How to Make Videos for your Business or Blog


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Professional blogger, Murray Newlands, share tips to create great video for your blog or website.

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How to Make Videos for your Business or Blog

  1. 1. How to Make Videos for your Business or Blog By Murray Newlands
  2. 2. Why make videos The old cycle was that blogging was new and a fresh way to connect with people. Now everyone has a blog so how do you stand out from the crowd? How to you provide better engagement and better material to for guest blogging? Provide video. Videos are very engaging and can express a message better then text or images. Some people love to absorb video content. If you are selling services it is easier for people to get a sense of who YOU are via video.
  3. 3. Different types of content Think about what you are trying to convey and look at how to convey it Video testimonials garner trust and give credibility to what you’re selling. Product reviews also build trust and build your brand. Video interviews express you as an interviewer, engaged in the space and associate your brand with the person you’re interviewing. Ideally they will share the video with their audience if it makes them look good. If you have an audience that is big enough then you can use it to make business connections and make sales.
  4. 4. Different types of content Samples Interviews etuLl2s&context=C4ec423eADvjVQa1PpcFNyA2hRB 84MAD3CDjF5HT0F29YVrYQGO1Y= Topics text=C4945cf3ADvjVQa1PpcFNyA2hRB84MABkQqH vkwslBhG2115IaC4g= Trending topics text=C4cb25f0ADvjVQa1PpcFNyA2hRB84MABgsmy 2jH3M-xN8e3ml2Q_w=
  5. 5. Getting traffic from your videos toyour site YouTube is the second largest search engine ? You can put your URL in the description Use a product code Let them know about a white paper or additional video only available by registering on your site.
  6. 6. Optimization for more YouTube traffic Use YouTube keyword tool to find topics people are searching for. Make videos about topics Make videos in episodes so if your show is up then the next one follows it Link one video to the next at the end of the video Making short videos about topics helps you to rehearse short pitches about your topic Keep your videos short Thumbnails are important
  7. 7. Optimization for more YouTube traffic(continued) Use your Keywords at the start of the title, description and as the first title tag Answer your viewers’ needs Titles: “San Francisco car maintenance / tips / tutorial / guide / in plain English / 2012 / 4 ” “How to maintain your car in San Francisco” Make them in episodes and link them together “San Francisco car maintenance tutorial part 1” links to San Francisco car maintenance tutorial part 2” with annotations
  8. 8. Syndicate your show to online media outlets If you are going to make videos, get others to post them and reach a much bigger audience Make good quality, professional content Send them a text blog post in HTML to go with the video Make separate text for each post Tell them when to publish them Engage with the comments Ask bloggers to commit to a series; don’t send them each episode as an independent blog post.
  9. 9. Syndicate your show to online media outlets Episode 7 Audi #solongvampires ad: 1200 views, 403 tweets future-of-engagement-audi-ad/ 10 tweets with-its.php 25 tweets looks-at-audis-solongvampires-campaign/ 0 tweets engagement-monitoring-audis-vampire-themed-super-bowl-ad-on- twitter-0130234 11 tweets 6 tweets bowl.html 59 tweets ad/ 4 tweets 298 tweets
  10. 10. How to get a bigger audience Get on big video channels:,, cable TV. is a live streaming channel. Getting time is hard because they sell most of their space, but if you have great live content you might be able to get a slot. Getting on’s home page mid week can get you 50,000 live viewers per hour. is like YouTube but smaller. Home page can give you lots of views. Cable can give you an even larger audience than, with different demographics
  11. 11. How to get a bigger audience(continued) The online channels all like short content 2-5 minutes. It must be high-production, well-edited, and entertaining. These channels are only good if you get on the home page. Cable TV companies need content. They like longer content but you can put shorter content together to make longer shows. It is going to have to be good content.
  12. 12. How to do it commercially Make good content for yourself and show you can do it Demonstrate that you know how to produce a highly finished piece of content which engages an audience and conveys a commercial message. Get the balance between engagement, education and promotion Make some thing that they can envisage being used to communicate to their audience Prove you can generate an audience for your content Work out the value proposition for their company
  13. 13. Video and events Events are a great place to make videos You can sometimes get a press pass if you agree with a publication to shoot for them, get an agreement that you can use the content your self. Light and sound are a challenge People are sometimes camera shy, tell them what you want and tell them to speak up and annunciate You can get LOTS of great content and connect with people
  14. 14. Video and events (continued) It is a great way to make a connection and have that last after the event It associates you or your and your client with the person / brand being interviews You can ask the people in your video to post the video and reach their audience If you give a talk, record it and make it into short videos
  15. 15. End Thank you +murraynewlands