Creating, Curating, and Putting Great Content to Use


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  • Buckets of digital budgets 1. Display 2. Search 3. Social 4. Content
  • Use content properly for maximum results
  • Be sure to build your content to make it easy for the spiders to find it
  • Write to your audience. Be sure to make it easy to digest
  • It is all about relevancy inside communities. Be sure to match content to the right audience
  • The entire point of content is to provoke action and engagement. Don’t forget this important fact
  • Let technology and people’s social nature work for you
  • Let technology and people’s social nature work for you
  • Creating, Curating, and Putting Great Content to Use

    1. 1. Creating, curating and putting great content to useTyler TanakaVice President of Business Developmenttyler@postrelease.comTwitter/LinkedIn: @tylertanaka
    2. 2. Before we begin...
    3. 3. 2012 Stanley Cup Champions c
    4. 4. How it normally feels to be a Kings fan
    5. 5. Not Your Average L.A. Band-Wagon Fan
    6. 6. A Part Of The Game
    7. 7. All In The Family
    8. 8. Getting Them Started Young
    9. 9.
    10. 10. The spend$490B Globally$85B Online$35B US Online
    11. 11. The Rise64%
    12. 12. Advertising by the other numbers• 8% of users generate 85% of clicks (ComScore)• Heavy clickers are: lower income, less savvy users (AOL)• .07% average CTR for display banners (MediaMind)• .37% avg CTR on iPhone (MediaMind)• But 47% of mobile ad clicks are by mistake (Harris)
    13. 13. The Problem
    14. 14. The Reason
    15. 15. Why? They’re looking at content• #1 reason for not clicking: users don’t want to leave the site
    16. 16. Advertisers are responding by creating content
    17. 17. Content complementsDISPLAY SEARCH SOCIAL CONTENT
    18. 18. The future is “promoted”, “sponsored” and “native”
    19. 19. The original social networks
    20. 20. Forums have influential audiences
    21. 21. Create content people crave (SCOTT AUGHTMON)
    22. 22. Create content people crave cont. (SCOTT AUGHTMON)
    23. 23. Content that engages
    24. 24. Content inspiration• Ask friends for ideas • Talk about failures• Utilize your audience • Link to old favorites• Do an interview • Use a movie to spark discussion• Solicit guest posts • Use television to start a debate• Create a best-case study • Use a book to gather opinions• Create a worst-case study • Use a comic to draw people in• Write reviews • Use a celebrity to create gossip• Talk about success stories • Explore new cultures
    25. 25. Content checklist
    26. 26. Build it for the search engines
    27. 27. Is it easy to engage with?
    28. 28. The right place, for the right people
    29. 29. Make the content work for you
    30. 30. Harness the power of the social graph
    31. 31. Now make sure to get it off your site
    32. 32. Infographics
    33. 33. Infographic creation
    34. 34. Content CurationIn simplest terms, content curation is:• Finding the content your audience needs and wants• Organizing and contextualizing it• Sharing it so its accessible.
    35. 35. 10 Examples of Curated Content1. Expert Tips2. Presentations/Webinars3. Quotations4. Case Studies5. Industry Blogs/Sites6. Infographics7. Statistics, Data, Charts, and Graphs8. Videos9. Books/Ebooks10. Industry Examples
    36. 36. Tools: Google Reader & Curata
    37. 37. Online Sources• Google Alerts••••
    38. 38. newsmaster-toolkit-by-robin-good-2012
    39. 39. Mining valuable nuggets
    40. 40. Remember your audience WhatWTH?! CRAP! Lovely!
    41. 41. Summary:• Think like a publisher, act like a publisher• Create as often as possible• Follow a content schedule and checklist• Create and post in real-time• Use tools to make creating and curating easier• Curate content, editorialize and re-post
    42. 42. And did I mention that the Kings...
    43. 43. THANK YOUTyler TanakaVice President of Business Development(562) 285-0297tyler@postrelease.comTwitter/LinkedIn: @tylertanaka | t: 562.285.0297 | 562.285.0506 | 111. W. Ocean Blvd. | 18th Floor | Long Beach, CA, 90802 PostRelease is a registered trademark of Cie Digital Labs, Inc. All names trademarks, logos, and icons in this material are registered trademarks and are used to identify products and services of their respective owners.
