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Plumb5: Video Marketing


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Plumb5 help marketers to engage video viewers with on-video interactions and gather insights or leads. Marketers can also measure effectiveness of individual video campaigns

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Plumb5: Video Marketing

  2. 2. Video Engagement Campaigns Set up video landing pages with time-based interactions like question, poll or a lead generation form Engage visitors with an opinion poll Show a lead generation form at an appropriate opinion poll Ask questions at different time range appropriate time Run surveys to get product feedback Planning a holiday ? YES NO
  3. 3. Video Targeting Understand user behavior on the website and target relevant videos to improve conversions Target relevant videos based on visitors behavior Find the right video
  4. 4. Video Conversion Enable hot spots on video and hyperlink products in the video to direct viewers to the store page Create hotspots on video and link it to store page Click to download coupon
  5. 5. Video Click-through Optimization Run split tests on video thumbnails and make sure, the video thumbnail is drawing enough attention. Enable split test for video thumbnails and increase click- through rates
  6. 6. Video Analytics by Usage Get Performance metrics by number of impressions, video length played, by location, by sources and by campaigns Measure each video campaign by popularity, effectiveness, by sources, and by campaignsby campaigns
  7. 7. Video Analytics by User Know which prospect/customer has seen the video and plan your next video campaign for effective demand generation Check which user has seen a particular video campaign Understand user’s behavior after watching the video
  8. 8. Video Attribution Include video views to your attribution analysis and measure how much each video contributed towards conversions. Add Video as an interaction source and measure video attribution
  9. 9. measure your video campaigns on