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Incorporating Video into your Link Building Strategy

Incorporating Video into your Link Building Strategy

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Distilled's Phil Nottingham explains how you can do to effectively and cheaply integrate video into your content strategy - covering the creative and technical aspects of link building with video content.

Distilled's Phil Nottingham explains how you can do to effectively and cheaply integrate video into your content strategy - covering the creative and technical aspects of link building with video content.


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Incorporating Video into your Link Building Strategy

  1. 1. Incorporating video into your link building strategy PHIL NOTTINGHAM
  2. 2. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Phil Nottingham SEO Analyst– Distilled @philnottingham Central School of Speech and Drama Freelance Film & Theatre Practitioner NDS Distilled
  3. 3. PHIL NOTTINGHAM We’d love to do video. The problem is budget. We don’t have the time, money or skills to do it properly. It’s just not something we’re able to do at the moment. A Number of Clients.
  4. 4. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Bullshit. Phil Nottingham, 2012
  5. 5. PHIL NOTTINGHAM So.. Maybe you can’t be Evian It doesn’t need to be technologically revolutionary to get links
  6. 6. PHIL NOTTINGHAM 57 Unique videos in a day Camera £600 Tripod £30 Software £300 All In £930
  7. 7. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Sourcing freelancers with limited budget
  8. 8. PHIL NOTTINGHAM So…how can you build links with Video?
  9. 9. PHIL NOTTINGHAM How and when do people link to video? • Embed Content • Rarely • Only when it’s directly relevant and valuable • Link to video files • Specific and targeted content • Creatively interesting • General site links • When there is a wealth of good content Make no mistake, getting links to videos is tough. In and of itself – not a tactic.
  10. 10. PHIL NOTTINGHAM People link to content with videos
  11. 11. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Having a video compared to just text will almost triple the average number of linking domains Casey Henry, SEOmoz
  12. 12. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Zappos – Product videos done right
  13. 13. PHIL NOTTINGHAM 50000 Product Videos Pages with high quality videos get natural links
  14. 14. 7830 Links from 1497 Domains
  15. 15. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Distilled Linkbait guide 3rd most linked to page on (after the homepage and blog ) 826 linking root domains
  16. 16. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Dentsu London – Making Future Magic 892 Links from 253 Root domains Wired Huffington post Gizmodo File on 2108 from 704 domains
  17. 17. PHIL NOTTINGHAM The same is true across the board 87,531 from 4275 77,060 from 2445 758,000 from 9728 3,323 from 789 53,732 from 2961 Video aggregation sites do particularly well
  18. 18. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Integration within wider content strategy
  19. 19. PHIL NOTTINGHAM We should be doing video. Our competitors are doing really well with video and it’s something that we need in order to compete. Lets create some viral videos. CEO of client X
  20. 20. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video = Content Video = Form
  21. 21. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Common Practice (this sucks) Form Gap Analysis – “we need to do video” Form Idea Development – “what can we do a video about?” Content Creation – “make video”
  22. 22. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Good Practice Content Gap Analysis – “we need more tutorial content” Form Idea Development – “what’s the best format for that?” Content Creation – “make tutorial video”
  23. 23. PHIL NOTTINGHAM The content should define the form
  24. 24. PHIL NOTTINGHAM When is Video the Appropriate form? Would this content lose something if it were just text and image? Use video, but know what to use it for.
  25. 25. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Good – Will it Blend? 8364 Links 2230 Domains Filming & Studio £1000 costs Production £300 iPad £400 Blender £100 All In £1800 Can you imagine this content working as just text and images?
  26. 26. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Shit – GAIQ videos (Sorry Google) This content feels cumbersome and difficult to digest as a video
  27. 27. PHIL NOTTINGHAM How do people experience video?
  28. 28. Text Video 1 second Perception Perception 5 seconds Appraisal of Meaning Emotional Response Buy in Point 10 seconds Evaluation of Meaning Appraisal of Meaning 15 seconds Emotional Response Evaluation of Meaning
  29. 29. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Why do I need to know this? Good Content Shit Content Integration of form elements Form elements are towards specific goal mismatched or disintegrated Audience Become Active Audience Remain Passive You must actively engage an audience on both a perceptual and a conceptual level
