computer science algorithms and bioinformatics information technology database and data mining computer architecture and real time systems data mining software engineering cloud computing distributed and parallel systems & algorithms engineering dependable software engineering education computer science education reliable and autonomic computing image processing natural language processing operating systems modeling and simulation neural networks it policy and business management compiler design information technology education security grid and scalable computing multimedia systems and services web and internet computing etc.) fuzzy systems networking and communications microcontroller algorithms big data gps semantic web service bioinformatics embedded system and software programming languages soft computing (ai svm worship room mosques acoustic simulation acoustic comfort location-based service time and attendance system prediction of rice production manet genetic algorithm wavelet segmentation • algorithms engineering and information technology game and software engineering machine learning & applications computer science and engineering blockchain differences of stage (dos) mobile and ubiquitous computing intelligent information & database systems economics soft computing computer database green ict policy maturity green ict policy environmental responsibility carbon footprint high precision calibration multi-meter information infusion kalman filter gpa ftpa noma ofdma power allocation ber performance evaluation internet syllable myanmar language model speech recognition preprocessing correlation computer education spatial query hilbert space filling curves space filling curves room acoustics. sensor network petri net response time round robin turnaround time waiting time cpu scheduling sending sms online learning virtual classroom classroom management panoramic images binocular vision cylindrical warping inode superblock fat ntfs dentry $mft lkm $logfile multiple linear regression neural network rice data simulator connectivity data clustering anomaly detection face recognition coverage wireless sensor networks morphology e-government fpga adaptive control hyperchaos sensors irrigation system ethernet shield dsp/image processing/pattern recognition/multimedi signal processing segmentation. surface of plants (sop) artificial intelligence networking grid computing security and information assurance fairness index. histogram container automated lock system accidents vfs feature extraction kannada script electronic wheel chair eye movement daugman‘s crop production farmers management information system farm information retrieval information white noise fundamental frequency extraction autocorrelation function computer architecture video surveillance system visual monitoring video analysis motion detection big data technologies big data applications big data analytics supervisory control. district event system profiles guide tree progressive msa android applications. anaglyph. parallel parsing syntax analysis lyapunov stability theory new chaotic reversal system. chaotic system function projective synchronization optical sensor xilinx ise webpack heartbeat monitor central controller system (ccs) cloud partition status collector uml state machine timing constraints service specification protocol specification protocol synthesis activity recognition human activity histogram of oriented gradient histogram equalization moto-robo american sign language skin colour segmentation. human-robot symbiosis olsr dsdv adov class flattening inheritance internal quality attribute external quality attribute object-oriented design erp multi-tenancyconfiguration erp configuration saas sap energy consumption web application vulnerability scanner sql injection attacks genetic fuzzy system fuzzy logic os machine learning service discovery ontology context-aware id3 decision tree k-mean algorithm sentiment analysis market status producer or consumer reviews fourier–mellin moments zernike invariant moments character recognition knn algorithm back propagation (bp) plc-features- application of plcs- mobile robot. flexibility in business processes workforce tuning measures. meta models comparison document management systems zernike moment invariant moment identical twins semantic similarity web services composition cognitive radio network (crn) fusion centre byzantine attack p2p networks replication caching deployment models cloud services providers edge detection embedded system real time systems • database information technology educati unsupervised machine learning machine learning algorithms web based system low power and power aware design vlsi circuits vlsi design recent trends in information technology signal reconstruction sonar signal processing and signal processing and pattern recognition accessible computing deep learning design automation routing protocol multi-core machines. 