security fpga power quality ber ofdm feature extraction wireless sensor networks cloud computing wsn clustering genetic algorithm ecc static power dwt image processing aodv virtualization manets cognitive radio confidentiality psnr ad hoc network classification shunt active power filter k-means clustering dynamic power data warehouse fading optimization data mining pwm cdma developing countries unified communications and integrated collaboratio edge detection prosthetics arm processor communication protocols flexible learning ant colony optimization data mining. finite element method labview hurst exponent asic. compression matrix converter power analysis ip core finite state automata moore machine variation distance software reliability graph manet nist enamel harmonics mse. power consumption switched reluctance motor watermarking ensemble zigbee exata cyber 1.1 rss csma/ca hmprp routing learning stability. image enhancement pacman; player/stage; multi-client; robotic- simul optical flow analysis improved lucas kanade algorithm segmentation throughput qualnet decision fusion. spectrum sensing algorithms data fusion cooperative spectrum sensing phase margin. gain margin rf cmos frequency response unity gain bandwidth unity gain heterogeneous wireless networks vertical handover handover decision. wireless sensor networks (wsn) energy efficient communication. data aggregation clustering algorithm simulated annealing training artificial neural network (ann) activation function. machine learning credit card fraud detection content based image retrieval image features performance measure. image database image pre-processing steps copyright lsb replacement digital water marking authentication proxy signature digital signature ecdlp proxy multi-signature and cryptography. gray matter (gm) white matter (wm). mr brain images cerebrospinal fluid (csf) hierarchical categorical data k-mode algorithm intrusion genetic algorithm (ga) intrusion detection system (ids) fitness function false positive chaos; peter de jong map; partial encryption; stre gen2rfid 4th generation mobile networks (4g). software defined radio (sdr) active backscattering mobile phones rfid randomized-distributed space time code co-channel interference relay assisted communication. spanning tree soft-core processor. micro-blaze sopc system edk tool dependency analysis service oriented architecture software services fuzzy logic cost estimation mmre and use case point. function point design stability software modularity. metrics software architecture dependency integrated; avoidance mitigation prosodic telugu tts lexicon concatenative synthesis. phrasing diphone set-ibs set-iboos. set leach multiparty access control collaborative privacy management (cpm) social networking personally identifiable information (pii) multiparty access control (mpac) specification vulnerability ddos availability normal packet survival ratio (npsr) botnet temporal compression video information collection frozen coldboot attack encryption keys dram sensors sse registers anti far blackhole-aodv (afb-aodv) anti near blackhole-aodv (anb-aodv) blackhole attack e-iam-c (extended iam-c) approximation method) ce (channel estimation) pilots. iam (interference fbmc/oqam osnr qam super-resolution block matching exhaustive search spiral search motion estimation cognitive radio (cr) spectrum mobility bandwidth sharing hyper elliptic curve cryptography deoxyribo nucleic acid smartcard sequential pattern based on subjective emerging sequential pattern intrusions ids homogeneous wsn heterogeneous wsn semi-supervised clustering p300 signal k-means support vector machines (svms). wavelet transform dct papr fft mecct mc-cdma companding metal halide lamp lcc resonant tank half bridge inverter igbt boost rectifier rsc dfig wecs gsc system modeling neural network delta operator system identification cycloconverter field programmable gate array (fpga) harmonic profile equal pwm power quality. three phase ac chopper ac snubbers design analysis and result. average model flyback converter non-minimum phase thermal analysis design performance fem induction motor transients susceptibility phase shift oscillator analog circuits electrostatic discharge ultra high density. process mapping process re-engineering emission characteristics c.i. engine characteristics biodiesel waste mustard oil etap model short circuit study ct connection for restricted earthfault protection setting transmission interconnection variable frequency transformer (vft) power transfer power system networks matlab simulink. flexible asynchronous ac link read power write power average power social disorder currency wars crypto currencies fiat currencies global financial crisis central banks disorder frequent pattern mining hadoop map reduce framework parallel processing distributed computing association rules mean square error (mse). normalised correlation (nc) peak signal to noise ratio (psnr) video watermarking steganography visual cryptography tlbo image segmentation population evolutionary algorithm bse portfolio optimization markowitz modis data satellite lr image super-resolution image discrete elements fractures