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Interior design


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Basics of Interior Design

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Interior design

  1. 1. Interior Design
  2. 2. Black - authority White – innocence and purity Red – passion, anger, and appetite Green – wealth, nature, relaxing Blue – peace, royal Purple – luxury, wealth, sophistication
  3. 3. Principles Of Interior Design
  4. 4. Balance Scale Rhythm Emphasis Contrast Unity
  5. 5. Balance
  6. 6. SYMMETRICAL BALANCE  Formal Balance  Mirror Image  Easy to appreciate and create
  7. 7. Asymmetrical Balance  Informal Balance  Visual weights are equal  Elements differ on each side of the axis
  8. 8. RADIAL BALANCE  All parts are balanced and repeated around a center point.
  9. 9. SCALE AND PROPORTION  Both are closely related.  Relate to size and shape of things.  Proportion refers to the relationship of one part to another or to the whole.  Scale deals with the absolute size, character and visual weight of an object or space compared to other objects in the same space.
  10. 10. Furniture should be scaled to fit the room. Always consider human scale when planning an interior. This bed has an odd proportion when compared to the room.
  11. 11. RHYTHM  The design principle of rhythm is based on the repetition of elements in space and time.
  12. 12. Focus/Emphasis • Emphasis in interior design is used to create focal point in design.
  13. 13. • Putting two elements in opposition to one another. Contrast
  14. 14. Unity& Harmony • Unity is achieved when all the different elements is a design work together to create a unified whole.
  15. 15. Finishing
  18. 18. CEILING FINISHES painted ceiling panels wood strips wood glass ceiling fabric stripes bricks
  19. 19. Interior Design Process stages  Analysis  Concept  Developed  Technical  Procurement  Project Co-ordination
  20. 20. Examples of Interior Sketches
  21. 21. Thank you