3d depth effect internet of things image signal processing • programming languages geometry computational complexity automata theory algorithms and data structures advanced it bio/medical engineering grid and cloud computing computer physics it bio/medical engineering e-business e-learning geographical information systems/ global navigatio orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) stabilization pca. bpn pso mri classification maximum spanning tree collaborative learning semantic web 3.0 e learning transmission control protocol and internet control internet protocol ddos(distributed denial of service attack) dos(denial of service) projection of complex fuzzy relation. complement of complex fuzzy relation complex fuzzy relation complex fuzzy set swarm intelligence cumulative density function (cdf) probability density function (pdf) histogram equalization (he) contrast enhancement security. distributed system client-server firewall anomaly discovery trailer. stego image lsb pseudo-random number generator steganography cryptography artificial neural network development face angle (fa) eye state (es) software development kit (sdk) kinect technology acceptance lr. cyber security cnn malicious url detection real time monitoring wsn iot multiagent simulation solid waste management sfla k-means scientific workflow clustering handwritten character recognition (hcr) tetraplegia. pair-wise distance & dynamic programming k-nearest neighbor z-notation hms uml. android applications usability testing cognitive disability infrastructure-less black hole attack wormhole. jamming exhibition noise visible light communication pic microcontroller arduino li-fi k-nearest neighbor. tracing observation discrete lines 3d depth eect np-complete. complexity mutation travelling salesman problem svm. hrv alcoholic ecg poincare plot approximate entropy ans and morphological operations. structure elements (se) image restoration pivot locations parallel lexical analysis network security secure localization wireless security wireless sensor network (wsn) solid state disk (ssd) single-level cell (slc) multi tiered cell flash memory multi-level (mlc) flash translation layer (ftl) bacteria identification cocci vibrio bacilli markovian chain. stakeholder. radial neural network (rbf). composition techniques. message authentication code(mac). pupil iris recognition comparison of algorithm structuring element skeletanization qos tkip wired equivalent privacy robust security network association e-government websites challenges advantages gcc countries hyperchaotic systems anti-synchronization. generalized neutrosophic soft set. generalized neutrosophic set neutrosophic set soft sets multimedia deeplearning management visualization modeling machinelearning dataanalytics simulation ubiquitous computing scalable computing distributed vulner abilities attack and defense competition capture the flag (ctf) smart contracts viola-jones emotion recognition piecewise reconstruction 3d reconstruction euler spiral surveillance cameras automated system abnormal events farmer feedback data enumerators data collection spring mvc friend recommendation international students and sta service and recommendation • operating systems information assurance • security • soft computing communications • networking • robotics software • sociocybernetics • synthetic biology • network dynamics systems control systems informatics cybernetics entrepreneurship software development application networks network international electronics wireless access control; security risk; knowledge pool metadata business data warehouse road detection aerial images multiple object detection fasterrcnn fpn resnet unmanned aerial vehicle software engineering educatio and e-government multimedia systems and service pixel • multimedia • modeling • it policy datamining trailer computing soft • internet of things (iot • bioinformatics • big data technology science web based system. computer vision machine learning & application computer architecture and real web engineering the software process managing software projects computer security program semantics and logic biochemistry database theory learning problems compiler education. pl/0 compiling phases xml intercommunication computational number theory graphics and visualization geometric modeling distributed &high performance computing foundations of computer science & technology technology in education computing and information technology engineering and applications internet of thing fpga architecture dsp vlsi design & communication systems advanced topics in software engineering software engineering decision making fault-tolerance reliability testing vlsi & embedded systems soft computing and intelligent systems hybrid information technology information technology converge services security and privacy digital integrated circuits and systems natural language in conceptual modeling nlp data mining ( algorithms and computation theory information technology converge services( protocols and services future internet architecture emerging technologies for next generation network communication network architectures and design • dsp/image processing/pattern recognition/multime computer communication and networks shape representation 3d and surface reconstruction fairness index pattern recognition in new modalities 3d and stereo imaging bioinformatics and biosciences software maintenance and testing quality management advanced computer science composition techniques message authentication code(mac) reliable and autonomic computing  distributed and algorithms and bioinformatics  computer architect  cognitive and biologically-inspired vision  array signal processing  3d and stereo imaging pattern recognition computer physics & biology advanced information technology computational science and applications markovian chain stakeholder human-computer-interaction learning environments classroom acts literacy adult education • data mining and knowledge management process • computer graphics and animation • blockchain • machine learning & applications radial neural network (rbf) naive bayes constructs chunking/shallow parsing phonology svm classifier. —handwritten character recognition (hcr) parsing/grammatical formalisms n natural language processing transportation systems multimedia & telecommunications supervisory control room acoustics modelling and simulation light-emitting diodes. down syndrome motif workflow services social network behaviors graph mining algorithm online services & internet usage biocybernetics network dynamics systems robotics cybernetics & informatics • natural language processing • modeling and simulation • database and data mining • computer architecture and real-time systems • algorithms and bioinformatics green computing pervasive computing high performance computing  it policy and business management  computer architecture and real time systems and reliability scalability cloud performance cloud security cloud management and operations cloud infrastructure cloud as a service differences of stage (dos surface of plants (sop geometry  computational physics & biology  compu algorithms and data structures  automata theory  business and information systems bioinformatics and applications geometry computational physics & biology computati algorithms and data structures automata theory com advanced it bio/medical engineering bioinformatics information management intelligent building systems financial assessment security & management intelligent manufacturing computational mathematics technology and services computational engineering e- commerce applications computational science intelligent robotics internet computing business management surface of plants image reliable and autonomic computing distributed and p rfe logistic regression k nearest neighbour pca feature selection feature engineering ● networking and communications ● performance eval reliable and autonomic computing ● distributed and ● database and data mining ● dependable information technology management • algorithms and bioinformatics • computer archite networking and communications performance evaluati syntactic ir string matching web searching geometric features. facial feature point extraction internet marketing. website design methods page rank search engine optimization hyperchaotic liu system. chaos synchronization forced termination probability (ftp). blocking probability (bp) dynamic channel allocation (dca) hyperchaotic chen system. hyperchaotic liu system hybrid synchronization active nonlinear control ad hoc network.. piconet scatternet formation bluetooth theoretical computer science machine learning. word segmentation line segmentation paragraph segmentation devnagari character recognition yiq color space. scrambling dct-dwt support vector machine(svm). spatial gray level dependence method (sgldm) receiver operating characteristic (roc) analysis genetic algorithm(ga) discrete wavelet transform(dwt) nakagami-n (rice) distribution. fading channel error rate analysis hmm profile hmm. profile analysis sequence alignment meta search engine. vertical search engine web search engine cross language information retrieval (clir) lyapunov stability theory. lü-like attractor synchronization chaos mimimum mean-squareerror (mmse) channel equalizati low density parity check (ldpc) codes space-time trellis coding (sttc) multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) discrete-time linear system. observers reduced-order model dominant state image encryption. logistic map chaos theory density divergence problem subspace clustering threshold. affine surf weather forecast cbir trace n-dimensional co-occurrence matrix haralick features texture analysis grey level co-occurrence matrix hybrid evolutionary algorithm book embedding of a graph page number problem graph layout pixels aes. tdes session based key symmetric key matrix based bit permutation technique (mbbpt) collaborative filtering (cf). recommendation system (rs) social networking user preferences traffic conditioners or policers performance metrics differentiated services data mining forecasting technique classification based on the data mining statistical threshold. user session partitioning techniques traffic measurement clustering methods awale endgame databases minimax search game tree shape-size complexity. pattern spectrum mathematical morphology skeleton network reconstruction design hardware software co-design. attention with face angle (af) and attention with attention with eye state (ae) mouth motion (mm) cubic tcp and k-nn technique high speed protocols throughput traditional tcp congestion post processing pre-processing . iris localization access points reinforcement online services & internet usage. network life time. wireless sensor network zone zone based clustering protocol waste collection vehicle logistics passenger car program optimums transportation workflow motif svm classifier engineering and information technology mobile applications clustering fuzzy particle swarm optimization & frequent patte bus tracking gis google maps bus routing mate selection. delphi method analytic hierarchy process web performance caching strategy personalized web acceleration web performance opti performance engineering technology micro-strip mimo network antenna microwave emotion misophonia activation scale misophonia trigger knowledge management systems dynamic capabilities absorptive capacity organizational agility. data fault tolerance distributed systems leader election encoding. ppm cfg grammar-based autonomic computing light-emitting diode pair-wise distance & dynamic programming. vfs. multi-core machines routing protocol. constructs. naïve bayes edge detector edge detector comparison of algorithm target implicit/explicit conversion association multi-objective optimization lifetime hybrid wireless mesh network smart grid home area network openflow. wireless software defined network wireless mesh networks cognitive radio zigbee neighbor area networks hardware software co-design engineering and information technology (ijcseit) international journal of computer science uml data integrity implementation face detection gradient face components skin detection rgb face features chip multiprocessors directory cache coherence priority cache coherence
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