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Styles of Interior Design

  1. Popular styles in Interior Design  1. Mid-Century Modern  2. Industrial  3. Nautical  4. Scandinavian  5. Bohemian  6. Farmhouse  7. Urban Modern  8. Shabby Chic
  2. Mid-Century Modern Refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and natural shapes.
  3. Neutral to bold, and a graphic use of black and white. Natural or organic shapes such as “egg-shaped” chair, easy-to- use contemporary designs and simple fabrications.
  4. Industrial  It emphasizes liberal use of exposed steel with distressed wooden elements, frequently complemented by exposed brick walls.  Includes copper-tone accents.
  5. Nautical  Warm, relaxing, and positive.  Reflects the New England beach house spirit.  Based on white or sand colored foundation, with blue as the primary accent color.
  6. Unfinished wood in its tables or chairs, combined with chic linen upholstery
  7. Scandinavian  Gentle contours, playful accent colors, and a balance of engineered and organic materials.  A great majority of Scandinavian interiors use white with gray tones as the foundation colors.
  8. Bohemian  Creative application of rich patterns and vibrant colors, especially those with red or purple tones.  purposefully “messy” look. Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm ambience.
  9. Farmhouse  Modern approach to cabin-inspired interior design.  Color-wise, it is similar to nautical decor with mostly white and beige base colors.  Turquoise or light yellow
  10. Urban Modern  Larger furniture (sofas, beds, etc.) tends to be uniformly sleek with low-profile.  Decorative accents (pillows, mirrors, end tables, etc.) in urban decor often demands artistic and creative Expression.
  11. Shabby Chic  Vintage elements to recreate the antique flea market look.  Soft and opulent, often with an affected feel.  White, ecru and pastel