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Prediction of rainfall using image processing


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Prediction of rainfall using image processing

  1. 1. TEAM MEMBERSD.Upadesh Varma(08911A04A5) D.Venkatsh(08911A04B4)
  2. 2. NECESSITY FOR PREDICTION OF RAINFALL  Water is elixir of life. So rainfall becomes the inevitable part of every nation which decides the prosperity and economic scenario of a country.  In this fast moving world, estimation of rainfall has become a necessity especially when the global heat levels are soaring.
  3. 3. WHY IMAGE PROCESSING??? Generally for weather forecasting & rain forecasting we use the satellite images and satellite techniques. But it needs more technology and very high cost.
  4. 4. WHAT IS IMAGE PROCESSING?? Image processing and analysis can be defined as the “act of examining images for the purpose of identifying objects and judging their significance”. This is a physical process used to convert an image signal into a physical image.
  7. 7. DATA COLLECTION  First we have to take the image as input and it is stored in the system.  The Dimensions choosen for images is 400×300.  The Images will be stored as JPEG files in the system.
  8. 8. SKY STATUS The status of the sky is found using Wavelet. When input is given to the system ,we apply Wavelet in order to split the status of sky from input image. Then we evolve with the extracted image to represent to represent the status of the cloud.
  9. 9. CLOUD STATUS The status of the cloud is determined by using the “cloud mask algorithm”.
  10. 10. Cloud Mask algorithm The cloud mask algorithm consists of certain tests. Single pixel threshold tests are used in it. Thick high clouds are detected with threshold tests that rely on brightness temparature in infrared &water vapour bands
  11. 11. CLOUD TYPE The ‘Clustering Technique’ is applied to the image to find the type of cloud. Basically “Nimbostratus &Cumulonimbus” are the rainfall clouds and clouds like cumulus will produce rain at some rare chances.
  12. 12. RAINFALL ESTIMATION The type of rainfall cloud is predicted by analyzing the color,texture & density of cloud images. The results predicts the type of cloud with it’s information like classifacation ,appearance & Altitude will provide the status of the Rainfall.
  14. 14. IMPLEMENTATION ENVIRONMENT All the methods and algorithms described in this thesis were implemented using JAVA on windows XP operating system. The digital cloud images used in the experiments were obtained by using 10Mega Pixel Digital Camera.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION  After studying ‘image processing for the prediction of Rainfall’ we realize that it is a field with great potential which can be used in every walk of life.
  16. 16. Thank you……….