computational fluid dynamics cubic law discrete element method steel structure bracing energy dissipation seismic analysis. viscous fluid damper replacement levels high performance concrete mechanical properties of concrete fly ash silica fume water permeability confinement. buffer overflow verification secure software architecture non-functional prop- erties service provisioning service selection. mobile ad hoc networks canny edge detection sobel detector combined sobel-canny tree-structure. infrastructure management manual power information technology —stability instability exponent relative stability futuristic cloud services repository. aggregation low pass filter shadow mechanisim matlab tool. qos software agents. takagi-sugeno fuzzy inference context based load balancing proximity aware load balancing. distributed system packet delivery ratio mobile adhoc netorks(manet) gray hole attack svm dc-ac matrix converter (mc) ac–ac knowledge grid message passing agents isl link isowc system harmonic mitigation synchronous reference frame pi control algorithm sapf fuzzy control algorithm. vanet routing protocols. lun thin provisioning policy anchored san inter-satellite optical wireless system (isowc) snr. tasks computing elements i/o resources delay cpu resources load balancing particle swarm optimization (pso) base station placement wireless sensor network (wsn) deep web forms query interface data extraction surfacing packet malformed attacks ddos attacks security issues homomorphic encryption layered architecture private cookie authentication hadoop. lifting parallel pipelining 2d dwt filters mean de-noising ct image preprocessing psnr. risk assessment air dispersion models railroad transport dangerous goods. intermodal transportation tabu-search. dangerous goods fifth term first term fourth term third term sixth term second term markov chain fpcm (fuzzy possiblistic c means algorithm) web logs k-mean algorithm. skip-line encoding. rle encoding image compression binary images migration allocation virtual machines resources. i rpc resource sharing virtualisation rate of frequency decline blackouts. adaptive neuro-fuzzy under frequency load shedding fuzzy controller ip axi amba xilinx stock market forecasting. standalone neural network neural network variants dac — sdr adc structural similarity index(ssim) face pose classification part-of- speech sentiment analysis opinion mining subjective classification. trie2. data mining; frequent item-sets; apriori; bit- apr dentine dentistry. lesion dental radiograph caries rct isef pulp video transcoding m ultimedia transcoding data-format conversion. m odified hysteresis controller adaptive control switching losses. total harmonic distortion cache addressing conflict misses multi-level caches cache memory combined heat and power dispatch wind power weibull probability density function heuristic optimization. differential evolution non-uniform quantization fpga. canny edge detector distributed processing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) multicarrier bit error rate (ber) peak to average power ratio (papr). d* path planning robot navigation artificial neural network thermocouple calibration web mining nearest neighbour pattern recovery. pattern recognition web semantics and query classification query optimization query expansion query parsing functional size cosmic fsm. disease cloud service surveillance system crd cpd kite. cmos circuits cadence- virtuoso low dynamic power device characteristics. gate oxide leakage threshold voltage. domino logic sub- threshold leakage stack effect sleepy method singing voice music information retrieval acoustic feature extraction vocal / non-vocal classifier stability double integrator time delay pid cross site scripting sql injection web application attacks broken authentication session management. xss image-depth self organizing map (som) scene image texture unit matrix texture unit psm idm bicm upa gpa ldhc epa noun-noun compound decision tree. multiword expression association measure mai omcsc. walsh code discourse marker rst syntactic aggregation compound sentence semantic representation. savitzky-golay nonlinear phase filter finite variance scaling method short memory process. solar radio flux etl data staging olap data quality (dq) oltp. data mart power optimization information rate mimo capacity beamforming sensor networks. energy harvesting black hole attack learning technique. mobile ad- hoc network aodv routing protocol utterance elicit. s.e.r (speech emotion recognition) image differentiation. local and global features biometric minutiae. hidden markov models electromyography myoelectric signals (mes). speech pathologies fault coverage rtl. fault models fault simulation stuck- at fault signal processing soft-computing. pq hilbert–huang transform power quality events energy–frequency–time distribution. spacial domain fdf er diagram dmw acid defect prediction hierarchical clustering k-mean clustering density-based clustering. eeg. ecg plc tele-healthcare plm multi-layered modular neural network pre- processing. optical character recognition simulators survey multimedia sensors emulators. wireless