… ! Closing the loop
  11. 11. But as for many companies it’s not just a digital strategy… Technology supporting Data-minded User-centric Digital company
  12. 12. Let me first tell you my story... Young mom of two children Happily married to an entrepreneur Full-time job, not only at Wijs, but also as a mom, wife, housekeeper and secretary
  13. 13. This is how I roll...
  14. 14. I have a need...
  15. 15. ‣ I would like to tell them that... ‣ we are an ambitious couple with 2 young children ‣ I have to make lunch boxes every morning ‣ my husband is on an Atkins diet ‣ my son dislikes fruit, but does need the vitamines ‣ I would love to eat and cook healthy every day, but my work rythm and inefficiency lets me down ‣ etc. You know what? I’m willing to tell my supermarket some stuff…
  16. 16. My supermarket knows exactly what my shopping basket contains: a combination of fixed and variable products
  17. 17. They could also know I have a fixed day to do my shopping
  18. 18. And I get myself inspired online
  19. 19. ‣ On-site analytics ‣ Web analytics ‣ CRM ‣ Data loyalty cards ‣ Customer feedback ‣ etc. A lot of data assembled out of different corners
  20. 20. Broadcasting Informing One to one in a new dimension
  21. 21. Now imagine…
  22. 22. ‣ when they give me ideas on parties coming up: what to make, how much and what to buy ‣ One click on the button and it’s ready for you waiting in the shop Or…
  23. 23. A bit creepy, huh?
  24. 24. But customers are actually quite open to this…
  25. 25. It’s a whole new energy...
  26. 26. It’s no longer only about…
  27. 27. ! ‣ It’s about getting to know your user
  28. 28. ! ‣ It’s about getting to know your user ‣ It’s about getting to know your user in his context
  29. 29. ! ‣ It’s about getting to know your user ‣ It’s about getting to know your user in his context ‣ And technology is giving us the possibility to do this: by offering us data
  30. 30. The age of context: data Data transforms into information or advertising, depending on the context of the consumer.
  31. 31. The age of context
  32. 32. Context changes advertising into information. ! Context is the way to break through the banner blindness of our customers. !
  33. 33. How can you add context to your messages? How can you change advertisement into information? How can you break through the banner blindness? Ask yourself
  34. 34. Route Reservation
  35. 35. But hey!
  36. 36. What about...
  37. 37. How do we translate emotion, inspiration and impuls on a digital level?
  38. 38. Attribute the correct weight to each touch point.
  39. 39. Let’s take another example
  40. 40. The sweet spot Advies Emotie Inspiratie ?
  41. 41. ‣ Know your customer and his context ‣ Closing the loop: customer journey & conversion funnels ‣ Get yourself organized: digital company ‣ Break through your own silos Summarize
  42. 42. België, de bermudadriehoek van de eCommerce Wijs E-commerce onderzoek V3 coming up
  43. 43. Questions?