  30. 30. PHIL NOTTINGHAM What can video do for you?
  31. 31. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Three Distinct Focusses 1. Notoriety 2. Traffic and Conversions 3. Links
  32. 32. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Provide Value – Aesthetic, Creative, Educational
  33. 33. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Content that won’t get links. • Promotional Trailers • Company Testimonials • Salesy Content Don’t try to sell your product and get links with the same content.
  34. 34. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Types of Video Content • Promotional Trailer • Screencast tutorial • Product Demonstration • Informational Tip • Aesthetic Imagery • Interviews • Creative viral focussed content • Live event Recording • Infographic • Advert
  35. 35. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Types of Video Form • Animated Content • Performed Content • Recorded events
  36. 36. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Production
  37. 37. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Filming • Always film in 1080p25 or 1080p30 PAL • Film in a well lit environment • High quality audio is more important than high quality video
  38. 38. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Editing Doesn’t actually need to be flashy – keep it simple, but high quality Best Editing Apps: • Final Cut Pro – with Motion and Compressor (Mac only) • Avid Media Studio (PC and Mac) • Adobe Premier (PC and Mac) • Adobe Aftereffects (PC and Mac)
  39. 39. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Export settings for YouTube Setting Value Codec h.264 Frame Size 1920x1080 Key Frames Automatic Pixel Aspect Square Bit Rate Unrestricted Audio ACC/MP3 at 256kbps You can lower the bitrate if you want for YouTube, but it’s normally not necessary
  40. 40. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Export Settings for Vimeo Setting Value Codec h.264 Frame Size 1280x 720 Key Frames Automatic Pixel Aspect Square Bit Rate 5000kbps Audio ACC/MP3 at 320kbps Always upload in HD for Vimeo, even if you have a free account
  41. 41. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Export settings for self hosted Setting Value Codec h.264 Frame Size 1280x 720 Key Frames Automatic Pixel Aspect Square Bit Rate 2014kbps Audio ACC/MP3 at 320kbps If you’re self hosting, be wary of file size!
  42. 42. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Technical Implementation
  43. 43. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Hosting – For Blended Results & Links Third Party Self Hosted To build links effectively, the content needs to be exclusive to your site.
  44. 44. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Hosting – For Social Shares Never seed promotional or non-creative content on these sites
  45. 45. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Hosting – For Links & Social Shares Month 1: Month 2: (Enable Community Pass) Once the links dry up, put the content everywhere. Keep the version on your site secure and you should still rank 1st for your own video.
  46. 46. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Embedding on Your Domain • HTML5 video player with flash fallback • Don’t use iFrames – Google probably wont crawl them • Include social buttons • Set playback to auto HD • Don’t set to Autoplay – It annoys everybody • YouTube embed parameters • Indexable transcripts! – *cough*keyword stuffed*cough*
  47. 47. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Embed codes for link building • Don’t use standard embed codes within third party players – no links • Place custom codes underneath video embed codes • Use iFrames • Partial Anchor Text <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"></iframe><br><span style="font-size: 12px;">Linkbuilding protips from <a href="">Brand and partial anchor text</a> Ensure your embed code will build links back to your site, not the video hosting company
  48. 48. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Wistia Superembeds – completely customisable display options
  49. 49. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Vimeo Pro Settings for Link Building Privacy Embedding
  50. 50. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video Schema Markup – get ahead of the game • Help get the stuff indexed • provide rich metadata to the engines • Rel=“Actor”? – Who knows. • Appropriate attribution
  51. 51. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Many high authority news sites are creating video only sections, and are crying out for content. Lexi Mills, PR Consultant, Distilled
  52. 52. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video News Releases • Big media sites love accompanying video content • It’s easier for an editor to watch a short video than read through a load of text • There is less direct competition • Doesn’t need to be “BBC quality” • Ensure you send an MP4 – Not WMV or Quicktime. • Don’t put any branding, effects or lower thirds on the file ”Communicate your key messages in such a way that it's newsworthy, the points are made quickly, and there is a slight punch to it”