    44. 44. PostRelease was created to drive discovery of content• PostRelease solves a big challenge of Content Marketing: Discovery• PostRelease makes content distribution scalable and measurable• Brands leverage PostRelease to drive predictable results around their content• PostRelease is a content broadcasting platform
    45. 45. How It Works For Advertisers• Advertisers create a campaign with headline and media.• Then the platform analyzes the campaign and finds sites with relevant content to place the message on.
    46. 46. How It Works For Publishers• Step 1: Install a single line of code Copy and paste the supplied java script tag• Step 2: Create a template page Create a copy of your site template for hosting the PostRelease articles. Or well do it for you.
    47. 47. How It Works For Publishers• Step 3: Start generating revenue The PostRelease platform includes a comprehensive dashboard that allows publishers to monitor and manage their participation in the PostRelease network.
    48. 48. Robust platformThe PostRelease platform is already built and has handled over 10,000 insertions. Therobust software includes publisher, advertiser and admin dashboards as well as arelevancy engine, site traffic monitoring, and a keyword indexer.
    49. 49. Complete Reporting• Both advertisers and publishers can track the visitors and number of reads and clicks. They for their campaigns and you for your network of sites.
    50. 50. There is complete transparency• Every placement is clearly and openly disclosed as advertiser generated content• There is no “real editorial vs. paid post” gray area• The brand is listed as the author of the content
    51. 51. Why publishers choose PostRelease?• Our platform runs equally well on content sites, blogs and forums.• Advertisers view us as a premium option above banners and text ads.• All messages are reviewed to ensure that the advertiser content is relevant to your site. If it isn’t targeted, it doesn’t get placed.• Users respond well to our placements: we have high read rates and exceptionally good CTR %• Completely automated. Setup is easy and once done, it’s completely hands off. You will have a dashboard to monitor your earnings and campaigns• Checks are sent to website/blog/forum owners on a monthly basis.
    52. 52. Scale with relevancyContent-based unit, relevancy and auto-optimization results in:5-20x the performance of traditional display ads
    53. 53. Relevancy and scale are handled automatically• Sites are automatically matched based on the content of the message• Performance is auto-optimized based on response rates• Geo-target or device target your content
    54. 54. Complete content analytics
    55. 55. How it appears in a community site• Goes in as a sponsored post near the top of each relevant discussion category• There are no comments or replies to manage
    56. 56. How it appears in a blog Premium placement• Locked in the 2nd position of blog roll- CPM paid on main page impressions• Labeled as sponsored content• Shows for a limited time, then disappears• There are no comments or replies to manage
    57. 57. How it appears in a content site
    58. 58. Clicking on the article headline takes to user to the full article... • User doesn’t have to leave the site to absorb the content • Automatically formatted to match the look of each site placement • Embedded images and/or videoArmor All knows that saving time and money are two of the most important things when it comes tocar care. That’s why they developed the new Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax.With no drying time needed, just apply, wipe off and you’re done. Theres no waiting or buffingrequired for an amazing shine and protective finish! This new wax reduces the time and effort spent • Multiple lines of textdetailing so you can enjoy your vehicle more.Better yet, Armor All is offering a $5.00 rebate to try it out! • Social media sharing links (PostRelease content is actually shared by readers) • The article is your landing page: link users to an app download or display a form from within the content
    59. 59. The power of content with flexibility of display• Automatic matching of content to relevant sites through contextual matching• Automatic reformatting of content to match the format of the target sites• Auto-optimization of impressions based on clicks• Ability to set flight dates, geo-target and device target (ex: mobile)• Detailed tracking of impressions, reads, video views, clicks• 5X - 20X the performance of banners
    60. 60. PostRelease is expanding rapidly• PostRelease currently has 1000+ partner sites with a combined reach of 35+ million users• Rapid network expansion: new publishers are constantly being added• PostRelease is built-into the latest version of vBulletin• Robust WordPress plug-in and official WordPress partner• API and JavaScript based integrations for content sites• Works on mobile and tablet devices
    61. 61. Tyler TanakaVice President of Business Development(562) 285-0297tyler@postrelease.comTwitter/LinkedIn: @tylertanaka | t: 562.285.0297 | 562.285.0506 | 111. W. Ocean Blvd. | 18th Floor | Long Beach, CA, 90802 PostRelease is a registered trademark of Cie Digital Labs, Inc. All names trademarks, logos, and icons in this material are registered trademarks and are used to identify products and services of their respective owners.