multimedia sensor network review xilinx’s system generator for dsp scrambler uwb communication systems matlab xilinx’s ise design suite. simulation z source inverter. tuned circuit magnetic levitation digital control asymmetric multilevel inverter thd & df. seven-phase multi-phase total harmonic distortion. model predictive control space vector packet wireless networks collision topography mac layer ns2 graphical visualization network event tracing network simulator signal subspace. blind multiuser detector group blind multiuser detector 6- pulse rectifier interharmonics evaluation —discrete fourier transforms (dft) 3 phase diode rectifier. interharmonics in ac-dc rectifier diode rectifier interharmonics ac-dc rectifier hanning window piece-wise linear decision boundary method face detection combination of two color spaces skin detection. color space classifications. tools bioinformatics fingerprints video fingerprinting video copy detection tiri-dct algorithm content based video copy detection sensing range communication range two-hop neighbors. coverage holes computational geometry approach mosfet. active filter inverter dspic30f2010 zcd bridge rectifier challenges health services. interoperability health sector scale invarient fourier transform (sift) discrete cosine transform (dct) spatial transformation domain feature-based method affine transformation area-based method image registration charge wireless cellphone harvesting batteries. energy server load balancing web hotspot. dynamic load balancing binary image rgb image contours video analytics surveillance threshold classifiers. computer vision image partitioning image subtraction threshold determination supination and pronation motions emg signals bio control electrode sensors supination and pronation motions emg signals bio control electrode sensors master-slave topology burst. amba (ahb) core design master-slave topology burst. amba (ahb) core design curriculum sequencing curriculum sequencing p-q aupft. isct srf modified srf standardization genetic programming data cleaning enron threats email data k- means clusters email users alerts network security augmented reality; fire and emergency services; di wimax; qos; routing protocols. finite element analysis leakage inductance quasi-static finite element disturbance detection hilbert transform power quality monitoring phase shifting myopathy support vector machine als lyapunov exponent s-box advanced encryption standard (aes) composite field arithmetic cryptography. distribution system voltage profile and reliability. incremental conductance algorithm distributed generation power losses wind energy conversion system 8051 based system embedded systems keyboard and display interface. facts devices restructured power systems. svc tcsc full adder pdp xor xnor threshold los sram and vlsi. static noise margin (snm) cmos logic cdf9/7 biorthgonal wavelets jpeg2000 spiht. lifting scheme disturbances pq parameters. micro strip antenna array offset quantum dots quantum cells carrier-based pwm five-phase current mirror; cascode current mirror; output res micro controller unit (mcu) ieee 1588 ripple cancellation power electronics time synchronization ethernet networks power converters master clock and slave clock precision time protocol (ptp) power transmission electromagnetic interference (emi) electromagnetic compatibility (em c) alu nano-technology qca. power rating electric vehicle variability wsnm hold power rsnm mtj sram integration mode. add-on mode deployment mode centre of gravity inverted pendulum repulsive m agnetic levitation singularities mammograms contourlet transform. -data rate; spectral efficiency; adaptive cyclic p altimeter sensor re- motely operated vehicles (rov) fish finder sonar sensor synchronous dram error correcting codes resource utilization. associative memory match ratio content addressable memory logic analysis. sequential replacement policy solenoid force power levels localization received signal strength indicator (rssi) anchor uniform distribution average time complexity statistical analysis statistical bound internal sorting enhanced som based k-means clustering. breast dce-m ri; artificial bee colony clustering industries information systems management decision m aking usage 802.16 bandwidth allocation algorithm (bwa) light wim ax simulator (lwx) cloud computing challenges cloud computing effects on business it data flow monitoring; priorities; high-speed netwo prior knowledge multimedia application memory management dns phishing url lexical. reliability demonstration testing continuous-type software privacy preserving; data mining; sensitive data; k 2d-3d conversion imaging parallax stereo natural phenomena koblitz’s encoding cryptography master document matrix information retrieval techniques master document stop words term frequency leach- low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy ch- cluster head wsn- wireless sensor network udt- uniform distribution technique bs- base station electrochemical impulse auditory nerve cochlea nano communication network human ear hormone nano machine communication channel nanonetwork histogram skewness