  53. 53. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video as Infographic 9494 links From 248 Domains Content on 4,879 links from 515 domains
  54. 54. PHIL NOTTINGHAM “Phil...I think I’ve also made that mistake. I've done loads of videos on YouTube & people have embedded them, but I have no links as they all link back to YouTube….”
  55. 55. PHIL NOTTINGHAM If you have done this… Find people who linked to you on Vimeo/YouTube and get them to add a link to the relevant page on your site Same works for anyone who has embedded the video
  56. 56. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Mozilla Popcorn = EPIC
  57. 57. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video XML sitemaps • Allow Google to read your video metadata
  58. 58. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video Sitemap Template - Vimeo <urlset xmlns="” xmlns:video=""> <url> <loc></loc> <video:video> <video:thumbnail_loc> image</video:thumbnail_loc> <video:title>Video Title</video:title> <video:description>Video Meta Description</video:description> <video:player_loc allow_embed="yes" autoplay="ap=1"></video:player_loc> <video:duration>Length of video in seconds</video:duration> <video:publication_date>2012-02-29T18:30:15+00:00</video:publication_date> <video:family_friendly>yes</video:family_friendly> <video:tag>Target Keyword 1</video:tag> <video:uploader info="">Name</video:uploader> <video:live>no</video:live> </video:video> </url> </urlset>
  59. 59. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video Sitemap Template - YouTube <urlset xmlns="” xmlns:video=""> <url> <loc></loc> <video:video> <video:thumbnail_loc> image</video:thumbnail_loc> <video:title>Video Title</video:title> <video:description>Video Meta Description</video:description> <video:content_loc></video:content_loc> <video:duration>Length of video in seconds</video:duration> <video:publication_date>2012-02-29T18:30:15+00:00</video:publication_date> <video:family_friendly>yes</video:family_friendly> <video:tag>Target Keyword 1</video:tag> <video:uploader info="">Name</video:uploader> <video:live>no</video:live> </video:video> </url> </urlset>
  60. 60. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video Sitemap Template – Self Hosted <urlset xmlns="” xmlns:video=""> <url> <loc></loc> <video:video> <video:thumbnail_loc> image</video:thumbnail_loc> <video:title>Video Title</video:title> <video:description>Video Meta Description</video:description> <video:content_loc></video:content_loc> <video:duration>Length of video in seconds</video:duration> <video:publication_date>2012-02-29T18:30:15+00:00</video:publication_date> <video:family_friendly>yes</video:family_friendly> <video:tag>Target Keyword 1</video:tag> <video:uploader info="">Name</video:uploader> <video:live>no</video:live> </video:video> </url> </urlset>
  61. 61. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Outreach
  62. 62. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Video directories & Resource Sites • They are out there. • followed links, but you need good, creative content Simple screencast tutorials can get tons of links if solving a problem
  63. 63. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Viral Videos – influence the influencers Videos go viral when key influencers provide a context for engagement Friday, Friday…A AARRRRG GHHHHH
  64. 64. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Using YouTube to build links
  66. 66. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Hijack videos without “as seen on” attribution • Find highly viewed videos without “as seen on” • Embed on your HQ Blog – with surrounding text content • Get tons of referring links through a 303 redirect
  67. 67. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Embedding custom YouTube Playlists • Curate the playlist on your site, rather than on YouTube • Have accompanying text and resource content <iframe width="560" height="315" src=, VIDEO3ID,VIDEO4ID,VIDEO5ID" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  68. 68. PHIL NOTTINGHAM YouTube 3d The content isn’t even that good. Over a million views
  69. 69. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Checklist – Content Creation 1. Content should define form 2. Integration of Audio, Visual and Concept – do they all complement each other? 3. Unique Ideas – scale the production elements 4. Do the videos grab attention in the first few seconds? 5. Correct export settings (see appendices) 6. Submit Video XML sitemap 7. Use movie mark-up Questions? Send them to @philnottingham
  70. 70. PHIL NOTTINGHAM Checklist – Getting Links 1. Choose third party hosting solution 2. Ensure it’s embedded in HTML5 player with flash fallback 3. Add social buttons to your player 4. Custom Embed Code for link building with partial anchor text 5. Ensure the content has supporting text and images 6. Video Press release 7. Outreach to key influencers 8. Seed on YouTube and Vimeo after the links dry up 9. Resource Directories 10. YouTube “as seen on” attribution Questions? Send them to @philnottingham
  71. 71. Thank You! Questions? PHIL NOTTINGHAM

Editor's Notes

  • I joined Distillled 10 months and specialise in video
  • Work out what you can scale.Old spice personal videos – low production values – went viral.
  • General site links as this site is a resource of good contentDon’t embed video files – as it provides a distraction from their site contentTypically, if trying to buidllinnks, have the accesibility of all the videos on a single page?
  • Casey from SEOmoz looks at the form/media types. – what got linskDefine media types
  • Links from the BBC, Telegraph, Guardian. Some big names – Not necessarily linking to the videos, but the videos show care, attentiuon and value.3379,648 links from 337 domainsNot hard to scale that stuff – they already have the content. They just need to scale the photography and the production. Produictionaspects can be scaled
  • Becoming a hub for the storage of the contentProviding additional content and information EXPAND – linkbait guide, Companies making crap that people unbox. Techrader – do unboxing videos. ASOS &amp; netaporter. Tarting about in clothes – can see it being worn totally fucking makes it better to bytir
  • Video is a format, not a type of contentLink-worthy video is to video what infographic is to imageMedium for content deliverySo many people saying “I have video content” That is meaningless. The same as saying I have text content or image content Its‘s not enough to simply build video content – must have a purpose and focus. Integratioin
  • We should do videoLets do a screencast video on this topicIt needs to explain the following points and ideasMake video
  • We should do something on this topicIt needs to explain the following points and ideasThat would work well as a videoMake videoEXAMPLE – DONE THIS WELL. Blendtech?
  • Video isn’t for everyone. It’s not always gonna be the best bet. If you
  • Some performative elements here too – If you aren’t a good public speaker, don’t turn great blog posts into videos for the sake of it. Play to your strengthsWhen the concept/aesthetic underpinning the content willbenefit from an integrated form factor
  • Site becomes a central resource for the content, with supporting information
  • Too text heavy – Way too much.Anything people need to refer back to constantly, auto to be text content
  • Must aesthetically marry the desires of the visiting user – within the first few seconds.
  • Blended Results – (Click through Rate)Good Algorithmic SignalsBrand TrustImproved User EngagementOn-page conversionsSocial EngagementBrand AwarenessReputation
  • will make sure anyone who embeds your video doesn’t get attribution.
  • VNR, videos News Releases hold a new focus in todays news world where publications are trying to do everything they can to make their news dance more online.  The realms of static text predefined my the nature of print publication no longer exist in an online world.  In bygone times the most exciting thing an editor could do to jazz up a story was place a cracking image with it.  Equally PR&apos;s looking to get their clients placed in the public eye would often go to great lengths to secure a good image to go with their story, knowing that a good image would give there story a competitive edge, providing video clips to the media to use online can provide similar leverage.News publications are fighting to make themselves profitable, resources and tighter than ever before, if you can provide good video content to go with your story and sell it in with your story (via VNR) you are better helping them do their jobs.
  • But – they actually didn’t restrict the content to their site.Links from Forbes – all sorts
  • Provide alternative embed codesExplain that there is more supporting information on your site?Make sure your version is the HD one – the one that will be better for your users.
  • Whilst video is new – still new opportunities
  • Upload/update the sitemap as soon as you launch the videoEnsure you include the date and time correctlyLink “uploader” information to profile with rel=“author” or G+
  • those who can influence the influencersBe willing to pay
  • Youtube used to give followed links – this is the alternative
  • Rather do this – curated content