statistical moments kurtosis. image authentication weighted term standard deviation genetic algorithms tf*idf d4 algorithm cloudlet cloudsim. genetic algorithm and clustering. feature subset selection web services vehicle insurance descriptive modeling predictive modeling etc. decision tree classifier wimax. clipping sdr ofdma coding naf jacobian coordinate system and mixed coordinate sy projective coordinate system binary method w-naf fuzzy controller. scalar multiplication coordinate systems ecdhe forward secrecy probabilistic key pre-distribution. bilinear pairing ibk src. cic filter fpgas cordic ddc multiobjective h 2/h ” robust lmi based pid controller optimization. teleoperation systems static random access memory(sram) total power asymmetric sram. access time optically gated metal oxide semiconductor field ef electro-optical frequency dependent characteristics nanomaterials nanorods. zno nanowires nanodevices discrete-type software reliability demonstration testing model predictive control(mpc) ethylene furnace control & optimization signature analysis online sensor ultrasonic waves copd. asthma co 2 measurement mount detector. estrus (heat) detection aids pedometer time complexity priority transition simulate turing machine colored petri net sol-gel method. thin film co2 sensor reverse body bias(rbb) digital signal processing(dsp). column bypass multiplier(cbm) electrostatic actuator stiction mems wafers. actuation voltage micromachined comb drive fast fourier transforms frame synchronization orthogonal frequency division multiplexing correlation and fpga. symbol timing synchronization ldpc codes ieee 802.16e steepest descent hard decision decoding bit flipping algorithms inter-domain routing gateway xilinx ise. fips verilog hdl rijndael algorithm modelsim software gps web application pl/sql android platform samd algorithm google maps xml oracle database synchronization nano filler al2 o3 coating single phase induction motor blocked rotor test load test open circuit test emi and emc. fast fourier transform fused arithmetic operations reversible 4:3 compressor. radix-2 fft butterfly unit son lte-femtocell interference. cross-tire and co-tier interference self-configuration sliding mode controller pid controller robot fingers cartesian space control fft.smr ath cb wfb psycho-acoustic peaq lms filter noise variance folded fft hcc converter. rb allocation. power control lte sc-fdma kerne ptl mux dual rail cmos adiabatic bdd aho–corasick (ac) algorithm merge_fsm and pattern matching spatial filter image smoothing acies filter image sharpening region of interest ndwi fuzzy based thresholding area analysis. ns-2(network simulator 2) adhoc tds attack emotional learning controller nonlinear heartbeat model sift mobile product search color sift extraction. wavelet embedding 2d logistic map elliptic curve cryptosystem fault identification and classification s-transform. probabilistic neural network (pnn) fault signal energy hardware trojan ring oscillator trojan detection digital signal processing vedic multiplier current-mode multi-valued logic vlsi quaternary signal sugeno fuzzy controller neuro network(nnw) pi controller fuzzy logic controller(flc) acoustics erle simulink® echo spectrogram matlab® cross-correlation echo cancellation random process percolation sensors networks random graphs distribution system; voltage drop; power loss redu self-excited induction generator (seig) zero dead band. three level converter wind energy conversion system (wecs) percolation. energy consumption gaf probability distribution function embedded system home automation microcontroller (8051) pandaboard web server application mobile target tracking id3 algorithm target classification. flooding gossiping ad hoc networks location discovery geographical routing microcontrollers identity user-centric cloud networking. single sign-on pos tagger kadazan language statistical transformation-based brill’s approach rule-based delaunay triangulation (dt). wireless sensors networks (wsns) voronoi diagram (vd) coverage system usability scale (sus) online discussion board collab2learn discussion board usability trust assessment module (tam) policy enforcement point (pem) cloud service provider (csp) virtual machine (vm) waiting time priority based service class. queue length erlang distribution for k-phases domain-specific modeling language model-driven development template-based code generation platform independent modeling model-to- text transformation web applications. birnbaum’s structural importance measure attack countermeasure tree roa roi dymo and lanmar fsr adhoc networks black hole attack. manhattan distance iris recognition methods template matching best match search method license plate features. vehicle license plate localization standard deviation connected component analysis accelerometer elman networks soft computing techniques cdna microarray image; edge detection; wbemd; imag in-out degree p2p botnet flow records bots strategy process mobility adaptive filters image de-noising restoration impulse noise frequent itemset; rare itemset; utility; high util
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